Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas to All

Merry Christmas everyone, and thank you for your support and comments during the past year. We hope that the new year will bring you peace and happiness and may God bless our troops!

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Edgewater Park, Did You Get Your New Sewer Bill?

The new Edgewater Park Sewer Tax just jumped from $60 dollars at quarter to $81.25 a quarter. That's a whopping 35.4% increase.

Just one year ago the sewer tax was $50 dollars a quarter so the Edgewater Park Sewerage Authority has raised your sewer tax by 62.5%.

Wow, what a great job you have done running the Edgewater Park Sewerage Authority, Chairman Dave Levay, Co-Chairman James Hall, James Daly, Lester Holley and Geraldine Wing. You have done such a fantastic job increasing our sewer tax by 62.5% in the short time you have been in control of the EPSA.

I guess you lied Chairman Levay! The following is what was reported last year in this blog on Monday, July 14, 2008 (link to story).

Chairman Dave goes to great lengths to explain how all of the additional expenses for moving, new employees, additional hours for payroll, additional cost for the employee benefits, additional utility cost, additional rent, additional legal cost and potential new equipment, are not going to affect the current sewerage rates.

Chairman Dave is right on this point, because what he didn't tell you is that the rates have been set for this year (2008), and it is next year that the rates will see the affects of all this new spending.

Chairman Dave also explains that the move was
provided for by surplus funds in the budget. What Chairman Dave didn't tell you was that the Auditor stated in his verbal comments, made while presenting his 2007 audit report to the Authority Members at the Authorities 2008 budget meeting, that the Authority lost money during the 2007 operating year, and based on the expected increases in operating expenses for 2008, the Authority should consider increasing the sewer tax to offset those increased cost. The Auditor's comments were made prior to the unplanned additional cost associated with the move, additional employees and legal cost Chairman Dave spoke about in his article.

Chairman Dave and the Authority are about to do to the Edgewater Park sewer tax payers, what the Township Committee did to the Edgewater Park taxpayers over the past 4 years. Chairman Dave and the Authority, will deplete the surplus for day to day expenses and then increase the sewer taxes next year to cover the additional operating expenses for this year.

Did you also see were Chairman Dave and the Authority also want the Sewer Authority Rate Payers to also pay to expand sewers to areas of Edgewater Park that do not have sewer now? This is a great deal for Developers, so now they can build residential high density housing on land that was supposed to be preserved for farmland or open space, and who now will not need to pay for that expenses, and we the Sewer Tax Payers get to pick up the tab.

See what happens when you keep electing and re-electing politicians who raised your local municipal property taxes 87.5% during the 10 years they have controlled our township committee and who appointed the current Edgewater Sewerage Authority Members who raised our sewer tax 62.5% in 1 year!

Keep it up Edgewater Park, keep rewarding financial and managerial incompetence and see how long you can afford to live here and pay your taxes!

To JB and other anonymous critics, give the readers a good reason why the facts presented, are not factual or why these tax increases are an example of good governance.

I can't wait for your response and yes you are right, this is about sour grapes. Sour grapes about how our town being mismanaged!

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Monday, November 23, 2009

Beverly City Council President doesn't have to follow building inspection laws

623 Broad Street (Block 46, Lot 8) is the blue half of the twin house and 625 (Block 46, Lot 9) is the white half of the twin. (Check the date on the photo)

If you go to the Burlington County Web site, click on Departments, then click on Board of Taxation, then click on Tax Record Search you enter the District via the drop down menu as well as the Block and Lot numbers for the properties to verify the information published or click on the following links, Crespo and Crispo.

You will see that Beverly City Council President Louis Crespo owns 623 Broad St and Co-owns 625 Broad St with Council Woman Elect Barbara Kelly even though Louis's last name is spelled different (Crispo instead of Crespo).

Now if you look closely at the addition that has been built on the back of the two properties, you will note that the addition does not have a party wall between the two properties. This lack of a fire party wall is a violation of the NJ building codes as well as a problem for the mortgage holders. It is also known that a doorway has been cut between the two homes without a building permit.

Mr Crespo was taken to municipal court (case was held in EP because of Mr. Crespo being on Council) and was found guilty of not applying for a building permit and was fined.

Mr Crespo then filed for a building permit but after two years has not called for an inspection and closeout. This means that the City of Beverly has not received any additional tax for the improvement and no inspectors have verified the workmanship, safety or conformance to building codes for the work done by Mr. Crespo.

Why has this flaunting of the Beverly City Zoning and Building codes being allowed?

Because Mr Crespo can do what he wants and there is no one in Beverly who will hold him accountable. Now that Mr. Crespo has won re-election and his co-owner of 625 Broad St is about to be sworn in as a new Councilwoman, just think of what other laws he will exempt himself from.

Those of you in Beverly that have run afoul of Beverly City Council President Louis Crespo in the past, better look out. In fact you may want to move quickly because he is about to make his new neighbor JB the Police Chief.

