Friday, April 25, 2008

Edgewater Park Rumors

A little bird emailed me a story that the Township Clerk allowed the Edgewater Park 6th district Democratic County Committee Candidates, an extra day to properly fill out their County Committee Petition's. She even sent a township employee to drop them off.

A story is being passed around that Linda Dougherty (Administrator/Clerk) was made to include the Anonymous Letter in the Public Information Packet handed out at the April Township Committee Meeting, by Mayor Judy Hall.

The new pending municipal budget is expected to raise the local purpose property tax by $420.00 a year on the average home assessed for $100,000. It is rumored that the proposed budget includes no layoffs of employees.

A redevelopment deal is in the works for the township owned Old Drive Inn, Kings Property and the front entrance to Silver Park. This will probably be another give away by our township committee, like the Coat Factory Tax Abatement deal.

The Silver Park Phase 2 & 3 Homeowners Association is allowing the Association Club House to be used for a Political Meet-N-Greet with Justin Murphy (Reform Candidate) Carol & William Moore (Reform Freeholder Candidates) on April 30th. I thought Association President Mr. Robbins said the By-laws prohibited the use of the Club House for political purposes.

Mr. Pullion stated he was at a disadvantage when questioned about his statement in the April Bee that "Our cost are cheaper and we will eliminate the use of outside vendors.". Tom was referring to the agreement between the Edgewater Park Sewer Authority and the Willingboro MUA. The question to Mr. Pullion, was he aware that the EPSA 2007 Audit Report stated a loss of $99,000 from the prior year and that the bulk of that loss was the cost of having the Willingboro MUA as the EPSA Maintenance Operator. He was also told that the same vendors that the EPSA used in prior years are used by Willingboro to do the work in Edgewater Park. Mayor Hall, who's husband Jim in on the Sewerage Authority, turned to Jim Daly (Sewer Board Member) and asked if this was true. Jim Daly's response was, "he couldn't talk about that". You can listen to this on the recording of the meeting, unless Rose Mary Woods is doing the transcription (Nixon Tapes). This is just another example of the incompetency and untruthfulness of certain members of committee.

There is talk that the township committee will stop paying to have the Beverly Bee mailed to the residents in Edgewater Park. Could this be in retaliation for the Bee editor asking the Mayor to tone down the political nature of the Mayor's Message?

Mayor Hall is threatening to have certain neighborhoods reevaluated, because she was mad that people she called to read the "anonymous letter" to, told others about the fact she was making these calls, and it was published on this blog. The best way to deal with this type of action is to report it. Like a cockroach, she likes to work in the dark. By the way, she can't do a neighborhood revaluation.

Did the Administrator submit a grant application to the State DCA, to study combining Edgewater Park with Beverly and then pull it when the word got out? Gee what great choices, Beverly or Willingboro. No wonder people want to move.

Well this post should give you something to think about this weekend.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

EP Reporter goes under cover and EP Committee's Dilemma

Well after the anonymous letter was included in the Public Information Packet at the Township Meeting last Tuesday, I had to move my base of operations from the Home. It took me all week to remove the antennas from the roof and re-install them in my new location. The Mayor, Administrator have all of their troops out looking for me (us). 

During the last Township Meeting the Mayor, Tom Pullion and Committee looked bad when it was apparent that Tom Pullion didn't do his homework when he wrote his article for the Bee. He didn't know that the Agreement signed between the EP Sewer Authority and the Willingboro MUA has resulted in the EPSA cost of Operations and Maintenance to almost double. This could explain why the Townships Budget has been out of control for the past five years. Tom Pullion's Bee  comment "Edgewater Park has maintained a very stable tax rate" is further proof that you can expect additional tax increases. Just compare the tax increases of the past five years to the years 1986 to 2000. Maybe Tom is using the New Math he learned in school.

Tom also said in the Bee article, because the majority of the township residents "prefer a rural farming community" and as a result our population is under 10,000, we will be punished by the governor with a reduction of $288,000 in state aid. Well Tom, if you think the town is to small or to rural, why did you move here in the 1990s? This reduction in state aid has been talked about for the past year and should not have been a surprise to you or committee. You and committee just kept spending like a drunken sailor. 

The township received  $220,000 for the sale of the old Swim Club along with money from other land sales last year. What happened to that money? Why don't you use that money to offset the potential loss in state aid, or did you and committee spend that money?

