Friday, April 11, 2008

The Big Lie

I have been getting feedback from readers, that our Township Elected Officials along with their friends are truly frustrated with this blog. They are using the "Big Lie" as a way to try and discredit the information posted in this blog. They have resorted to personal attacks on people who have posted comments and use the old method of attacking the messenger, because they can't factually refute the posted information. They are not accustomed to anyone standing up to them, because they have been so successful in the past, intimidating anyone who disagreed with them.

Keep your comments coming. I am receiving via the mail box, many many good comments from residents who are enjoying the blog and the information and comments posted but they are concerned that the Committee Members can find out who they are and retaliate against them. I know that some of the Committee members have contacted the police and have asked them to investigate who is behind this blog. The police cannot get the information on this blog, because it is protected under the constitution, as free speech. It is illegal for the police to get information about this blog, unless I break a law with the publishing of this blog. Don't be intimidated by the Mayor, Committee or the Administrator's comments that the Police are investigating this blog. They don't like the sun of openness being directed at their actions.

I have also received inquires from a newspaper reporter who wants background on the stories posted. I just can't figure a way to do this without giving away my/our identity. If Committee/Administrator find out who I/we are, then Katy bar the door, a ton of revenge bricks will be directed my/our way. Just see the letter posted last Wed to see just how vicious they can be.

To the reporter, just send me your questions, and I will provide any information I can , along with names of people you can contact for information and verification.

The Edgewater Park Reporter


Anonymous said...

Keep it coming EP Reporter! I'm a democrat who knows first hand about the lies and gossip our committee and administrator are spreading. I love it because you've really touched a nerve with them and they are squirming, trust me. Why do you think so much trash talk is being said? Please keep it coming and exposing their lies.

Anonymous said...

This makes sense to me now how you say our town officials want to keep everything hush. I believe that there wouldn't be a need for this blog if things weren't that way. I always wondered why when you go to websites for other towns most even post the minutes of meetings that were held; and not only the general municipal meeting but also various board and authority meeting minutes as well. Those towns want their residents aware of what's "HAPPENING" in their town; so unlike Edgewater Park officials. Maybe our residents should demand our public business be put on the EP website and then you might see business conducted fairly and openly here too.

Anonymous said...

Do you know what is the MOST DISTURBING of all about the information you have provided here?
The fact that numerous people have commented that they are afraid of retaliation, that the Police now are investigating people with opposing political opinions, and this is happening in the U.S.
This just screams of corruption, and I am going to make inquiries to the Justice Dept. next week, because this level of intimidation by politicians is illegal imo. We do not live in a Communist country last I checked, and this goes way beyond "small-town politics". Please let me know of ANY threats, intimidation, or Police involvement that is either stated or implied. I don't know about you folks, but nothing makes me happier than knocking a bully on their ass :).

me said...

EP Reporter you are doing a great job informing us. I've even started to go to the twp meetingss when I can. Thanks for informing us!

wawa boy said...

i wouldnt be afraid of the police in edgewater park anyway . . .they have more rolls than the bakery section at pathmark. they're all sluggish and out of shape from all the trans-fatty foods they get at Wawa. Fight the power, Edgewater Park Reporter!!

ps: Gaetano's has gone WAY downhill. Is there a conspiracy there too???

Anonymous said...

Dear EP Reporter,
I've read in the BCT that Mr. Pullion is running again for committeeman. Why isn't there a term limit? He has been on comm. since I moved here and if he, the senior member, hasn't been able to control spending by now, what's the point in running? He obviously hasn't taught anything to his junior members either. Signed, An Indep. voter

Mrs. Smith said...

So did anyone go to the budget meeting last week? What is gonna happen? How are they gonna cut some of our taxes? When is the next scheduled meeting to discuss the budget? With all the talk of cuts, is it still true that the sewer office is moving? Will this raise our taxes even more? Will the sewer rates go up?

Anonymous said... WAWA Boy

ANY Police Dept. that would involve itself in a civil or political dispute is NOT a good or honest Police Dept. imo.