Thursday, January 28, 2010

Beverly City Residents-Examples of the Council President and his Sidekick Police Chief Wannabe's comments to this blog

Comment sent today, 1/28/10 10:35 am to this blog.
YBFF has left a new comment on your post "Nightmare on Broad Street and the effected Elector...

GET TO ME?!?!?!?
!?Don't flatter yourself moron, buit then again no ne else will so whatever. How can you think something so moronic can get to
me. Actually I would say I am the one getting to you. Why else would you post something
directed at me. Gee want me to stop shedding light on your stupidity? Well that's not ging to
happen any day soon. Yea I guess you are going to "get me" like the good Dr. right? Just another one of you fools idol threats and empty
promises. BTW- did you enjoy your president last night? It's fools like you that made sure do
nothings get in office in the first place. Gee thanks sparkles!

Comment sent today, 1/28/10 10:52 am.

one of your many friends has left a new comment on your post
"Nightmare on Broad Street and
the effected Elector...

Here is anothe response to your foolishremark.HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHA
Yea getting to me HAHAHAHAHAHHAYou sure are an idiot!


City Council President King Five Finger Louie and Beverly Police Chief Wannabe Car 54 JB, what are your answers to the questions being asked on this blog about you and your conduct?

The comments you sent today and shown above, are typical of your past comments to this blog.

We have listed several questions below that you still have not answered and are a reflection of your arrogance and abuse of your elected position.

Why is the Council President King Five Finger Louie allowed to have building permits open over two years after taking them out as a result of being ordered to apply for building permits by the courts for not doing so as required by City Ordinance?
Why is the City Council President King Five Finger Louie receiving a paycheck from the Beverly City Taxpayers when a property he co-owns is on the tax delinquency list?

How can City Council President King Five Finger Louie be appointed to the Police Committee when he was given probation for an assault charge in 1999 and why wasn't this disclosed to the public?

How is it not a conflict, when the Beverly City Council President King Five Finger Louie votes on a redevelopment agreement for a local developer, when he had worked for that developer and did not disclose this conflict when he was speaking to the Land Use Board about changing the agreement requirement for the projects street lighting and other changes that saved that developer money?

Why are the rest of the City Council Members, allowing the City Council President King Five Finger Louie, to chase away the good employees that worked for the City and always did the best they could for the residents of Beverly?

So again Council Prez King Five Finger Louie and Police Chief Wannabe Car 54 JB, what are your responses to these questions and others commented on about you in this blog?

Calling people stupid is not an answer, telling the truth is.
To the residents of Beverly City, this is an example of who is running the city. Small wonder that the city is in a deep decline and guess what, Council Prez, King Five Finger Louie along with the Mayor and City Council have changed the City type of government and have under the new form and fixed it so they will not have to run for election for four years. This was done with the passing of City Ordinance #2009-8. Gee Beverly residents, did you get to vote on that change?

The vultures have come home to roost Beverly!!!

To you Edgewater Park Residents who complain about the Beverly stories, just look closely around Edgewater Park. Does it look like Edgewater Park is improving in its quality of life? Well, Beverly City has a big influence on what happens in Edgewater Park to home values and quality of life issues.

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fw: The Green Cafe @ Whitebriar, now open 7-7 every day with healthy living programs from 7-9pm

The following are Carol Moore's messages emailed to The Reporter this week with a date of 5/8/09, 5/24/09 and 7/31/09. I guess Carol's computer is 6 to 8 months out of date.

Is that like a day late and a dollar short. Maybe the reason Carol would be a dollar short is because of the sewer bill she just paid.

We thought you would get a kick out of reading them because your gonna need all the humor you can get this year.

By the way, does Carol pay a commercial rate for the sewer bills on all of the Whitebriar Bed and Breakfast Inns she owns (3 in EP alone and only god knows how many in Beverly)?

