Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The King Five Finger Louie Issues An Edict In Beverly

Dear Reporter:

            I am a member of the Washington Fire Co. #1 in Delanco.  Last night, March 19, we had one of our monthly drills.  We took our ladder truck and our pumper to the riverfront in Beverly to practice hooking up the pumper to feed the ladder and flowing water into the river.  As we pulled up to the river front, your illustrious Mr. Louis Crespo was parked on the side of the road with one of your police officers.  They sat there and watched us as we positioned the trucks, pulled a couple sections of 5” diameter hose out and connected the trucks, pulled out more hose and connected the pumper to the hydrant, ran the ladder up and out over the river, pulled a handline off the ladder truck and took it to the riverbank, and flowed water out into the river.  After we had gotten everything running smoothly, Mr. Crespo THEN decided to send the police officer over to tell us that he didn’t want us doing this training because once, a few years ago, a different company had accidentally damaged the street.  Mr. Crespo of course couldn’t tell us BEFORE we set everything up, he was probably paralyzed with terror at the prospect of repeated damage to a street we didn’t harm the first time.  We of course immediately shut down operations and left.  The thought that a fire company which helps his town might want to practice in his town so we can be of better assistance if called upon apparently never crossed his mind.  The fact that we had of course cleared our actions with the Beverly Fire Dept. probably never occurred to this rocket scientist either.  I would hope that the people of Beverly and Edgewater Park would let Mr. Crespo know that they WANT other Fire Departments to feel welcome in their town.  I do not live in Beverly or Edgewater Park , but if I did I would do everything I could to make sure Mr. Crespo couldn’t get a job as a crossing guard from now on.  We here at the Washington Fire Co. value our working relationship with all our mutual aid companies, and we are sure that our brother firefighters understand we will always be there for them no matter what cretins get elected in their towns.


Dear BT,

Perhaps you  were interfering with the Kings business operations! His customers would be scared off with you guys practicing your drill during business hours.

The Edgewater Park Reporters    

Monday, March 5, 2012

Are the day's numbered for the Beverly-Edgewater Park Emergency Squad?

Is the end near for the Beverly-Edgewater Park Emergency Squad? 

The Edgewater ParkTownship Committee has published a Request For Proposals due 3/13/12, 10 am for; 

Can the Beverly-Edgewater Park Emergency Squad survive without the financial support it now receives from Edgewater Park? 
If you check with the County 911 Central, the majority of the Squads calls are from Edgewater Park. 

How can the Emergency Squad survive only being supported by Beverly City?

The answer is that it can't.

Now ask yourself why is the Edgewater Park Township Committee looking for someone else to provide the town with BASIC LIFE SUPPORT and EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES ?

Is this payback for a political friend who got caned when the was undergoing an internal investigation late last year? This political friend was the only person not rehired after the review was completed and the Squad started back in operations. 

So what is the reason Edgewater Park Committee?

The Beverly-Edgewater Park Squad has been a important part of this community and has provided excellent service to the residences of Beverly and Edgewater Park. It's reputation only suffered during the tenure of the politically connected former head of the squad who was the only paid employee not rehired after the internal review was conducted. 

If you care about the Squad and want to see who the bidders are, attend the public bid opening to be held at the Municipal Building, Tuesday March 13th at 10 AM. It is open to the public and the bid documents must be made available for the public to see.

It will be real interesting to see if the "politically connected" ex-paid member is bidding or has someone fronting for him.

Some interesting background, check the amount of money that Edgewater Park contributed to the squad before the "politically connected" ex-employee started working as head of the squad and how much was contributed after he took over running the squad. This information is available from the Township CFO or Township Clerk. 

Lets see what happens now and in the future with Edgewater Park Township Budget Squad contribution.

The Edgewater Park Reporters