Sunday, November 30, 2008

The 2001 Cell Phone Records of Committeeman Pullion and Daly

The following link will allow you to download the 201 pages showing the 2001 cell phone records of calls made and received by Committeeman Tom Pullion and Jim Daly. Tom and Jim were the only Township Committeeman to have cell phones paid for by the Taxpayers of Edgewater Park. Both committeeman paid for some of the personal calls only after a big stink was made about them having township issued cell phones, and the cost of the those phones. None of the other township employees came anywhere near the the call charges made by these two committeeman. They claimed that the cell phones made them more accessible to the residents of Edgewater Park.
The only problem with that explanation is they never published the phone numbers for the residents, and if you check the numbers they called or were called from you will see that very few of those calls were from or to Edgewater Park residents. 
I just wanted you to see the type of people who are running our town and maybe you will understand why our taxes have gone up 76% in the nine years Tom and Jim have been on Township Committee.

You will be able to download the pdf file by clicking on this link

When the 4shared window opens, click on the Download Now button and the file doc20081010163539_ALL.pdf (201 pages) will be downloaded to your computer for you to look at. You will find some of the pages hard to read do to the poor quality of the copies.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Edgewater Park Voters Rewarded for keeping 5 Democrats on Committee

Subject: READ>
Posted in News> on November 18th, 2008 at 4:13 pm by BCT staff writer Dave Maccar | The Edgewater Park Township Sewerage Authority is considering raising its sewage rates for residents and businesses.
The proposed increase would raise flat fees for residents by $40 to $240 per year and would change the billing cycle to quarterly payments of $60 rather than the current semi-annual payments.. Billing dates would be in December, March, June and September.
For commercial accounts, a flat rate of $70 has been proposed with a cost of $4 per gallon over 12,000 gallons. This is an increase from the current annual minimum payment of $52.50 and a cost of $2.55 per gallon over 13,000 gallons..
The current rates have been in place since 1995.
The Authority will hold a public hearing on Dec. 10 at 6 p.m. at the Edgewater Park Township Municipal Building to discuss the proposed rate changes.
BCT staff writer David Maccar can be reached at 609-871-8068 or>

I guess the Sewer Authority Chairman Lied (check his comments in the Beverly Bee this summer) about how the Sewer Authorities Spending and Lack of Fiscal Control wasn't going to result in higher Sewer Taxes and the sewer rates were last raised in 2002 not 1995 as the article states. It is bad when the Authority lies to the BCT about when the rate was last raised. Why would you lie about this?
This is what happens when the party in  total control of the township, doesn't have to answer for their actions (Increased Sewer Taxs and Property Taxes) because the voters of Edgewater Park rewarded them with the election of five members of one party year after year. They just sent you, their thanks! 
Stupid is as stupid does.
The Edgewater Park Reporter

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Edgewater Park Property Tax Deals

Are you behind on your property tax payment?

Is your home on the Tax Sale List? 

Well you can apply to the Township Committee for a waver of the interest owed and promise to make the past due tax owed sometime after the township tax sale. 

This is the deal the Township Committee voted on and approved, at the November 11th Township Committee Meeting. The deal was for a Rt. 130 business. Township Committee also went into executive (closed) session to talk about making the same deal with another business, but did not act on it in the open meeting.

If the Township Committee can legally wave interest on past due taxes for a business property, then should they do the same for every homeowner who has paid interest on past due taxes? I think so, because you must treat everyone the same right! Oh, I forgot our Township Administrator and Committee do treat people differently, depending on your (Farm inside joke) relationship with them.

If the Township Committee will let this business property owner, pay his past due taxes (2-yrs) after the scheduled tax sale for that property, and order the removal of that property from the scheduled tax sale, then Township Committee should do the same for all owners, whose properties are on the tax sale scheduled by the Township.

Somehow I don't think you would get this same deal, because you are not a neighbor of a Township Committeeman (check the minutes of the Nov. 11, 2008 when published to see who). 

How many senior citizens have had their homes sold at tax sale in Edgewater Park? Shouldn't they get the same type of deal? 

I think it would be finically smart for all property owners in Edgewater Park not to pay the taxes  on their properties for two years, then ask for the same deal (a waver of interest for the two years), then make the past due tax payment after the tax sale. You would make interest on the withheld taxes by investing that money and after two years withdraw the original amount (past due tax) and pay the township without interest. You would keep the interest earned for yourself. 

No wonder our Township is raising property taxes in excess of 6% average per year, for the past ten years.