What is hard to understand, why are the rest of the City Council going along with Louis's antics. Many of the Council Members are fine upstanding, law abiding residents who would never think to abuse their authority like Louis.

We will be asking for copies of the outstanding building permits for 623 and 625 Broad Street as well as any public records. We will publish copies of them for your information.

One last comment! Just you try and build an addition on your house and see if you can get away with what Louis Crespo ala Luis Crispo has! Oh I forgot, he won re-election and so he is now King Luis or is it King Louis?

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Thursday, November 5, 2009

News Flash-Beverly-Edgewater Park Emergency Squad Members Removing Political Signs on Warren St with Ambulance

I received a report today, November 5th at 4:00 pm, that Mr Daly, President of the Beverly-Edgewater Park Emergency Squad as well as other squad members were removing election signs from a former township committeeman's property on Warren Street. They were placing the signs into the ambulance.
Nice use of paid EMT's and taxpayer funded equipment. The Township Committee budgeted $32,000 tax dollars for the Emergency Squad, who now charges for emergency calls.
I wonder how much they charged Doc for removing the political signs from his lawn?
All kidding aside, this is an example of how our tax dollars are being misused. I hope no one was in need of the squad at that time.
New Edgewater Park Township Committee members, I hope you look into this and take appropriate action. I know Mr. Daly is a former committeeman and current member of your political parties county committee, but he and the Emergency Squad's Board of Directors need to see that this type of activity never happens in the future and disciplinary action is taken against Mr Daly, who knows better.

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Edgewater Park Voters Rewarded for keeping 5 Democrats on Committee!

This chart shows how the 'One Party Rule Team' has shown their appreciation with your tax money!

I can't wait to see next years tax increase.

Isn't it wonderful that we Edgewater Park voters, just rewarded our elected officials who raised our taxes 87.5% during the past ten years as well as reducing municipal services and increasing the municipal debt at the same time.

Just contrast our local tax increase and services record with that of our Burlington County Freeholders for the same time period.

The contrasts between these records are shown in the chart above and is the difference between good and bad management.

Can you tell who we voted for and rewarded with our trust? No it is not the Freeholders who kept our taxes within the rate of inflation but the township committee who raised our taxes 87.5%.

Kind of mind boggling isn't it. Four hundred plus Edgewater Park voters think this is a good record and a good job by the elected officials who have run Edgewater Park in nine of the past ten years.

I say we residents get a petition going to merge Edgewater Park with Willingboro and Beverly, because those towns have done such a good job with increasing their taxes and cutting services with their one party rule. By merging towns we can bring ourselves down to their level and have their housing values. What a goal!

Good job with your educated 1,300 votes and congratulations Amy and John, on your victory. Be prepared for your indoctrination by the Administrator who after all really runs the show in Edgewater Park.
One last point! With Chris Christie as our new Governor, I don't think you can expect him to approve any more 'Willingboro Bad Governing Type Bailouts' so pucker-up and get the KY jelly out because nothing is going to change. Just take your present municipal tax bill and apply the 87.5% tax increase and you will see what you will be paying in ten years for your municipal taxes. Can you afford that kind of a tax increase?

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Edgewater Park and Beverly City Voters read this before Voting on Tuesday

Edgewater Park Good Old Boys & Girls as well as
Five Finger Louie, Car 54 and Slum Lord Slug Friend, I am waiting for your facts that refute the facts published in this Blog!
Your problem is that you think if you whine loudly enough or toss enough insults in with you're whining comments, the hundreds of readers of this Blog will disregard the facts published in this blog.
Well, you're whining vicious comments (most of your comments are unfit to publish) are nothing more than a smokescreen to hide the fact that you cannot present any facts to refute what is published in this blog.

Beverly and Edgewater Park voters, please read the BCT Voters Guide with information published today (10/29) concerning the candidates who running for Beverly Council and for the Edgewater Park Township Committee.

It should be apparent on who you should be voting for after reading the BCT Election Guide if you think on it without political prejudice.

Think, do you want a former drug dealer turned snitch with light fingers, a former drug abuser/user, someone who has not been able to keep his job as the head of two municipal police depts as your elected officials? I hope not for our communities sake!

The intelligent candidates should be very apparent to you after you read the BCT Voters Guide. You should also consider the candidates and their known past track records and performances. Hopefully you will vote for the best qualified candidates, no matter what their party affiliation is, so that we get the best person with integrity, intelligence and management skills needed run our towns. Then maybe things will begin to change for the better and our tax increases you drop below the rate of inflation.

I just want to point out one additional fact about the political makeup of the Beverly City School Board because the BCT reporter failed to. The following facts show that the current City Council President has a problem telling the truth according to his statement printed in the 10/28/09 BCT article, unless he was miss quoted in the BCT (I doubt it). The Current Beverly School Board political breakdown is as follows; 2 Democrats, 2 Republicans and 1 Undeclared. The School Board vote to have the suit brought against the City Council was 5 to 0 to proceed. So how is that political Mr. City Council Prez?