Gee Chairman Dave, maybe you and the Sewer Authority wouldn't have to raise the sewer rates for us EP residents who are not politically connected, if your authority properly charged the Commercial Sewer Rate to all of your political friends who have commercial businesses like B&B, Apartments or Beauty Salons in residential homes.

Glad to see your looking out for us Chairman Dave!

The Edgewater Park Reporter

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Carole Moore <>
Sent: Fri, May 8, 2009 2:53:43 PM
Subject: The Green Cafe @ Whitebriar, now open 7-7 every day with healthy living programs from 7-9pm

Deapie,r Edgewater Park Reporter, I think you might have come in to our Organic Green Café the other day. You are "frumpy", "over weight", "slide your feet, instead of lifting them", "dress back in the 60's when we use to cover an over weight body with faded denim skirts that only come to above the knee. The reason I think it is you, is because when I tried to be "friendy" and ask if you were said...."I came in to read my book not to be interogated"....well, it's a friendly town, here in Edgewater Park, and if you're local, we welcome you to sit before our twin fire places and drink your coffee, read your book or paper. If you are new to town, just drop off the name, address contact phone or e mail, so we can make up a "WELCOME BASKET", which will include some of the 400 brochures & business cards from locals, who wish to welcome you to the neighborhood. If you are "passing thru" we won't call you a stranger, you're "Gentle Visitor", and we welcome you to stop, sit, and relax in our 6 private dining rooms, with soft lights and lots of "collectibles" and "Estate pieces" which you can purchase as a very discounted price.
You see, Edgewater Park Reporter, we are an environmental, Organic facility, so to show the world that we didn't need to "gut this old bank building and fill our landfills with debri", we have used the entire bank just as Ethel Budden, Dave Parker, Bob Notigan, and Harry Van Sciver (God Rest his sole) left it....the teller windows are now (1) the Soup bar (2) Pastry bar (3) quiche bar (4) sandwich bar (5) coffee tea bar. Remember those offices where you signed the paper to take out a loan from the old Beverly Bank? Well, those offices are lovely quaint private dining rooms filled with antiques and collectibles that you can purchase. But don't take my word for it, stop in and get one of our "Green" post cards with the Menu on the back.
We are Organic (no chemicals on the ground where animals are raised, no hormones/toxins in the feed they are fed,) and other "healthy" foods grown locally, and provided from South Jersey Organic Farmers. We serve only 3 sandwiches (1) Roast Pork Loin (2)roast Eye Beef (3) Roast Breast of Chicken, and we serve it with an Organic healthy slice of tomato & lettuce, but if you want to "doctor it up" we have a variety of barbque sauces to add. Today we have home made rice pudding with whipped cream, pumpkin pie, blackberry , poppy seed biscuits, spiced cup cakes, applesauce raisin/walnut, and chocolate chocolate cake. Our soups are always chili, and beef barley, but today I've made a terrific "Steak and Potatoes Soup" which will be ready tomorrow.
Our Coffee is Organic, and I heard some one at the "Blog" wasn't educated in just what was and was not Organic...It's a "seal" given by the federal government, and we have Organic coffee. Also we have about 30 Herbal Teas and fancy earl gray black teas, english breakfast, camomile, mine, and chai. Doesn't matter if you have a "cup" or ask for one of our "antique Tea Pots", the price is still $2.00.
So dear, Edgewater Park Reporter, if you were that "frumpy" old 60's person who came in, I'm sorry I disturbed your reading, but we in Edgewater Park are noted for friendly conversation. Come again, in a 1980's outfit and I won't recognize you.
Carole Moore, Owner, Green Café 1101 Cooper Street Edgewater park, N.J. 08010

The following is the second message and much like the letter published in the BCT.

