Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Guest Post- Response to Anonymous 4-1-08

The following was emailed to me today,

From: Robert Dovey 
To: EdgewaterPark Reporter <>
Sent: Wednesday, April 2, 2008 10:42:56 PM
Subject: Response to Anonymous 4-1-08

Dear Edgewater Park Reporter,

I read the comment left by "Anonymous" to the 3/28/08 story and would like to
correct several statements made in "Anonymous" statement posted April 1st.

I am the current Republican Municipal Chairman for Edgewater Park and my home
is currently assessed for $196,800 not $100,000 as stated by "Anonymous".

If "Anonymous" understood how properties are assessed in NJ, he would
understand with Edgewater Parks Assessment Ratio currently at 48.75% of true
market value, my properties estimated market value is $403,700.

The prior Republican Chairman's property mentioned, is currently assessed for $212,800,
not $100,000, making the current estimated market value of his home $436,000.

The formula for figuring Market Value is; Assessed Value divided by the Ratio (48.75%) equals Market Value.

I recently had an appraisal done and it valued my property at $390,000 in today's market. This is a far cry from a market value of over a half million dollars. Also the house was listed for sale two years ago, for $490,000 and the best offer at the time was $450,000 with conditions.

As to who did the Reval back in 1994 (the last revelation), I do not know. You can call the Tax Assessor's Office and ask them. Leo was the Tax Assessor at the time it was done.

If you, "Anonymous", recently purchased a new home, say in the last three to four
years, then your current assessment would be based on the purchase price times the
ratio at the time, and that would give you your assessment.

Now I would agree, if our governing body had done a better job with
budgeting, managing, and making tax abatement deals, all of our properties
would be worth more. I have watched the value of our township properties drop against
the value of homes in towns with similar homes of the same age and type.
This is a direct result of the market, reacting to the government management of our
town. Towns that are well run and managed saw their home property values increase at
a rate far better then the rate we saw here in Edgewater Park. If you tried to
sell your home during the past couple of years you know this be a fact.

I can only hope that the voters hold Jim Daly and Tom Pullion responsible for their decisions that resulted in the following ; 
  • The large tax increases they approved and voted for, 
  • The large increases in the municipal budgets they voted for, 
  • The large increases in borrowing by the township (bonding) they approved and voted for, 
  • The bad tax abatement deal they gave to the Coat Factory, 
  • The loss of a 1/2 million dollar Green Acre Grant (thru negligence) that then required the Committee to pay for land acquired as part of the Affordable Housing Settlement,
  • The mismanagement of inspections, of Silver Park Phase 2 & 3, that now are resulting in lawsuites against the township, 
  • The botched N. Garden Blvd repaving project, 
  • The mismanaged Cooper St improvement project that has taken 5 years to start, 
  • The misuse of the Open Space Tax for items never intended by the voters, 
  • The failure of any meaningful redevelopment along Rt.130, the wasting of tax dollars on consultants who took our money and produced nothing, 
and I can go on and on.

Mister Anonymous, perhaps you should do a better job getting your facts straight,
before making false statements and innuendos. Look to the people who are
directly responsible for the current condition of our township, and ask them
why they keep making the same mistakes over and over. They are going to do
another Redevelopment deal that will include 3oo plus multi-family homes,
and want us to believe it will reduce taxes. Our recent history with Silver
Park shows us this theory is bunk.


Robert Dovey
No comment,

The Edgewater Park Reporter


Anonymous said...

Mr. Dovey,
Thank you for the lesson on home assessments. Obviously anonymous has no idea what he/she is talking about and needs to get his/her facts straight. I found your information to be very informative and after doing some research true to the fact. Maybe someone like you needs to be on committee. It would really benefit the town to have an intelligent individual on committee who knows their stuff.

My husband and I are pretty new to Edgewater (we have lived here 4 short years) but are currently trying to sell our house to get out. We fear we will be stuck here if our house does not sell. If that is the case it would be wonderful if there could be more people like you on committe who could turn things around.

Silver Park Resident said...

Is anonymous blaming Mr Dovey for the large tax increases? I don't understand his point. What does Mr Dovey have to do with the assessment of taxes? Does he work for the firm that did the reassessment? Why does anonymous say that the assessment for Mr. Dovey's home is $100K, when I looked it up on the County Web site it is assessed for $196,800K. I do not like when people make statement of facts, that are not true.
I live in Silver Park and the President of our Home Owners Association, Mr Robbins, has been talking about how our homes are over assessed. He wants us to appeal to the tax court. He said the reason is that the homes in the river front area are under assessed compared to our homes in Silver Park. He also said that certain people have low assessments on their properties. I think maybe Dennis was talking about Mr. Dovey and the other person referred to by anonymous. I do appreciate you posting Mr. Dovey's explanation of how the assessed value relates to market value. I do not quite understand how the ratio to market value is set. Maybe someone will explain it on this blog. I do know that Mr Robbins is pushing for the elected officials to do a revaluation for all homes. Will this increase our taxes? Please let me know so that I can tell people in Silver Park. Dennis said that our taxes would go down.

I will not give my name because I am afraid of retaliation against me by our Homeowners Association.

Anonymous said...

What a shame that you are afraid of retaliation from your home owners association. Let me guess are the members of that association friends of the mayor and current committee members? Hmmmm.....I wonder.......

Anonymous said...

Silver Park resident
I am a resident of Edgewater Park and work in real estate. That being said, any move to reassess in ANY area of NJ in the current market place could have a grave consequence for the homeowner. If you speak to ANY knowledgeable person in real estate, they will tell you that we expect property values to continue to DECREASE well into 2010. If you feel that your house is greatly over-valued right now, you should apply for a "case by case" review of your individual property's tax value. If on the other hand, the obviously uneducated Mr. Robbins would like to really run the town into the ground and see how many for sale signs he can count, tell him to keep asking committee to raise taxes further? I'm sure committee can use the extra funds to build another office for themselves, relocate the Police Dept. to their own building, and convert the basement into a "closed-door" meeting room or committee spa? Again, Mr. Robbins I would advise you to listen more and speak less. You are NEVER too old to learn. Home values in Silver Park can be determined by reviewing the last three sales in the past six months for comparison. If the homes sold for more than 20-30% below the pre adjusted tax value provided by Mr. Dovey, it would be worth the tax value fight (any less than that don't waste your time).
By the way, tell Mr. Robbins my home has not been "reassessed", but I have a 70% increase in my taxes in less than six years (guess I just paid for the Mayor's new office).

Anonymous said...

Maybe you will find this helpful:

5th district voter said...

I am a registered Democrat who was told by my party that this blog was nothing but a pack of lies, however, after reading this for myself I found it very informative. I checked out the facts and found the statements to be true. My party does not give the information that I have been able to get from this blog. I want to thank Mr. Dovey for his informative letter. I truly believe that he just wanted to educate the people in town. Remember just because you are of one party doesn't mean you have to vote your party lines in the election. Perhaps it's time for a change. I am seriously considering voting for a change here in EP. It couldn't hurt infact it might be a necessity. Please EP Reporter keep the information coming.