Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The King Five Finger Louie Bomb is Ticking Beverly!

The King Five Finger Louie Bomb and soon it will explode with scandal and charges of financial mismanagement along with the loss of our city insurance carrier

King Louie has a track record of inappropriate behavior and was verbally reprimanded by council in closed session (several years ago) for his inappropriate actions towards former city employees.

We like how his minions have sent comments to the BCT and this blog accusing the people who filed charges against him (notice how it is always only the King) of being sluts.

The King's record speaks for itself. Oh Louie, is your past coming back to bite you? Remember the court only cares about the facts not the spin you try and peddle around town every day.

Now the problem for the residents of Beverly is that they will have to pay for the King's actions in the form of higher taxes for settlement cost and legal fees.

Tick-tick-tick-tick and soon "

All the King's Men (1949)",

will not be able to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Oh King Five Finger Louie Say it aint so!!!

Looks like the EP Reporter got it right again (see link http://www.phillyburbs.com/news/news_details/article/26/2011/february/01/2-claim-harassment-job-threats.html ) . We are just waiting for the other shoes to fall and go Boom King Louie. Time for Beverly Residents to wake-up and make changes because if they don't, be prepared to pay big time tax increases for legal fees.
Did anyone see Gary Slumlord C. plowing during the storms? Be careful driving around town because most streets are still covered with snow even after the rain.
Maybe the Kings actions around the ladies are the reasons he keeps getting elected!
We think its time for a major distraction to be perpetrated by the King, so Beverly be prepared!

The Edgewater Park Reporters (yeah we got it right about you Louie)

Kevin1270, 02-01-11, 3:10 pm | Rate: Flag 0 Flag | Flag Report
Theresa just sued the burlington city police dept also! she will never have to work again after all the lawsuit money comes in!

sickofgreed, 02-01-11, 3:35 pm | Rate: Flag -2 Flag | Flag Report
And Dawn Human sued pitman her previous employer

Kevin1270, 02-01-11, 4:38 pm | Rate: Flag -2 Flag | Flag Report
must be nice, some people never get enough money i guess!

JerseyGirl3, 02-01-11, 4:38 pm | Rate: Flag 1 Flag | Flag Report
Crespo is a crook and it's time they get rid of his lazy good for nothing a**. He drags that poor city down at every turn and should never have been on council to start. It's time the residents start getting involved again and pay attention to exactly who they are electing.

Kevin1270, 02-01-11, 10:25 pm | Rate: Flag -1 Flag | Flag Report
She slept with her boss ? which one the mayor or the police chief ? and please tell the name ?

disgustedone, 02-01-11, 10:55 pm | Rate: Flag 0 Flag | Flag Report
WOW!!!!REALLY!! !! I guess taxes will be going up.Here we go again another B.S lawsuit to gain a quick payout to avoid going to work daily like most of us do. Both of them should be ashamed of themselves. Im sure they are not the angels they portray themselves to be and most likely set Crespo up for just being a MAN. "whatever". Next time they should try something different like a workers comp. claim. Oops wait a sec, thats right you actually have to work to get injured on the job.

Janute, 02-02-11, 4:01 am | Rate: Flag 1 Flag | Flag Report
I think these women need to add you gossips to their lawsuit for Character Assasination! Obviously you are not familiar with sexual harrassment policy and the sunshine law. If you are management you cannot submit your employees to a "hostile" work environment. It can be as simple as telling a dirty joke that someone may find offensive. And yes personnel issues are usually discussed in executive session unless the personnel that is being discussed requests it in an open meeting. Also, how do you know that someone slept with the boss? Unless you were the boss, a peeping tom or in the room it is heresay. And so what if she did? She is not the Supervisor in this instance, and the Supervisor is the one that is guilty of taking advantage of his "power" position and "sexual harassment".
This isn't the 1950's people! You sound like a bunch of old biddies on a street corner gossiping because you don't have an interesting life. And Kevin 1270, you sure seem to get around the police depts. and know the inside scoop or so it seems. Just the other day you were dishing on Lumberton too. It must be hard to keep up on everyone.