Ask yourselves this question. Are families and people clamoring to move to our towns? Based on the real-estate numbers the answer is a big no.

Why? Well the truth will set you free!

It is the Camden/Trenton/Newark mentality of our current elected officials that is destroying our communities.

Time to clean out the trash and vote for good people and not because of their political party.

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Monday, October 26, 2009

Edgewater Park this is why your taxes are increasing at a rate far greater than your paycheck!

Edgewater Park receives Four (4) proposals to undertake a complete revaluation of all real property within its jurisdiction (see below) and guess what! They do not accept the lowest bid. Instead they take the next bid that is $3,300 higher. Why did they do this you ask? Well, that very same question was asked last week by Allen Ashinoff, who is a candidate for township committee, at the Edgewater Park Township Committee Public Meeting. He received the following explanation from Township Administrator Linda Dougherty. Because Vital Communications, Inc. supplies the Tax Assessment program used by the township, they felt that Vital would provide smoother interface with taxpayers and the Tax Assessor. Bullshi-!!, she thinks they will make her job easier.
The following are the facts that can be verified and prove that the reasons given by the Administrator are bogus.
Appraisal Systems, Inc the lowest bider has provided revaluation services for over 100 municipalities in NJ who are using Vital Communications Assessment programs in their municipality with no taxpayers/Assessor problems.
Appraisal Systems have provided revaluation services for many Burlington County Municipalities most recently Bordentown Twp.
The State of NJ only allows certified Re-val Firms that are approved by the NJ to bid on municipal revaluation projects. They also must approve the award of all revaluation contracts.
Because this project must be carried out only by a professional services firm approved by the NJ Dept. of the Treasury, the township doesn't have to pick the lowest bid, under NJ Local Public Contracts Law, N.J.S.A. 40A:11-1 et. seq.
This loophole cost the Edgewater Park Taxpayers $3,300 dollars for no additional services.

Please check out these facts because you will not read about it in the BCT.

The Township Committee/Administrator just finished telling us taxpayers how they did everything in their power to keep the tax increase down and that was one of the reasons they needed to cut funding/support for the 2009 Memorial Day Parade, well the extra $3,300 dollars could have allowed for Edgewater Park to support the Memorial Day Parade.

This is indicative of the decisions made by an incompetent Township Committee and administrator who only care about the special interest that support their elections and lifestyles. Gee we couldn't ask the Administrator to work and look out for the Edgewater Park Taxpayer could we after all, she has her own businesses to look after.

You the Edgewater Park Taxpayer can stop this abuse of our taxes by exercising you right to vote next week. We need to elect people who will stand up to a bully who has been leading the present township committee people around by their noses. The time to stop this abuse and bulling is now for your own good and the good of our town.

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Five Finger Louie and Car 54 Friends Think They Will Scare The Edgewater Park Reporter

The Cowardly King Five Finger Louie, King of Beverly City

Five Finger Louie's Best Friend 'Five Points Ball Boy Car 54 JB'
He is lookin out for those evil Five Finger Louie critics cuz he is Five Finger's But Boy Chief Candidate. You know the Bloods and Crips boys can't wait for this to happen. Car 54 will show them with his big stick. Yea man is that a sock or are you glad to see me!!

Am I in focus now Five Finger Louie! Don't you have any construction sites to visit so that industrial pumps at those sites will jump into the back of your pickup? You seem to have so much time to comment! Five Finger Louie, have you herd from the Prosecutor's Office yet? How is the permit to carry a gun request coming along? Do you really think that you could pass a background check to become Public Safety Director?

Sorry Guys, but I will continue to expose your dastardly deeds and your diabolical plans because it does effect us here in Edgewater Park. If the voters in Beverly want to elect your ilk after having your record exposed, well it just goes to show how far the level of intelligence of the Beverly City voter has declined. This would explain the rapid decline in the Beverly City quality of life, housing and other family value issues that have taken place this year.

Beverly Taxpayers, the City has used up its 9 lives with this bunch and it only took them 2 years to do it. Just think what they can do if they are given another 4 with no watch dogs. You all will be sitting at your kitchen table scratching your head and wondering how you one nice town ended up like Trenton.

Five Finger Louie is getting greedy, he now has his friends helping him, hence the 88 fingers
Five Finger Louie (I love that handle he was given on this blog because it is so true) loves to try and distract the residents with his whining and misdirection statements. He is a masterful magician with his slight of hand moves that cover his true intentions.

If the readers only knew how many vile comments Five Finger Louie and friends have sent in to try and intimidate we reporters on this blog, it is a wonder they get anything accomplished but then again, if you don't have a legal paying job, I guess you have the time.

Well boys and girls, this blog should really light their fire. Just remember, you can check out any of the stories posted here about these tax sucking parasites and will find that the Edgewater Park Reporter got it right. We know it is the Halloween season but don't be a zombie, check out the record, go to council meetings and ask questions.