I like the "Quality Of Life" issues you are spending tax payers money on, like the new carpet, new paint job, new office renovations (Mayor's or Storage Office), new furniture, for the Municipal Building. Don't you think you could have waited till the state aid picture became clearer?

To the residents of Edgewater Park, as long as this group of committee people continue to run our town, we will continue to experience large tax increases and have to listen to the committee's excuses. Also, be prepared to join with the town our township committee loves to emulate, Willingboro. The EP Committee is doing a good job of following the Willingboro example, of how to mismanage a town.

The Edgewater Park Reporter from my new site   

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Guest Post by Robert Dovey

Mr Dovey sent this to me yesterday, I became aware that the letter sent by "A very embarrassed Edgewater Park Republican" to Mayor Hall and Council Members was included in the information packet given to the public at the Township Committee Meeting last night. This is the first time an anonymous letter has been included in the correspondence given to the public. I suspect it was done on purpose. The township solicitor was surprised it was included in the packet. The Township Clerk has some answering to do, since she never has allowed this to happen before. This action may result in a lawsuit, because the people mentioned in the letter are not public officials.

The School Budget passed 291 for, 208 against. The three School Board running for re-election also won (no opposition) Lester Holley 349, Raymond Rebilas 361 and Susan Strasser 360.

The following is from Mr. Dovey

"Dear Edgewater Park Reporter,

I am responding to the Anonymous Letter sent to Mayor Hall and Council Members, dated 3/14/08.

A copy of the letter was supposedly sent to the following; The Burlington County Republican Party, The State of New Jersey Republican Party, The Burlington County Times, The Edgewater Park Sewer Department and Members of the local Republican Party.

The Sewer Authority, The Mayor and Council and The Diamond Family are the only ones that have received copies of this letter as far as I know.

I have checked with the County and State Republican Parties, the Edgewater Park Republican County Committee Members, as well as the BCT, and except for the copy sent to the Diamond Family, no one else has received a copy of this letter.

The letter was referred to by the Sewer Authority Chairman; David Levay at the Authority's April Meeting, April 9th during correspondence, but Dave was advised not to read the letter because it was not signed with the name of the author.

As to the comments made about me, I will not dignify the personal attacks made against me but do want to correct comments made as facts in this letter.

The first correction, "We all know he is causing a lot of wasted time in the township offices requesting copies of everything from ordinances to receipts for toilet paper."

I have made two OPRA request, and both requests were rejected by the Township Clerk. The first was for copies of emails and letters between the members of township committee and the Sewer Authority Members. It was rejected because the request was too vague. The second was for the 2007 budget showing the line item budgeted amounts, and what was spent each month and what was left to be spent. I have received this budget information in past years with no problem. I don't believe my request required a lot of time on the part of township officials to fulfill, all they needed to do is copy the spreadsheet budget report that is done each month by the CFO, to a CD disk. The Email request was rejected without any work being done.

The second correction, "This is because he wants her job (Administrator) if the republicans take control of the township government." I do not want, nor have I asked to be considered for the Administrator's position in Edgewater Park so you can put this rumor to bed. I was asked by committee members of two towns in Burlington County , to apply for the Administrator positions in those towns, when they had an opening. I turned them down. I am not qualified to hold that position. This rumor was used in Democratic campaign literature during past elections.

The third correction, "Mr. Dovey is most upset because the sewer office is now going to be open five days a week. This means his wife now has to work five days instead of three." I am upset because it will cost the sewer tax payer additional money to keep the office open, an additional two days a week. With the additional cost of the Willingboro MUA, now contracted as the Authority Operator and maintenance contractor, the large increase in legal cost for the Authority Solicitor, our sewer rates will be increased this year. If you doubt this, check the Auditors ESPA 2007 Audit Report and Recommendations. The Authority Members have also entered into a contract for new office space and $20,000 for the renovation of that space. The Township will now lose the $12,000 dollars in rent they received from the Sewer Authority (Aprox. 1/2 cent on the tax rate) and the Authority will be paying double for the new office rent along with the cost for unities and insurance. Does this make sense? Now you know what I am upset about..

The fourth correction, There is no one who has lived in Edgewater Park for nearly seventy years, who is a member of the Republican County Committee or Republican Club.

The fifth correction, "Mr. Dovey placed the name of Mr. Daly's young son on the "blog"." I never placed the name of Mr. Daly's son on the blog. Check out the all of the comments (3) made by me to this blog. None concern Mr. Daly's son.

