Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Head of Beverly-Edgewater Park First Aid Squad Accused of Being a Dead Beat Dad

The Edgewater Park Reporters response to blog comments;

To our readers; we agonized for several months about posting this information. You can see from the dates and contents of the emails we received, that we were not going to publish without conformation via public records. 
We still held out publishing the information even after receiving a copy of the public record and additional conformation from sources with knowledge of this affair. 
We decided to go forward when the picture and story about the subject child was published in the June edition of the Beverly Bee. 
The overwhelming purpose for publishing was the fact that Mr. Daly did not take responsibility for his child. Mr Daly's choice in violating his marriage vows is not any ones business except for his family, himself and the person with whom he is carrying on the affair with. This changed when he refused to take responsibility for the child that was the consequence of the affair. This refusal brought his actions into the public domain when he elected not to pay the child support as ordered by the courts. 
The mother of this child has borne the total responsibility for this child to date, so she was left with no choice but to take the actions she did to insure that this child receives the support from his father that he rightly is entitled to. 
Mr. Daly's actions showed that he didn't worry about how the outcome of having an affair could effect his family or the mother and child of this affair. 

If he had done the right thing and taken the financial responsibility upon learning of the pregnancy, none of this would have been a public story. His refusal to take responsibility now has caused much embarrassment, hurt and anxiety for both families.

We all make mistakes in life, but we are measured by how we take responsibility for those mistakes. Mr Daly let his family and his new son down  with how he handled his mistake. Don't blame the mother, or us for the actions he elected to take and then excepting the 2010 Edgewater Park Citizen of The Year award knowing he violated his marriage and was refusing to except the financial responsibility for his out-of-wedlock son. 

Just remember the child is now without a father to raise him. Too many of our children are in the same situation today and probably are the causes of the societal problems we face. 

The Edgewater Park Reporters 6/15/11

             Below is the original story posted 6/13/11 

The following are copies of emails we received concerning Jim Daly and his failure to pay for Child Support for his son. We were reluctant to publish this correspondence at the time because of the lack of a Court Order backing up the accusations in the emails. We now feel that the information should be made available to the taxpaying public.

Sent: Mon, February 7, 2011 2:33:17 PM
Subject: Jim Daly

Jim Daly as Edgewater Park Citizen of the Year is a joke.  He has not paid child support or visited son number four born 10-9-10.  As of 2-7-10, Jim owes back child support in the amount of $3,555.00.  His wages at the emergency squad have been garnished by the court.  Jim is a deadbeat dad.  Some citizen to be honored!

On Mon, Feb 7, 2011 at 5:24 PM, EdgewaterPark Reporter ‪<>‬ wrote:
Elizabeth, do you want this comment posted on the site. If so we will need the court case number so that the facts can be checked out.

The Edgewater Park Reporter

To: EdgewaterPark Reporter <>
Sent: Mon, February 28, 2011 4:05:47 PM
Subject: Re: Jim Daly

I have attached the most recent Child Support tally....Mr. Daly now owes over $4,000 in child support.   Please e-mail me regarding this information.
Thank you

Custodial Parent:

NonCustodial Parent:
Case Number:

The amount of child and/or spousal support a Non Custodial Parent/Obligor is ordered to pay.
Debt Type DescriptionObligation AmountArrears ObligationFrequencyNext Charge Date
CHILD SUPPORT$237.00$13.00WEEKLYMar. 03, 2011

On Mon, Feb 28, 2011 at 8:46 PM, EdgewaterPark Reporter ‪<>‬ wrote:
Thank you for this link. We are still unable to post the information because the Jim Daly listed does not give an address to confirm that the Jim Daly in the report is actually the Jim Daly from E. Franklin Ave in Edgewater Park, If you do a web search on Jim Daly you get lots of hits for Burlington County and NJ. We hesitate to post this information without seeing the public court documents for this case. If you can provide this information as a pdf file or send us a link, we can know that the information is correct and is a public document.

The Edgewater Park Reporters    

To: EdgewaterPark Reporter <>
Sent: Mon, March 7, 2011 10:07:19 AM
Subject: Re: Jim Daly

Please let me know that you have received and can open the document I sent.  Thank you!

To: EdgewaterPark Reporter <>
Sent: Mon, March 7, 2011 10:07:19 AM
Subject: Re: Jim Daly

Please let me know that you have received and can open the document I sent.  Thank you!

The order is signed & dated by the judge (second page).  Additionally, I've attached the original complaint in this matter containing his address.

If you'd like to check out the order yourself, feel free to do so.  The case number is on the document.  

His correct marriage status has been corrected by the court as well as his ACTUAL workplace.  His workplace has been served with the documents.  Call Jim to confirm!

I'm willing to exhaust all efforts (including, but not limited to, pulling tax refunds and revoking his state EMT & mortuary licenses) before he is arrested.  I'm working with the court probation dept. diligently in this matter.

Let me know that this new document is received.  Thank you.


We were reluctant to post this information when we were first contacted but with the picture and story that appeared on page 22 of the Beverly Bee June 2011 edition titled "Local Child Star", we felt that the public should be aware of Mr. Daly's avoidance of paying child support. 

Mr. Daly is a paid member of the Edgewater Park Sewer Authority and appointed to that position by the Edgewater Park Township Committee and is the Paid Chief of the Beverly-Edgewater Park Emergency Squad that is supported with Taxpayers money as well as a former Township Committeeman and Mayor for Edgewater Park, has shown a disregard of his responsibilities as a father of his child. The Edgewater Park Township Committee has made a mockery of this responsibility by proclaiming him the 2010 Citizen Of The Year knowing that a court order was issued for the payment of Child Support. You have to question the rationale of the township committee in giving this award to Mr. Daly knowing of that he was a dead beat dad ignoring his responsibilities to his child. No wonder our township is in the shape that it is.

The Edgewater Park Reporters