Tuesday, April 22, 2008

EP Reporter goes under cover and EP Committee's Dilemma

Well after the anonymous letter was included in the Public Information Packet at the Township Meeting last Tuesday, I had to move my base of operations from the Home. It took me all week to remove the antennas from the roof and re-install them in my new location. The Mayor, Administrator have all of their troops out looking for me (us). 

During the last Township Meeting the Mayor, Tom Pullion and Committee looked bad when it was apparent that Tom Pullion didn't do his homework when he wrote his article for the Bee. He didn't know that the Agreement signed between the EP Sewer Authority and the Willingboro MUA has resulted in the EPSA cost of Operations and Maintenance to almost double. This could explain why the Townships Budget has been out of control for the past five years. Tom Pullion's Bee  comment "Edgewater Park has maintained a very stable tax rate" is further proof that you can expect additional tax increases. Just compare the tax increases of the past five years to the years 1986 to 2000. Maybe Tom is using the New Math he learned in school.

Tom also said in the Bee article, because the majority of the township residents "prefer a rural farming community" and as a result our population is under 10,000, we will be punished by the governor with a reduction of $288,000 in state aid. Well Tom, if you think the town is to small or to rural, why did you move here in the 1990s? This reduction in state aid has been talked about for the past year and should not have been a surprise to you or committee. You and committee just kept spending like a drunken sailor. 

The township received  $220,000 for the sale of the old Swim Club along with money from other land sales last year. What happened to that money? Why don't you use that money to offset the potential loss in state aid, or did you and committee spend that money?

I like the "Quality Of Life" issues you are spending tax payers money on, like the new carpet, new paint job, new office renovations (Mayor's or Storage Office), new furniture, for the Municipal Building. Don't you think you could have waited till the state aid picture became clearer?

To the residents of Edgewater Park, as long as this group of committee people continue to run our town, we will continue to experience large tax increases and have to listen to the committee's excuses. Also, be prepared to join with the town our township committee loves to emulate, Willingboro. The EP Committee is doing a good job of following the Willingboro example, of how to mismanage a town.

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Anonymous said...

Nice to see the geniuses on the committee using the "fine example" of Willingboro as their model. Here is a link to the 2007 Burlington County tax rates. Please note Beverly City as #2 in effective tax rate & Edgewater Park not too far behind.


me! said...

Maybe that $220,000 was used for the legal costs! You know, cuz of those people fighting them against the new stores that are going to help our town with ratables.

a peach said...

to me!
The legal cost for the new stores, should have been paid by the developer.
How would you like to have a dumpster 30 ft from your back yard? Do the project like other towns. We don't need more messed up projects like the town allowed in Silver Park Phase 2 and 3. We are paying for that, and guess who was pushing and fast tracking that project because it was going to lower our taxes, this committee and administrator.

Anonymous said...

Silver Park West was approved in the late 1980s well before any of the people on any board were there.

Phase 1 Resident said...

To anonymous comment dated 4/24,

Shows what little you know.

The Silver Park Phase 1 was approved in the late 1980s, but Phase 2 & 3 were changed from the 1980s plans.

Tom Pullion, Jim Daly and Darren Atzert were the committee members who pushed to change the plans and fast track the Phase 2 & 3 project.

Check out the Planning Bd approvals and the numerous Planning Bd votes to approve the numerous variances, that were required because the Township Inspector didn't catch the mistakes made by the builder during construction of the houses.

The Committee also changed the Home Owners Condo Agreement. That is why you have two different Home Owner Associations. One for Phase 1 (Phase 1 has to pay to use the Club House and recreation facilities) and a different association for Phase 2&3. The township committee allowed the builder to cheat the Phase 1 residents out of the use of the Club House and recreation facilities. You can check this out by looking at the Planning Bd approvals, the Township Committee resolution, and the required resolution passed by the State Assembly and Senate.

Think of this when you vote for these guys and girls and reward them with reelection. Phase 2 & 3 residents need to ask why their Association President keeps showering praise on the township officials who are responsible for the issues now costing your Association in legal fees.

