Thursday, April 22, 2010

Beverly politics at the 2010 "nonpartisan" School Board Election

Who knew that the Beverly City Voters would give the King and Queen of Beverly this view of their support.

Just remember the King and Queen rule Beverly and we know what is best children, take this from ya momma.
Good thing Tony is gone, he would never let us break the election law like our buddies

Gee I am thirsty but I can't go the the Pub, someone may take my picture
I need some sympathy, let me check the Babe list.

The King on his cell phone with his Police Support Car 54 I wanna be Chief JB. Say King Louie what happened to the Blackberry?

Gee what do you mean I can't come over. I got this cow leaning into me to see what pops up

Oh mierda, lo está haciendo de Nuevo

Oh King Louie

You scratch my backside and I will do yours

Reina, déjame pensar en ello


We need a story quick because I need sympathy
Lambs, baaaa baaaaa
Beverly City and the King Rules the Police and Clerk but the Beverly Voters showed he doesn't rule them.

I know, I can use one of my old tricks, the people of Beverly are to dumb to figure it out

Lets get back to the School to press the flesh because no one is going to stop us

According to the City Clerk, the King and Queen of Beverly are more then 100 feet from the School Polling Place. She may need a new measuring tape along with the Beverly Police

que deje salir a los perros

sí se mantiene el respaldo a mí con su culo!

I think I need some sympathy, the vote isn't going to give me control of the School Board. I know I will try one of my old tricks like "they cut my break lines", "they stole my signs" or "they shot bbs at my house". The King could be calling his Chickfila Babe because he needs her sympathy if you know what we mean.

A little story with pictures about the Beverly School Board Election day 4/20/2010.

The Edgewater Park Reporters (we check our cars every day and we never sold drugs or snitched)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Beverly City to change name to Crespo City

Beverly City residents, all elections are important and the upcoming School Board election is no exception.

If King Louie is successful in getting his wife re-elected on Tuesday, he will control the City of Beverly and its future.

If you want to know how this election possibility can effect the future of Beverly City, just take a ride past 623 Broad Street and look how he takes care of his own home and that should give you an indication of what the future of Beverly will look like if he gets control of our schools.

We thought that the Beverly Democrat and Republican parties agreed to keep the School Board elections non political but it appears this only applies to everyone else but Crespo!

If you really care about your children and the education they will get from our schools, please read the background bios of the candidates running for the school board election. This should make your selection of who to vote for very easy.

We couldn't help but note the signs asking for us to vote for the Crespo faction and who owns the homes were the signs are located. Now the question is, who paid for the signs and why.

If you care about Beverly City and our children please vote for the best qualified candidates for School Board and not the "politically connected" candidates, unless you want the name of Beverly City to be changed to Crespo City!

Just one point of order for those readers who question why we are spending so much time on Beverly, well it has come to our attention that the Township of Edgewater Park and Beverly City are considering having Edgewater Park take over the Beverly City Police Dept. as well as the Public Works Dept. It wont be long before they combine back to one township.

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Beverly City Cucaracha Snitch Cinco Dedos Descuento Louie Rey Fotos

Is this the future without Tony as Chief?

Undercover has supplied photos of the Cucaracha Snitch Cinco Dedos Descuento Louie Rey outside City Hall, without the cane! I guess it was an unguarded moment. Tony Pearce I guess she must be searching other desks in City Hall for Cinco dedos Cucaracha Descuento Rey Louie.

Cucaracha Five Finger Descuento Rey Louie que hizo las cosas más suave con su miel porque ella estaba muy molesto por su viejo amor a aparecer en la ciudad y oler a su alrededor. Mejor mirar hacia fuera para el marido porque no le gusta y se iniciará el culo.