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Carole Moore <>
To:; comments whitehouse web site <>;
Sent: Sun, May 24, 2009 3:09:01 PM
Subject: Closing of Beverly National Cemetery and Wasteful spending

Today, I had 2 women who went jogging in the Beverly National Cemtery, as most of us have done in the past. They were approached by an employee who handed them a "brochure" stating that no one is allowed to job, run, exercise in the cemetery, and that there are federal charges of $500 for each offense. A day later an elderly couple came into the Café, and reported the same thing happened to them, as they were walking to exercise after a heart surgery. Both groups were very upset, so I e mailed Bev. National Cemetery Director, Mr. White, and as a result of my e mail he came to my "Green Café" with his "Handy" veteran employee.
After several words these facts came to pass. The Beverly Bee's Owner, Bev Haaf had already interview Mr. White, who said they are moving the head quarters to a gigantic new building at Washington's Crossing and that the Beverly office will be closed, it's employees replaced with "veteran own contractors" who don't have to hire veterans, or American Citizens to cut the grass and trim around the tomb stones. Other than "Veteran Contractors" who will visit the site for cutting, Mr. White said " his staff will have a presence at the Cemetery".
Now, It seems to me that just having spent several million dollars (with more to come) to dig up the grass, spray poison to kill the old grass, and they put sod on the cemetery, that it would have been worth keeping the cemetery open. Seems to me that the other million that was spent to "lift every tomb stone" and "re set it", almost as straight as it use to be, was indeed a waste of good money that could have been spent on giving better living conditions to our "alive" veterans and their families.
So we have it, now that the "stimulus" money was "blown" on the poison/sod/lifting, now we can't afford to keep a staff at this building. There was not enough staff to put a "flag on each grave", but we learned to appreciate that idea when Director Delores Blake, used the funding to put "teak benches" in the cemetery, so elderly, could sit and ponder. It seems the money is gone to buy new poles for the "Avenue of the Flags" that we put up in 1970's -- my grand fathers, uncles and fathers flags....gone for ever....Only a few were up this year and the cemetery looked vacant.
Mrs. Haaf interview Mr. White and suggested he do a "letter to the Editor" but as of yet, I have seen nothing that will indicate the National Cemetery System's "view point" on keeping Tax Paying residents from walking, and exercising in the cemetery, but allowing "non americans" in to cut the grass and trim, and waste money on sod and have nothing left to keep open the building. Please feel free to call the Beverly National Cemetery and find out for yourself how we are being "Abandoned" by the Veterans Administration for their "cushy, new, expanded Head quarters" just a few miles north.
Carole Moore, Owner Green Café 1101 Cooper St, Edgewater Park NJ

This is the third message;

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Carole Moore <>
Sent: Fri, July 31, 2009 9:24:46 PM
Subject: Re: The Organic Green Cafe

Please go on to to read a review of This Unique conversion from a bank to Organic Café, Antique/collectible shop, Travel and Tourism center, and more.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fw: Beverly Up in smoke?

Sent: Tue, January 12, 2010 8:54:56 AM
Subject: Beverly Up in smoke?

Dear Edgewater Park Reporter,

I was reading my morning paper and noticed inside an article about medical marijuana bill, a story about the Assembly passing a change to Beverly's Charter. Perhaps it was an oversight or perhaps the reporter knows our former local medicinal provider.

The passing of the two bills could be renamed the "Lou Crespo Special" being the medical marijuana bill AND the radical changes to Beverly were approved. I have to wonder if the Assembly members took a smoke break and were in such a haze that the Beverly issue didn't even matter.

Mayor Cook wants to reduce elections in Beverly. Hello? it's called accountability. So if Beverly is going down the drain we have to wait four or five years before we can voice our opinions at the polls. We all have seen that public comments don't sway the members, they do as they please. But what if they Really got out of hand? Oh well, wait until 2015....

Also the article states transitional terms may be "one, four, and five years"? Really, why doesn't Crespo just ask for 10 to 20? I am sure he is used to hearing those terms.

I think I'll go have a democrat brownie now and forget all the troubles of the world...

Another overburdened Beverly Taxpayer