The sixth correction, "Mr. Dovey blasted the mayor's husband for receiving two pay checks". I have never blasted Mr. Hall about receiving two pay checks. I have never ridiculed Mr. Hall for anything he has done. I did sit quietly, as Mr. Hall interrogated my wife about her salary, during an Authority Meeting for 45 min. Mr. Hall who was appointed by his wife to the Sewer Board voted to approve my wife's salary every year he has been on the Authority Bd. Mr. Hall has also recently removed from the Authority's Office her time sheets, and Contract to examine. Mr. Hall also questioned her hours, sick time, acuminated sick time and vacation time that are part of her contract and vouched for in the Audit. I have to say Mr. Hall's petty performance during the past three Authority Meetings is pretty remarkable for a man with a life threatening illness. I know what it is like for a family member to battle cancer. Both my Mother and Mother-In-Law, battled breast cancer twice. They suffered tough times while receiving the treatments to battle their cancer. I wouldn't wish this on anyone.

The seventh correction, "Mr. Dovey has informed all of us that Chuck Ryder and Dawn Diamond will be running for town council in the upcoming election." Chuck Ryder and Joseph Galgoci are the Republican Candidates for Edgewater Park Committee.

The eighth correction, "Please know that there will be a new group of republicans in charge very soon and we will NOT conduct business the " Dovey Way "." I am the current Republican Chairman, and I am not aware of any changes to our County Committee .. I have never been approached by a member of our party to complain about my chairmanship. I have received critical comments about not responding to our opposition when they have resorted to personal attacks against our candidates. In the past I have resisted any efforts to return the favor. It will now be very difficult for me to stop this tactic in light of the letter.

I do not believe this letter came from any Edgewater Park Republican.. I believe it was created and sent by some members of the Township Committee and their friends. This was to try and embarrass me, my family and to send a message to the Edgewater Park Reporter and those of you that dare to question, criticize or make suggestions about the way they are governing our town. They want you to know that they will do the same to you with their intimidation tactics. This method distracts from the real truth of how they have mismanaged our town, so they do not have to answer for the tax increases, selective ordinance enforcement and the closed way they conduct our township business.

Mayor Hall has been making phone calls to residents about this letter and reading it to them. It doesn't surprise me Judy is doing this; she is very good about spreading gossip when she wants to get her way or get even.

The personal information spread about me and others in this letter will probably be seen again this fall in the Democratic campaign literature.

I hope that this letter and the tactics used will wake up the residents of Edgewater Park . Please pay attention to what is happening to our town, the tax increases, and the causes and how you are treated when you dare to question, and not to the smear gossip that is meant to distract you.

This is not about who is a Democrat or Republican. It is about good government, management and leadership for our town. We need people who care about you the taxpayer, and not the solicitors, engineers or developers and how much they contribute or how many sports tickets they give out to committee. We should care how they responsibly deal with controlling the property tax in our town. This committee has shown they have done a bad job for all of us taxpayers, Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike. This committee has run and managed our town for the past eight of nine years, and the record speaks for itself.

Thank you for allowing me to respond,

Robert Dovey"

Thank you Mr. Dovey,

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Be a better friend, newshound, and know-it-all with Yahoo! Mobile.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Edgewater Park School Bd and Budget Election

Tomorrow is the School Board Election along with the School Budget.

This election is important because the school tax represents the largest portion of your tax bill.

Our schools represent our greatest asset for our township's childern and residents.

Please take the time to vote. If you don't vote then don't complain about your taxes!

Our town is judged on the quality of our school district.

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Big Lie

I have been getting feedback from readers, that our Township Elected Officials along with their friends are truly frustrated with this blog. They are using the "Big Lie" as a way to try and discredit the information posted in this blog. They have resorted to personal attacks on people who have posted comments and use the old method of attacking the messenger, because they can't factually refute the posted information. They are not accustomed to anyone standing up to them, because they have been so successful in the past, intimidating anyone who disagreed with them.

Keep your comments coming. I am receiving via the mail box, many many good comments from residents who are enjoying the blog and the information and comments posted but they are concerned that the Committee Members can find out who they are and retaliate against them. I know that some of the Committee members have contacted the police and have asked them to investigate who is behind this blog. The police cannot get the information on this blog, because it is protected under the constitution, as free speech. It is illegal for the police to get information about this blog, unless I break a law with the publishing of this blog. Don't be intimidated by the Mayor, Committee or the Administrator's comments that the Police are investigating this blog. They don't like the sun of openness being directed at their actions.