Kevin1270, 02-02-11, 10:28 am | Rate: Flag -1 Flag | Flag Report
Yea janute dont you find it kinda strange that the 2 of them keep suing everyone ? sounds fishy to me! sounds as crazy as the lawsuit taco bell has going on right now, people need to get a life and stop suing everyone for every little detail! especially when you continually do it for a living! and no its not hard to keep up with my comments

sickofgreed, 02-03-11, 3:24 pm | Rate: Flag -1 Flag | Flag Report
the taxpayers in Beverly would like to thank Dawn and Theresa for their attempt to make money off the hardworking families struggling to make ends meet in Beverly. Mr. Crespo and his family have been the target of constant haters ever since he changed parties from Republican to Democrat when he was elected. Dawn never did her job, that's why she was fired. No meeting minutes, no time sheets ever submitted, hiring her daughters without council approval...I could go on and on. Theresa was convinced by Dawn's manipulation to sue the city to make her case stronger. I hope that these two do not profit from this lame, ridiculous waste of time and tax money that could be put to so much better use to help Beverly

beverlysentinel, 02-03-11, 5:16 pm | Rate: Flag 1 Flag | Flag Report
"sickofgreed" which council member are you? You seem to know a lot about executive session information. I guess when it happened in 2007 with 3 different women, that was Dawn also. It’s all in executive minutes, oh that right there are no executive minutes even though it is require by law. He was reprimanded then by council but no one wanted to lost there job so they left it up to council to handle it. As you can see the behavior continued. A Council president should be held to a higher standard. As far as blaming the Republican again it’s not going to work this time.

JerseyGirl3, 02-03-11, 6:04 pm | Rate: Flag 1 Flag | Flag Report
Give me a break! I think "sickofgreed" must have it backwards. Crespo (I am not even going to give him the respect of the title of Mr.)has done nothing but conduct his own personal witchhunts and vendettas against anyone who did not kiss his a**. He was first elected under the Republican wave that swept onto council and then quickly jumped ship once he saw the tide turning back. I am a Democrat and disgusted that this lowlife scumbag criminal represents my party and my city. How can people be so naive. These women may not be saints but ask around city hall. This guys is a jobless do-nothing who spents lots of time in Dawn's office. He lives to exert his "power" over anyone he deems a subordinate. Party's over Crespo and karma's knocking on your door!!!

beverlymom, 02-04-11, 5:15 pm | Rate: Flag 0 Flag | Flag Report
I totally agree with you Jerseygirl. I,ve been to the council meetings and seen him in action, this one time he went after a female member accusing her of calling dyfs, now he didnt say her name outright but his behavior was very unprofessional making comments and faces and directing it towards this woman,it was totally outragous i couldnt get over how he made the whole meeting about him.And it was because his kids didnt wear shoes in the summer, the whole thing was rediculous. And the stories go on and on about his personal witchhunts and vendettas using this town to feel self important.He feels women are beneath him actually worthless. I wish there were more people not afraid to tell their own stories, enough is enough, I agree about the money but think about how bad it had to be for them to come to this im sure they knew what would come after and have to be brave enough to stand alone, we can all be supportive or not but in the end it still winds up on them. So good luck ladies, our prayers are with you.

Disgusted in Beverly, 02-04-11, 7:01 pm | Rate: Flag 0 Flag | Flag Report
Since certain people like bringing up the past with Dawn and Theresa, what about Crespo’s past? This wasn’t the first time he has harassed and intimidated people. This is not the first time he exhibited public displays of physical violence and it is not the first time he terminated or tried to terminate employees wrongfully. While it may be true the clerk did not produce the minutes as required, could it be that he was always in her office, thus preventing her from doing her job? AND he, as Council President, has a responsibility to ensure the business of the City is being conducted as required by law, as do the rest of the members of City Council.

Then there is his abuse of office and abuse of power. Lest we forget how he cost the City money by having the City’s attorney represent him when he demanded to be made a Fire Commissioner. When he fixed the election by having his co-conspirators write him in so that he could finish the vendetta he had with the fire department.

He is a liar, a thief, a conniver and a womanizer. The City is best served liberated from his influence. A nice start would be an orange jumpsuit.