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fw: concerned

----- Forwarded Message ----
Sent: Wednesday, November 5, 2008 1:54:56 PM
Subject: concerned in Edgewater Park

I am a lifelong Edgewater Park resident and for the most part am happy to admit that. A few years ago, tragedy struck myself and family when my brother was killed on Delanco Road by a speeding motorist. For several years after the accident, due to several incorrect police reports, we had to fight to say that his death was caused by speeding. Once this was accepted by all, myself and a few family members approached our township about placing a blinking light (originally we requested a 4 way stop) at the Delanco Rd/Perkins Ln intersection. We also petitioned the county to lower the speed on Delanco Rd and make the several hundred feet before the intersection non-passing along with leveling the grade of the road. We had many people on our side luckily, and we did receive resolution to the issue of the intersection dangers as best we could.
My concern now is that with all the effort myself and family put forward for people to slow down and be more cautious seems to have been in vain. I am now a resident on Perkins Lane where the speed limit is 25 mph. On average, cars do between 40 and 50 mph down my road (including municipal vehicles) let alone, the 50-60 mph cars travel down Delanco Rd. And where might our police officers be? My children are now of school age and are waiting for the bus in the morning and playing outside in the afternoon while these motorists blindly speed and endanger my children. I feel as though I need to stand roadside to make sure passing cars recognize there are children present. I am sure that this is a concern to parents throughout the township along with myself, however I fear that tragedy may strike again if someone does not put the fear of God, or at least a heavy fine, into these people. Thanks for letting me bend your ear.
Name withheld

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

FW: Percentage Tax Increase

I received this email message and think it may help to explain some of  the reasons why the tax record of Tom Pullion's last nine years, did him no harm in his re-election. 

After you read the emailed question from C.D., I will explain how to figure percentages using the rules for math.

The Edgewater Park Reporter

------ Forwarded Message
From: CD
Date: Wed, 05 Nov 2008 19:35:45 -0500
To: EdgewaterPark Reporter <>
Conversation: Percentage Tax Increase
Subject: Percentage Tax Increase

Dear E.P. Reporter,

I was told by Bee Holley last night that the reason the local republican
candidates lost was the voters were mad about the republican campaign
literature stating that Tom raised taxes 74.6%. She said this was a lie and
that's why the voters reelected Tom.
I went home to check this and came up with a smaller percentage. I was only able to go back to 2002 with my tax records and saw that my property tax was lower in 2003 from 2002.
I personally know Chuck Ryder and can't believe he would distort a fact like this. Could you please help and clear this up for me and the many others, Bee Holley spoke to about this. I understand Mr. Daly was saying the same thing to people.

Thank you

C. D.

------ End of Forwarded Message

This is how you go about figuring the percentage increase of your taxes, between 1999 and 2008.

In 1999 the average home in Edgewater Park paid  a local purpose tax (municipal tax) of $559.53. 

In 2008 the average home in Edgewater Park paid a local purpose tax of $973.15.

You subtract the 1999 tax of $559.53 from the 2008 tax of $973.15. You should get $413.62

Divide $413.62 by the 1999 tax of $559.53 for a total of 0.739227565.

Multiply 0.739227565 by 100 and should get 73.9227565, an increase of 73.9%

I did not add the open space tax of 1 cent, because it did not exist in 1999. If you add this in then the local purpose tax increased 76% since 1999

The statement by Mrs. Holley and Mr. Daly is false, if you follow the rules for math. 

Ask them to get their property tax from 1999 and compare it to the 2008 tax bill. Then all they need to do, is the math. 

I hope that any voter who was told by Mrs. Holley and Mr. Daly, the 74.6% stated in the Republican Literature was a lie and then voted for Tom because they believed Bee and Jim, will check the facts with their own tax records. 

The 76% tax increase truth will then be exposed! Mrs. Holley and Mr. Daly were right the Republican tax increase charge was incorrect. It was to low (74.6%) instead of (76%)! Bee is right, that is why you lost the local election Republicans.

I don't think this issue, was the reason the two Republican Township Committee Candidates lost. If you were at the polls when they opened, and looked at the election results in the BCT, you would realize that very few African American Edgewater Park residents voted for any republican candidates. Look at the vote for Freeholder Aubrey Fenton, an African American (1,249 votes), compared to President Elect Barack Obama (2,553 votes), a difference of 1,304 votes (104% more). 

The Republican Party has not been able to attract Edgewater Park African American voters, to vote for its candidates or run as a candidate. If the Edgewater Park Democratic Party is to have any serious republican competition, the Republicans or any other third party, need to convince the Edgewater Park African American voter, they are being taken for granted by the Edgewater Park Democratic Party. 

If the Edgewater Park African American voters are shown the facts of who is responsible for the local purpose tax increasing 76%, I am sure they would vote their pocket book by voting in candidates that would not allow the local purpose tax to increase at a rate exceeding 6% each year. 

Maybe next year Republicans, you will do a better job in reaching out to the Edgewater Park African American Voters with the tax facts. Nobody likes being taken for granted!

I do have a question for any old-timer resident like myself who voted early, did you know many of the people in line with you? Have we had that much of a turnover in residents? Let me know if your impressions are the same. 

Bottom line; the Local Purpose Tax on homes in Edgewater Park did increase 76% between 1999 and 2008. Even if you use the new math, it still is a 76% local purpose tax increase! 

Don't be fooled by using the overall tax rate. The overall rate, is a combination of all taxes, County, Library, Schools and Fire. