Monday, August 24, 2009

Rick Perr Edgewater Park/Beverly Democrats Friend & County Chairman

Rick Perr is Gone! Why is Dean Buono Still Prosecutor in Edgewater Park/Beverly and Westampton?

Rick Perr the Greatest County Democrat Chairman and leader as expressed by the local elected officials in Edgewater Park and Beverly.

Rick Perr the Goat Man baring gifts to local party hacks

Now Rick Perr is the Democrat Parties Goat Man! Like the Prosecutor of Edgewater Park and Beverly Dean Buono who is the former registered Chairman of the New Frontier Democratic PAC under investigation said to the papers, (and Buono is a lawyer) I don't know anything. I just signed the papers, Rick Perr, Goat Man claims that all he did was tell people that New Frontier "was one of many places they could donate to, to benefit Democratic causes".

Was our local Democratic Parties one of New Frontier's Democratic Causes?
We do know that Rick Perr the Greatest Burlington County Democrat Chairman according to our local Democrats, is now being made out as the Greatest Goat Man by the remaining Elected Democrats not under indictment (yet). How is it they all claim that they know nothing just like Municipal Prosecutor Buono? Try that excuse in court and see what happens.

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Friday, August 14, 2009

Beverly/Burlington City News Flash

The Edgewater Park Reporter learned that Beverly City's Administrator, Barbara Sheip has unexpectedly resigned effective immediately! More on this as it unfolds.

The Edgewater Park Reporter has also learned of a dust up between Burlington City Business Administrator Eric Berry and Mayor Jim Fazzone. The dust up was over Mayor Fazzone wanting Eric to rehire a City Employee who left City Hall under police escort several months ago. Mr Berry is out on temporary medical leave.

Maybe Eric should speak to Beverly Cities "Car 54's" friend, the "Medicinal Salesman" about some good hallucinogens to help him mellow out and overlook a few things.

What a week, Michael Vick with the Eagles, Buono with "Don't Cry For Me Argentina", they made me do it line, Beverly's Administrator quiting and Burlington City Administrator out on medical leave because of pressure from the Mayor.

Did I get this correct Mike?

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Edgewater Park Prosecutor's Political Action Committee Tied To Corruption Scandal

Why is this man smiling?

Need we say more about the bad choices in personal decisions that have been made by our Edgewater Park Township Committee!

Wow you can't make this stuff up. It just keeps getting better and better. Just remember all of this when you finally get your tax bill this month and try and figure out how your going to pay for another increase that exceeds the rate of inflation.

After reading the story, those of you who cried about this Blog publishing a story on how the donations made to the local Democratic party for local elections have influenced our township committee's decisions and appointments, should now recognize the facts in the story were correct.

This reporter doubts that Car 54 and his buddies see anything wrong with influence peddling, just as long as it is their friends who benefit.

Just think those of you who have been successfully prosecuted by the Edgewater Park Prosecutor, you have something in common with him. You should also use his excuse; "Buono said he signed on as chairman of the PAC in 2006, but was never actively involved in fundraising or deciding who the committee donated to". He was Chairman and didn't know anything. Wouldn't he be responsible for signing the Elect Reports? And he didn't know anything? Oh yea, I can just see the Judge buying that story.

Could this be why Judy and Donna dropped out and are not running?

The Edgewater Park Reporter and Friends

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Letter on Wasteful Spending by Edgewater Park School District

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: K**** *******
Sent: Wednesday, July 29, 2009 12:31:22 PM
Subject: Wasteful Spending

Dear EPR,
First and foremost, thank you for your voice! Finally there is someone who truly is dedicated to getting to the bottom of things here in Edgewater Park.
I'm writing this letter, infuriated, with the news that our illustrious edgewater park school board, which passed the new budget I might add, (almost topping 14 million dollars for the fiscal year) took on a new PART TIME employee this season, working only TWO days a week in the maintenance dept. soley as an Heating and Air Conditioning specialist??? WTF you might ask??? Well after digging into this and speaking with a LOT of my former school personnel, this new "employee" so to speak, was hired on to complete projects that the school district back burnered through-out the year due to his previous status of being the schools primary HVAC contractor and achieving the states public bidding threshold as defined in N.J.S.A 18:18A-3.
What better to do after a school district can't pay-out anymore money to you on your company side? Hire you as an employee making almost MORE than the regular maintenance men do working full time!!!! WHAT A CROCK!!!
Who is this you ask??? Try John Stidfole of Stidfole & Associates, Chestnut Street, Beverly NJ.
The public employees database is not current with 2009 employees but ask anyone! His wife Michelle however IS an employee for the Burlington Twp. School district as indicated in the database.
Now this may not mean a lot to some people, but when I read between the lines on this one I see the infamous streckenbien administration trying to pull the wool over our eyes once again utilizing taxpayers money.
Hire the same contractors to do the work every year.
When the work's done or they're topped out hire them as an employee.
Pay them to fix & maintain everything they've already been paid to install.
Makes sense to me doesn't it??? Why do we even have a maintenance dept. then?
I'm sick of it. Over and over again. The last time they did this was when they let all of the kitchen help go and hired a private food industry to cater the school district! Maybe you didn't know about that one also! Feel free to ask around about our great schools. Perhaps the state may increase the number of pay to play figures to 45 or even 46 when it's all said and done.
Please feel free to re-post, modify or edit this message and/or reply to me directly.
Thank you once again EPR.
K *,
Edgewater Park

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Edgewater Park Mayor, Donna Mount (Atzert) Will Not Run for Reelection

!!!News Flash!!!

The Edgewater Park Reporter has received information that Edgewater Park Mayor, Democratic Donna Mount (Atzert) will drop off the ballot for this November's General Election. We understand that she will be having twins and wants to spend the time with her expected new family members.

Congratulations Donna and we wish you and your family the best.

The Reporter was also told that the Edgewater Park Democratic Party does have a replacement for Donna's slot in the November General Election.

Also this Reporter has learned that homes on Church have been robbed several times in a short period of time. Please, if you see someone you do not recognize walking or riding in your neighborhood, call the Edgewater Park Police. They will investigate. You are not being a nuisance by calling the Police, their responding to your call sends a message that the police are watching the neighborhood. You can also learn more by attending a Town Watch Meeting. Call the Township Office to find out about when the Town Watch are having meetings.

The Edgewater Park Reporter