I have also received inquires from a newspaper reporter who wants background on the stories posted. I just can't figure a way to do this without giving away my/our identity. If Committee/Administrator find out who I/we are, then Katy bar the door, a ton of revenge bricks will be directed my/our way. Just see the letter posted last Wed to see just how vicious they can be.

To the reporter, just send me your questions, and I will provide any information I can , along with names of people you can contact for information and verification.

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wed. Guest Post (sort of)

I received today, a copy of a letter sent to Mayor Hall and Council Members dated March 14, 2008. It was signed by "A very embarrassed Edgewater Park Republican".

The person who sent me this copy asked that I not mention their name, because they are concerned that the people who mailed it, will retaliate against them and their family. After reading the letter, I am sure you can understand their concern. 

I took the liberty to black out a statement made in the 5th paragraph, because I have no proof of the alleged facts. I left in the statements made against Mr. Dovey, because he was an elected committeeman, he is the Chairman of the local Republican Party, and he can respond to the comments made against him, via this blog, as he has done in the past. 

I must point out the following statements made in this letter that are outright lies and are a deliberate  attempt to damage the reputation of this Blog, Mrs Dimond, Mrs Donahue, Mr. Ryder, Mr. West and Mr. Dovey.

The statement made in the 4th paragraph, 1st sentence is a bold faced lie. See March 9, 2008 Post for the truth. Mr Daly's sons name was not used.

The statement made in the 5th paragraph, that "Mr Dovey informed all of us that Chuck Ryder and Dawn Diamond will be running for town council in the upcoming election", is wrong. Chuck Ryder and Joseph Galgoci are the Republican Committee Candidates according to the BCT, in its April 8th edition, page A3.

The statement made in the 2nd paragraph, that the Masonic Home is the "new hiding place mentioned on the blog" is wrong. I would be happy if they would let me use the facilities, but the truth is, I am mobile. After all the Committee Thought Police are everywhere.

I must tell you that I do not think this letter is the work of one person. It smacks of the efforts of our Mayor, Judy Hall, Jim Daly, Tom Pullion and John Alexander. I recognize the similar tactics in their campaign literature from the past.  Judy and Jim are masters in the "art of dirty gossip."

See the letter below,

The Edgewater Park Reporter

The reporter has learned tonight from an unnamed source, that a copy of this letter was read at the meeting of the Sewer Authority this evening, and Mayor Hall is calling people and reading the letter to them. I also learned that the Authority is going to spend $20K on the New Authority Office. So much for saving Authority money. More on this in a future post.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Edgewater Park Committee Tax Pigs

The Edgewater Park Tax Collector preparing to collect the large tax increase to hit in the August Tax Bill

The Edgewater Park Committee Tax Pigs rushing to increase your 2008 Tax Bill
The Edgewater Committee Tax Pigs discussing the 2008 Municipal Budget and how to collect a tax on Soccer Games

The Edgewater Park Committee Tax Pigs answering questions from the Public during a Committee Meeting on the 2008 Budget

Capt. mayortom and his Budget Subcommittee planning the PR Campaign to explain how lucky we Edgewater Park Taxpayers are because our tax rate is lower than other towns

When will we Edgewater Park Taxpayers get a Committee that will do a responsible job with managing our Municipal Budget? If we keep re-electing the same people, then it will happen when PIGS FLY

The typical Edgewater Park Taxpayer reacting to the explanation from the Edgewater Committee Tax Pigs and their excuses for the tax increases

Please join the Edgewater Park Over Taxed Alliance
Sign up by emailing the Edgewater Park Reporter at
Trying to prepare the residents for the August Surprise with humor,

Edgewater Park Reporter 

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Guest Post- Response to Anonymous 4-1-08

The following was emailed to me today,

From: Robert Dovey 
To: EdgewaterPark Reporter <>
Sent: Wednesday, April 2, 2008 10:42:56 PM
Subject: Response to Anonymous 4-1-08

Dear Edgewater Park Reporter,

I read the comment left by "Anonymous" to the 3/28/08 story and would like to
correct several statements made in "Anonymous" statement posted April 1st.

I am the current Republican Municipal Chairman for Edgewater Park and my home
is currently assessed for $196,800 not $100,000 as stated by "Anonymous".

If "Anonymous" understood how properties are assessed in NJ, he would
understand with Edgewater Parks Assessment Ratio currently at 48.75% of true
market value, my properties estimated market value is $403,700.