While your at it, ask Dennis why he is allowing the Club House to be used for a Campaign Rally for the Justin Murphy & Members of the Sabrin for Senate Slate of Reform Candidates (Carol & Bill Moore) on 4-30-08 7PM. Dennis has blocked the use in the past when the Phase 1 Association wanted to host a Meet the Local Candidates Night as part of our Association Meeting. Dennis said that the By-laws do not allow for the Club House to be used for political purposes. No wonder the Administrator and Committee love him. Also ask him how he is doing with the assessments of your homes, and if he is going to get theTownship Committee to do a revaluation of properties in town.

E. P. Reporter, keep it up. I think you are getting under the thin skin of the pin heads running our town.

Anonymous said...

The problem with Silver park is that this adminstrator/committee did not hold the builder responsible for the correct completion of the project. The sign to developer states: build in E.P. we (committee, planning board) will let you do anything.....

Anonymous said...

The problem with Silver park is that this adminstrator/committee did not hold the builder responsible for the correct completion of the project. The sign to developer states: build in E.P. we (committee, planning board) will let you do anything.....

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, was wondering if anyone involved directly or indirectly with Silver Park 1, 2, or 3 was on that list of architects, contractors, or attorneys that donated campaign money to the wonderful pin-heads on committee?

me! said...

hey "a peach" im sorry...i was being sarcastic. guess it didn't come thru as such!

Anonymous said...

When I first found this site I was under the impression that it was for informing residents of real issues that perhaps they were not aware. It has evolved into partisan sniping! Regardless of party, people NEED to work together to improve our town. Both parties share in the blame for things not being where they perhaps should be. Let's return to an informative site and not a party propaganda forum.

Disgusted Resident said...

To anonymous:

The reason this site has become a partisan propaganda forum is because in case you haven't noticed but there has only been one party that's been in control of township committee for the last several years. Wake up and smell the coffee! I agree that everyone needs to work together for the better of the town but unfortunately the powers that be right now just don't want to do that. They want things their way or it's the highway. Just look at what they've done to Mr. Dovey, Mr. Ryder, Mrs. Diamond, Mrs. Donahue and others mentioned in the letter read at the last township meeting. Those are people who truly care about the town and what's happening to it and when they started to ask questions they were retaliated against by a nasty, untruthful & vindictive letter. No wonder why more people don't come out to the meetings or get involved, who the heck wants their name or families name drug through the mud.

In the past both parties did work together and I have to say Edgewater Park was a much better place to live and raise a family. It's a shame what this current committe has done not only to the town but also to the two parties involved in politics. They've made it just down right nasty and something has got to change.

Anonymous said...

To Partisan sniping commenter:
The reason I became involved with this Blog (as with many of the NON-Partisan people here) is because WE ALL realized that something is VERY WRONG in this town. The Committee meetings (that are supposed to be public) are handled in secret and only unimportant, meaningless items are ever discussed in the open meetings. The contributors to the last election were ALL from businesses located in other towns, and will most likely be doing business with Committee members in the future. I don't know what you call that, but in my opinion, that is a "payoff", with a return favor due in the future? I firmly believe that the current committee is incompetent, under qualified, and corrupt. While those attributes may not have run the town into the ground in the past, in the current economic crisis, any mistake will be magnified. There is NO ROOM for mistakes right now.
Anyone increasing the Town budget, while state aide is being cut (so they have nicer offices) SHOULD NOT BE IN OFFICE!

William said...

To anonymous April 25 1:11 AM:
I would just like to mention that I was at the opening day of little league baseball to see my grandson play his first game. While there I observed that Mr. Johnson and Mr. Ryder were working together at the BBQ area and seemed to enjoy helping out for a good cause. I point this out because when you criticize the current committee you shouldn't include Mr. Johnson because he hasn't been there long enough to be responsible for the current state of things. If the rest of committee would put aside their partisanship, nice things could happen in EP. There is no reason things have to be the way they are and I think everyone on both sides of the political fence should look at Mr. Johnson and Mr. Ryder because they set a very good example for the rest to follow.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see Mr. Johnson & Mr. Ryder finally found something they are good at?