Oh guess what, could it be that the Library Board is going to rent out the Old Wells Pharmacy to the Beverly Dems again for nothing. I guess if you paint a building like a circus tent, who else would want to rent it for free.
Happy Halloween Beverly, you are about to enter the Twilight Zone.

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Monday, September 21, 2009

Good By (Sob) Beverly Councilman Scott Hitchner and Edgewater Park, pucker up for the BIG TAX BANANA

Scott Hitchner has withdrawn as a candidate for City Council in Novembers General Election and also resigned his seat on city council as of 6:30 p.m. on September 16th(Link to BCT article).
After reading the story, I was brought to tears by all the reasons poor Scott gave for resigning. Hell I thought he was Five Finger Louie speaking instead of Scott but no such luck taxpayers.

I just want to point out, Scott has never been the subject of any comments or articles on this blog. I guess he just felt so bad about how Five Finger Louie's plans have been exposed, that he just felt he could no longer continue his public service. Could it be he doesn't want to be around when Five Finger Louie's story hits the proverbial fan? Who knows and who cares. Carpetbagger is what he is, or should I say he was.

Beverly Banana Slug Five Finger Louie

JB, I also have received your comments and because you didn't provide any facts to refute what was published as you claimed you would, I no longer feel like posting your whinny comments that never speak to the facts in the articles. Oh by the way, my site counter says that I get on average 400 hits for every comment. Are you claiming that 200 of those hits are you? I don't think so. I know also that certain investigative agencies as well as certain public officials check this blog every day and we thank you loyal readers. We aim to keep you informed as to the shenanigans being perpetrated on us taxpayers.

We Are The World Planning Board

Edgewater Park, the planning board gave both preliminary and final approval to the high density project on the old Kings property. The granting of preliminary as well as final approval is almost never done by other towns, only in Edgewater Park. Bad bad bad! Oh well just goes along with deals like the Coat Factory Tax abatement deal. Both of the Democratic Candidates for township committee in the November General Election are on the planning board. This action should give you an indication that they will continue the same record as the existing township members. How can you say, raise my taxes again, we love it. Keep giving away the house to your contributors, at the expense of us who are taxpayers. Oink! oink!

We also want to point out that Mayor Donna Mount (Atzert), Sewer Authority Chairman Dave Levay, Committeeman Kevin Johnson as well as Committeeman Kevin Johnson's wife Marian Johnson Chairwoman of the Planning Board as well as Aimee Belgard and John McElwee who are the two Democratic Committee Candidates in November are responsible for this vote. Nice cozy group isn't it. Well pucker up and get ready for the big tax banana coming your way Edgewater Park. Oh did I mention that you should expect to pay for the sewer lines to be installed on Rt 130, not the developer. No? Well to bad, because Administrator Linda Dougherty and Sewer Authority Chairman Dave Levay want it done with the sewer taxpayers money and know one on township committee have the balls to stop them.

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Edgewater Park Sewerage Authority Problems

Well JB, You disappointed me! Your last comment shows us all you are a fraud and a apologist for the big piggies who will, if they are allowed to continue in office, destroy our once nice towns.
You had no proof and so you resorted to your usual whiny attempts at masking over the true facts printed in the blog.
Can you hear me now Car 54!
You are a fraud and/or blind! Edgewater Park Reporter 9/18/09, 9 pm

The Edgewater Park Sewer Authority was the subject of conversation during the July meeting of the Willingboro MUA. Evidently the Edgewater Park Sewer Authority has not paid the Willingboro MUA for services rendered.

"The Treasurer said that he had a conversation with the Executive Director of the Edgewater Park Sewerage Authority about the unpaid bill that was due in June.

He continued that their Executive Director provided answers that didn’t make sense to him and seemed just to be excuses, the conversation ended abruptly.

The Executive Director said that he too expressed concern to the Edgewater Park Sewerage Authority’s Executive Director, Mr. Conard, and met with him last week. He said that one of the reasons given by Mr. Conard was that they did not receive the meter readings from New Jersey American Water co. until a few days ago.

Mr. Bateman said that he suggested to Mr. Conard that we prepare the quarterly billing and forward it to them for payment.

Mr. Conard was agreeable to that and Mr. Bateman explained that the Treasurer had prepared an Excel Spreadsheet for the Edgewater Park Sewerage Authority many years ago that only required them to enter commercial water meter readings. This amounted to about 90 meter readings out of a total of nearly 4,000 accounts.

He said our Billing Clerk would use this spreadsheet to prepare our invoice to

Edgewater Park Sewerage Authority and that we would get the meter readings from New Jersey American Water Co.

He also said that Mr. Conard would now prepare the payment to us for their quarter ending May 2009 so that we could expect a check in August." 21 July 2009


Something is wrong with the management of the Edgewater Park Sewerage Authority if they did not pay the quarterly bill to the Willingboro MUA for the services they provide or realize that they owed this money. The statement by the Willingboro MUA Treasure's comment that, " their (EPSA) Executive Director provided answers that didn’t make sense to him and seemed just to be excuses", the conversation ended abruptly.

