Monday, May 17, 2010

Residents and Service Providers not able to call Beverly City Hall last week

Why Not?

Because the phone bill wasn't paid!

Now you will hear different stories from the City Clerk and from the Mayor.

The Clerk claims that the old service provider turned off the phone service before the new phone company turned on the new service (the City was without phone service for a least 2 days) and Mayor Cook was telling residents that it was a wiring problem.

We think it was an incompetence problem on the part of the officials running the City.

The Three Stooges running (ruining) Beverly City

But guess what City Residents, not only isn't the City paying the phone bill, they have not paid a local mechanic who repaired a city vehicle, but will not return his phone calls.

Could the state of Beverly's finances be the reason that the former CFO quit?

We also understand that Officer Pearce wanted to take a lie detector test concerning the charges brought against him by Beverly City Officials, but that the City refused this.

Gee, why would the City not want Tony to take a lie detector test?

Is it possible the City may have something to hide? (if you don't think so, just put in and OPRA request for records that the City has, and see how long if ever they comply with that request, like King Louie's building permits or the 2010 budget)

We do know that the City has problems finding its records and like most of the business conducted at City Hall, it is who your friends are that determines how and what gets overlooked.

To bad Officer Pearce is an honest, consciences police officer that would not compromise his principles for the KING and QUEEN. If he was willing, Tony could have been Chief.

If you are at the Bank on Cooper St in EP on Friday's watch out for the stampede of Beverly City Employee's trying to cash their paychecks.

The Edgewater Park Reporters

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Is King Five Finger Louie a New Police Officer in Beverly? Could this be the reason for no result on the Fraud Bomb Scare?

The "Tail of the City". Who is wagging who?

We received this information and photos from our undercover
reporter on yesterday's activities by our city officials. We have to ask, is this why nothing has been reported on the fraudulent bomb scare, that was perpetrated on the citizens and businesses of Beverly City?

Is the King going to get away with another one? The unpublished comments to this blog are 5 to 1 that he will get away with it again. Friends in high places are protecting the snitch according to sources in the know of his past escapades.

Comments from our undercover reporter:

"Drove by city hall today around 5pm and it looks like beverly got a new crown vic police car[all black] saw crespo driving the white unmarked police car on broad street[ is he covered by the city insurance? is he permitted to drive the same car Mike Morton drove?] there was some brown haired lady, jb[out of uniform],lewis ,all checking the new car out...lewis eventually walked back home and then jb left in his green suv and went back home, they were all very excited....who paid for the new police car? why is lewis permitted to drive a city car with municipal tags? "

Car 54 smiles as he checks out the new unmarked (Chief's?) car

Car 54 giving his thanks to the King.

Thanks to our undercover reporter,
The Edgewater Park Reporters