The prior Republican Chairman's property mentioned, is currently assessed for $212,800,
not $100,000, making the current estimated market value of his home $436,000.

The formula for figuring Market Value is; Assessed Value divided by the Ratio (48.75%) equals Market Value.

I recently had an appraisal done and it valued my property at $390,000 in today's market. This is a far cry from a market value of over a half million dollars. Also the house was listed for sale two years ago, for $490,000 and the best offer at the time was $450,000 with conditions.

As to who did the Reval back in 1994 (the last revelation), I do not know. You can call the Tax Assessor's Office and ask them. Leo was the Tax Assessor at the time it was done.

If you, "Anonymous", recently purchased a new home, say in the last three to four
years, then your current assessment would be based on the purchase price times the
ratio at the time, and that would give you your assessment.

Now I would agree, if our governing body had done a better job with
budgeting, managing, and making tax abatement deals, all of our properties
would be worth more. I have watched the value of our township properties drop against
the value of homes in towns with similar homes of the same age and type.
This is a direct result of the market, reacting to the government management of our
town. Towns that are well run and managed saw their home property values increase at
a rate far better then the rate we saw here in Edgewater Park. If you tried to
sell your home during the past couple of years you know this be a fact.

I can only hope that the voters hold Jim Daly and Tom Pullion responsible for their decisions that resulted in the following ; 
  • The large tax increases they approved and voted for, 
  • The large increases in the municipal budgets they voted for, 
  • The large increases in borrowing by the township (bonding) they approved and voted for, 
  • The bad tax abatement deal they gave to the Coat Factory, 
  • The loss of a 1/2 million dollar Green Acre Grant (thru negligence) that then required the Committee to pay for land acquired as part of the Affordable Housing Settlement,
  • The mismanagement of inspections, of Silver Park Phase 2 & 3, that now are resulting in lawsuites against the township, 
  • The botched N. Garden Blvd repaving project, 
  • The mismanaged Cooper St improvement project that has taken 5 years to start, 
  • The misuse of the Open Space Tax for items never intended by the voters, 
  • The failure of any meaningful redevelopment along Rt.130, the wasting of tax dollars on consultants who took our money and produced nothing, 
and I can go on and on.

Mister Anonymous, perhaps you should do a better job getting your facts straight,
before making false statements and innuendos. Look to the people who are
directly responsible for the current condition of our township, and ask them
why they keep making the same mistakes over and over. They are going to do
another Redevelopment deal that will include 3oo plus multi-family homes,
and want us to believe it will reduce taxes. Our recent history with Silver
Park shows us this theory is bunk.


Robert Dovey
No comment,

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Edgewater Park Redevelopment Agreement

The Edgewater Park Committee went into "Closed Session" at tonight's meeting to discuss the sale of and development of public property and a Redevelopment Agreement.

Gee, at what public meeting did committee discuss the selling of township owned property or the need for creating a Redevelopment Agreement? Does anyone know? 

Again the public is to be left out of the process until the deal is closed and the public concerns are not to be considered. Remember this is the same committee that kept the public in the dark about the "Great Burlington Coat Factory Tax Abatement Deal," that was going to lower your taxes (How much did the school district get from that deal?). Didn't you notice how your taxes went down with that deal? No, well be prepared for another great deal for us taxpayers.

I think the township owned land being discussed tonight, is the old Drive Inn property. Committee is making a deal to sell it to a developer who wants to build 350 Town Homes/Condo/Rental Units to lower our taxes. 

Why hasn't the committee gotten an appraisal on the property, to see what it is worth? Instead they want to make it part of a "Redevelopment Agreement" and screw the Edgewater Park taxpayer again. 

I know there will be a lot of construction work, the committee probably will get to name some streets, the engineers will kick back lots of money to Campaign Committee for the two committeeman running for re-election (if you don't think this is true, look at the amounts contributed by Engineering Firms in the Campaign Finance Reports in the 3/11/08 Post) and maybe even land a great deal on a new townhouse. With benefits like this why not sell the town out again, after-all aren't they moving to Delran.

Stay tuned and keep your hand on your wallet and put ear plugs in because wait till you hear all the excuses for raising your taxes so high and how did they know that their bad management would not be bailed out by the State. It is called the "BIG LIE" tell it enough and the people will begin to believe it.

The Irritated Edgewater Park Reporter