The Willingboro MUA provides the Waste treatment services as well as other maintenance services for the Edgewater Park Sewerage Authority and is the largest payable liability that the EPSA has. It is something that you would think would have been noticed by the EPSA Board Chairman and Board Members as well as the Executive Director.

This may just be the tip of the iceberg of problems occurring with the EPSA. Just remember and look at your sewer bill that you just received last month and compare it to your August 2008 bill. Did you notice the increase? Well be prepared for more increases.

The EPSA is also looking to expand sewer lines to the pending commercial development on Rt 130 at the Sewer Tax Payers expense. The Township Committee has replaced all of the Sewer Board Members who opposed doing this expansion at the Rate Payer's expense. The current are all onboard with the expansion and the cost for this being picked up by the ESPA. In most towns, it is the developer who pays for this, not the taxpayers.

This is just another example of the Township Committee and the Current ESPA members pushing for taxpayer funded projects that benefit developers, engineers and attorneys, who finance their campaigns through nefarious methods.

Just one question. Where is the press on this. Is there any reporter worth their salt at the local papers who still do investigative reporting? No I don't think so, instead they write their stories from press releases or information given to them by public officials and never check out the facts before they write about it.

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Beverly City Police Committee Vote to Suspend Sgt. Pearce

The City Council was told last night that the City Council Police Committee voted to suspend Sgt. Pearce with pay. The suspension was the result of an investigation of Sgt. Pearce's conduct on the job carrying out arrest of people breaking the law.

This action was not voted on by the full City Council. Why? This Reporter was told that this action now clears the way for LC to place his candidate in the Chief's spot after he does away with the Public Safety Director's position.

This action is just another black mark against the revival of Beverly. All you need to do to see this fact is look at the BCT story (link) today about the increase in crime in Burlington County to see that Beverly is going to miss Sgt. Pearce and his dedication to seeing that the Drug Dealers and Gang Members that are taking over the City are shown the door to the city and not given the keys to the city as certain Council Leaders would like.

Now Beverly taxpayers, look for another lawsuit and the loss of a police officer who cared.
Tony best, of luck and your dedication will be missed and you have the support of citizens who care.

Some more good news Beverly, your City Council voted to except more money for Apartment Rehabs. Just what the City needs. Forty percent of the housing stock is rentals. This fact alone explains why the City has the problems it does.

The Reporter cares because, as Beverly City goes, so goes Edgewater Park. Just take a long hard look around town Edgewater Park residents!

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Burlington County 8th District Democrat Assembly Candidates Confering with Florio

Do you know who these people are in the picture?

Why are they smiling?

Because they know that it doesn't matter how much they increase your taxes and except campaign donations from special interest groups, they assume you will still vote for them.

Check this Corzine TV AD link and enjoy the hypocrisy.

Gee, looks like the future is now.

Just remember the history and the broken promises made by this group of elected officials, to change the way government serves the people.

It is the same promises made by all five members of the Edgewater Park Township Committee.

You just got your new 2009 property tax bill and your new sewer bill. Did yours go down or stay the same? No! Well keep voting the same way each election and you will not be disappointed by the results, your taxes will never go down or stay the same. They will continue to increase at a rate greater then the rate of inflation.

One last thing Edgewater Park, the Planning Board will give final approval to a developer to build a Town Home/Condo complex on the old Drive Inn/Kings property.

The township committee claims that the project will be age restricted with some units classified as affordable housing.

Just remember this fact! The current elected state legislators and governor, are proposing that if a developer cannot market his development to enough seniors, the developer can appeal to a judge asking them to repeal the senior requirement for the development.

If you think this senior requirement will protect us from more school children and higher taxes you are sadly mistaken.

Just remember the NJ state history of affordable housing planning and the reason Edgewater Park has so many apartments and condos. It is because the former township planning boards believed the NJ state legislators back in the 1960's and 70's when they (legislators) told local elected officials that the town would never have to maintain the streets, drainage ponds or pay for street lighting and trash pick-up if they approved zoning allowing the building of these multifamily units. This was a way of encouraging the building of affordable housing in the state at that time.

Lets see, Edgewater Park changed its zoning and allowed builders to build 1/3 of the township residential housing as apartments, 1/3 of the township housing to be built as condos and the remaining township residential housing to be built as single family homes.

And what was our reward for doing this? No credit for any of the multifamily homes built before the 1980's and a requirement to build more affordable housing units.

Do you really trust your elected officials when they tell you that this new project will only have seniors. If you want to see how this requirement works just ride around Silver Park and see the units that have families living in them that are under 55 years of age.

