Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Edgewater Park Redevelopment Agreement

The Edgewater Park Committee went into "Closed Session" at tonight's meeting to discuss the sale of and development of public property and a Redevelopment Agreement.

Gee, at what public meeting did committee discuss the selling of township owned property or the need for creating a Redevelopment Agreement? Does anyone know? 

Again the public is to be left out of the process until the deal is closed and the public concerns are not to be considered. Remember this is the same committee that kept the public in the dark about the "Great Burlington Coat Factory Tax Abatement Deal," that was going to lower your taxes (How much did the school district get from that deal?). Didn't you notice how your taxes went down with that deal? No, well be prepared for another great deal for us taxpayers.

I think the township owned land being discussed tonight, is the old Drive Inn property. Committee is making a deal to sell it to a developer who wants to build 350 Town Homes/Condo/Rental Units to lower our taxes. 

Why hasn't the committee gotten an appraisal on the property, to see what it is worth? Instead they want to make it part of a "Redevelopment Agreement" and screw the Edgewater Park taxpayer again. 

I know there will be a lot of construction work, the committee probably will get to name some streets, the engineers will kick back lots of money to Campaign Committee for the two committeeman running for re-election (if you don't think this is true, look at the amounts contributed by Engineering Firms in the Campaign Finance Reports in the 3/11/08 Post) and maybe even land a great deal on a new townhouse. With benefits like this why not sell the town out again, after-all aren't they moving to Delran.

Stay tuned and keep your hand on your wallet and put ear plugs in because wait till you hear all the excuses for raising your taxes so high and how did they know that their bad management would not be bailed out by the State. It is called the "BIG LIE" tell it enough and the people will begin to believe it.

The Irritated Edgewater Park Reporter

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Anonymous said...

I just thought of a way to fix all of the problems in the town: The next time the committee, goes behind closed doors (next meeting), let's lock them in there!