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Monday, August 24, 2009

Rick Perr Edgewater Park/Beverly Democrats Friend & County Chairman

Rick Perr is Gone! Why is Dean Buono Still Prosecutor in Edgewater Park/Beverly and Westampton?

Rick Perr the Greatest County Democrat Chairman and leader as expressed by the local elected officials in Edgewater Park and Beverly.

Rick Perr the Goat Man baring gifts to local party hacks

Now Rick Perr is the Democrat Parties Goat Man! Like the Prosecutor of Edgewater Park and Beverly Dean Buono who is the former registered Chairman of the New Frontier Democratic PAC under investigation said to the papers, (and Buono is a lawyer) I don't know anything. I just signed the papers, Rick Perr, Goat Man claims that all he did was tell people that New Frontier "was one of many places they could donate to, to benefit Democratic causes".

Was our local Democratic Parties one of New Frontier's Democratic Causes?
We do know that Rick Perr the Greatest Burlington County Democrat Chairman according to our local Democrats, is now being made out as the Greatest Goat Man by the remaining Elected Democrats not under indictment (yet). How is it they all claim that they know nothing just like Municipal Prosecutor Buono? Try that excuse in court and see what happens.

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Friday, August 14, 2009

Beverly/Burlington City News Flash

The Edgewater Park Reporter learned that Beverly City's Administrator, Barbara Sheip has unexpectedly resigned effective immediately! More on this as it unfolds.

The Edgewater Park Reporter has also learned of a dust up between Burlington City Business Administrator Eric Berry and Mayor Jim Fazzone. The dust up was over Mayor Fazzone wanting Eric to rehire a City Employee who left City Hall under police escort several months ago. Mr Berry is out on temporary medical leave.

Maybe Eric should speak to Beverly Cities "Car 54's" friend, the "Medicinal Salesman" about some good hallucinogens to help him mellow out and overlook a few things.

What a week, Michael Vick with the Eagles, Buono with "Don't Cry For Me Argentina", they made me do it line, Beverly's Administrator quiting and Burlington City Administrator out on medical leave because of pressure from the Mayor.

Did I get this correct Mike?

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Edgewater Park Prosecutor's Political Action Committee Tied To Corruption Scandal

Why is this man smiling?

Need we say more about the bad choices in personal decisions that have been made by our Edgewater Park Township Committee!

Wow you can't make this stuff up. It just keeps getting better and better. Just remember all of this when you finally get your tax bill this month and try and figure out how your going to pay for another increase that exceeds the rate of inflation.

After reading the story, those of you who cried about this Blog publishing a story on how the donations made to the local Democratic party for local elections have influenced our township committee's decisions and appointments, should now recognize the facts in the story were correct.

This reporter doubts that Car 54 and his buddies see anything wrong with influence peddling, just as long as it is their friends who benefit.

Just think those of you who have been successfully prosecuted by the Edgewater Park Prosecutor, you have something in common with him. You should also use his excuse; "Buono said he signed on as chairman of the PAC in 2006, but was never actively involved in fundraising or deciding who the committee donated to". He was Chairman and didn't know anything. Wouldn't he be responsible for signing the Elect Reports? And he didn't know anything? Oh yea, I can just see the Judge buying that story.

Could this be why Judy and Donna dropped out and are not running?

The Edgewater Park Reporter and Friends

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Letter on Wasteful Spending by Edgewater Park School District

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: K**** *******
Sent: Wednesday, July 29, 2009 12:31:22 PM
Subject: Wasteful Spending

Dear EPR,
First and foremost, thank you for your voice! Finally there is someone who truly is dedicated to getting to the bottom of things here in Edgewater Park.
I'm writing this letter, infuriated, with the news that our illustrious edgewater park school board, which passed the new budget I might add, (almost topping 14 million dollars for the fiscal year) took on a new PART TIME employee this season, working only TWO days a week in the maintenance dept. soley as an Heating and Air Conditioning specialist??? WTF you might ask??? Well after digging into this and speaking with a LOT of my former school personnel, this new "employee" so to speak, was hired on to complete projects that the school district back burnered through-out the year due to his previous status of being the schools primary HVAC contractor and achieving the states public bidding threshold as defined in N.J.S.A 18:18A-3.
What better to do after a school district can't pay-out anymore money to you on your company side? Hire you as an employee making almost MORE than the regular maintenance men do working full time!!!! WHAT A CROCK!!!
Who is this you ask??? Try John Stidfole of Stidfole & Associates, Chestnut Street, Beverly NJ.
The public employees database is not current with 2009 employees but ask anyone! His wife Michelle however IS an employee for the Burlington Twp. School district as indicated in the database.
Now this may not mean a lot to some people, but when I read between the lines on this one I see the infamous streckenbien administration trying to pull the wool over our eyes once again utilizing taxpayers money.
Hire the same contractors to do the work every year.
When the work's done or they're topped out hire them as an employee.
Pay them to fix & maintain everything they've already been paid to install.
Makes sense to me doesn't it??? Why do we even have a maintenance dept. then?
I'm sick of it. Over and over again. The last time they did this was when they let all of the kitchen help go and hired a private food industry to cater the school district! Maybe you didn't know about that one also! Feel free to ask around about our great schools. Perhaps the state may increase the number of pay to play figures to 45 or even 46 when it's all said and done.
Please feel free to re-post, modify or edit this message and/or reply to me directly.
Thank you once again EPR.
K *,
Edgewater Park

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Edgewater Park Mayor, Donna Mount (Atzert) Will Not Run for Reelection

!!!News Flash!!!

The Edgewater Park Reporter has received information that Edgewater Park Mayor, Democratic Donna Mount (Atzert) will drop off the ballot for this November's General Election. We understand that she will be having twins and wants to spend the time with her expected new family members.

Congratulations Donna and we wish you and your family the best.

The Reporter was also told that the Edgewater Park Democratic Party does have a replacement for Donna's slot in the November General Election.

Also this Reporter has learned that homes on Church have been robbed several times in a short period of time. Please, if you see someone you do not recognize walking or riding in your neighborhood, call the Edgewater Park Police. They will investigate. You are not being a nuisance by calling the Police, their responding to your call sends a message that the police are watching the neighborhood. You can also learn more by attending a Town Watch Meeting. Call the Township Office to find out about when the Town Watch are having meetings.

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Friday, July 31, 2009

A Special Report from The Beverly City Reporter our Foreign Correspondent in the Country of Beverly City

A YouTube Broadcast from the Beverly Housing Projects, the very location that our Current City Council Democrat Majority tried to get as the new polling location for all elections in Beverly City.

A video that is better than a picture, and is worth a thousand words.

This is the location that was claimed by the City Council Members as a wonderful location for the Beverly City residents to vote during the hearing by the Burlington County Board of Elections. You can request a copy of the minutes of the hearing to see what City Council Members wanted to do this, then you can thank them in November for their concern about your safety. Nice people and really concerned for our senior citizens.

This location was said to be much more convenient and safe, then the Beverly School Building.

Click on the link below to view. Caution Strong Adult Language Spoken!

Do you think there was a method to the madness with this attempt by Council to change Polling locations?

Just wanted to show what the neighborhood is like.

The Beverly Reporter Special Report, for the Edgewater Park Happenings Blog

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Edgewater Park 2009 Budget

The 7/24/09 BCT Story on Edgewater Park, talks about how the owner of a home assessed at the township average will see an increase of about $72 a year to their municipal taxes.

The BCT call this "In exchange for a modest increase in the local purpose tax, township officials were able to adopt a budget that postponed planned layoffs and furloughs, at least for this year."

Our municipal tax rate will increase 7¢ from $0.981 to $1.054 per $100 of assessed value.

Go to the Edgewater Park Web Site link by clicking here, and when it opens you then click on 2009 budget. You can download a pdf copy of the 2009 budget to your computer and review it.

The following points are items I think need to be addressed by the Edgewater Park Township Committee because of the percentage increase each of the items represent in this 2009 budget.

1. Surplus Anticipated is down $115,207 from 2008, $989,793 in 2009 $1,105,000 in 2008.

2. In the 2008 budget the township collected $366,526 (6.4%) more in revenue then projected in the 2008 budget.

3. Municipal Clerk Salaries & Wages up $15,170, $76,855 2009 $61,685 2008 a 24.6% increase.

4. General Admin dropped $20,906 because one employee moved to Financial Admin. which increased $10,481, and a decrease of temp employees.

5. Audit Services increased $2.000 $27,500 to $29,500. This is an outside Auditor who donates to the election campaigns of the Township Committee members.

6. Employee Group Insurance increased $32,500 from $449,000 to $481,500 a 7.24% increase.

7. Police Dept. Salaries decreased $36,397.

8. Public Works Salaries decreased $8,316.

9. First Aid Squad-Contribution increased $7,000 (28%).

10. Park & Recreation Functions decreased $23,300 (63%).

11. Municipal Court Salaries decreased $4,286 (3.9%).

12. Senior Citizen Transportation decreased $500 (33%).

13. Environmental Committee decreased $5,700 (85%).

14. Reserve for Uncollected Taxes decreases $5,493 (1.3%) in a recession, uncollected taxes increase not decrease. The municipality collects taxes for the School District, County and Fire District and must pay those taxing districts even though the municipality doesn't collect the tax. The reserve is to protect the municipality from having to take money from other budget line items if the tax collections are less then what is projected.

15. The Open Space Tax revenue is $31,032. It has been the practice of the past Township Committees to use that revenue for field maintenance, $24,785 in 2008, and not the purchase of properties to be preserved as open space. I don't know if this means that the 2009 Open Space Tax Revenues collected will be used for field maintenance because it doesn't say so on sheet 43 of the 2009 Budget, but in the 2009 budget the Park & Recreation line item decreased by $23,300. After 8 years of collecting $210,655 for the Open Space Tax, $141,352 is left and that is included in the Surplus Account of $989,793 on Sheet 4 of the 2009 Budget .

16. The Municipal Debt Service increased $53,500 (16%).

17. 2009 Budget Revenues are down $18,654 (.00324%) from 2008.

18. 2009 Budget Appropriations (spending) are down $34,654 (.006%).

Check the 2009 Budget against the 18 highlighted items shown above. Comment on any items we may have over looked so that we can all understand why our local municipal Local Purpose Tax keeps increasing at a rate far greater than the rate of inflation.

The Edgewater Park Reporter.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Google Video: beverly n.j. dodge city

As we were visiting the Beverly Housing Authority Office Building to check out the location to see if it was a good location to relocate the Voting Polling Location for Beverly City, we met the local residents out for an evening stroll.
beverly n.j. dodge city
Apr 28, 2008 - 02:11
nigga chillin
Beverly, NJ Video

Didn't see Car 54! Click for theme song.

Let us and City Council know if you think this is a good idea.

beverly n.j. dodge city
Apr 28, 2008 - 02:11
nigga chillin

Browse more videos on Google Video

Thursday, July 23, 2009

YBFF, Farmer Jim, doggy dog and his comments to Edgewater Park, NJ Happenings Blog

Please read YBFF's comment response (located at the end of this Post) to the 7/20/09 Blog Post. It is an example of one of the tamer comments that are sent from this same person who goes by many names such as, YBFF, BFF, doggy dog, farmer jim, just me, Ha Ha Ha Ha, Anonymous and many other pseudonyms.

The apparent reason YBFF likes to spend hours sending comments to this Blog, is to try and insult, impugn, misdirect and distort the Postings and readers of this blog.

As you can see from YBFF's comment below, this individual thinks, that the Edgewater Park Happenings Blog will die because when, and I quote him, "But soon Sparky you will see that it has been I keeping your blog alive, it's death will come when I get to tired of your follies".

Wow, what conceit!

YBFF also uses threats towards people he thinks are behind this blog or those besides himself, that comment on this blog, that he will expose them with any personal dirt he thinks will destroy them, because they dare to be critical of our elected and appointed officials. He doesn't get it, the people involved with this blog are not elected or appointed officials who are running our town and responsible for the finical condition the town finds itself in currently. If your comment is in agreement with a posted story, then in his opinion, it is written by The Reporter or the person is a moron.

I took the liberty to remove the initials of the individual who YBFF threatens in his last two sentences. The initials are of someone who works for the township and has never spoken to The E.P. Reporter or its staff about anything concerning the township except for official business.

I know it must be difficult for YBFF to understand, but it doesn't take much work to get the information legally, that is the bases of this Blog's Post Reports.

YBFF you can verify the information in this Blog by spending less time sending comments, and more time using the links provided in the Blog to check the facts posted here.

As far as the contributions by consultants to our local elected officials (in answer to your question YBFF), there are many ways to do this and not report it in the Elect Reports. An example of such a practice is being given tickets to attend professional sports events in the comfort of supper boxes and all the amenities that go along with them by our elected/appointed officials. The receiving of a gift that is delivered each Christmas to their homes.

You won't find these nice little expensive gifts and tickets listed on the NJ State Mandated Finical Disclosure Forms, nor the many lunches, dinners or social events paid for by professional firms (this includes consultants) but, each of our EP elected/appointed officials accept every year.

YBFF, it would not be too difficult for you to check this information out. If you attended any of the township meetings and asked meaningful questions, you would then understand how the public is treated in those meetings when they ask tough questions.

Below is the comment that caused me to publish this post . I altered YBFF's comment by removing the initials in the next to last sentence and replaced them with two ?? marks. If you are familiar with our township employees and their names, it would not be too difficult to figure out who's reputation YBFF is trying to smear, so I removed them. The comment below is one of the tamer ones.

The Edgewater Park Reporter

YBFF's 7/22/09 6:24 PM Comment (not posted to blog story of Mon.7/20/09)

You lack of wit is almost unbelievable. Furthermore you haven't got a clue about what you are talking about, but then again that is apparent every time you post a blog. I see you live by the rule "do as I say not as I do". You have yet to show recent evidence of this so called consulting firm donating money to the Dem's. Yet you still try to convince your loyal reading fools you have a point and it is I who can't face the truth, Reporter you haven't got a clue what truth is. I guess that is why you like to bring up the meds thing because you must be quite used to them and are a big part of your life, Admit it old fool I haven't used obscene language to proof you're an idiot. I need not try to hard. But soon Sparky you will see that it has been I keeping your blog alive, it's death will come when I get to tired of your follies. I am growing tired Bob Bob and Pat. Oh yea your little insider ?? without doubt is also a great waste or our taxpayers money playing on the net on our dime.She could also because a target of rumor who knows?

Isn't this last sentence a threat? Do you agree, meds are in order.--E.P Reporter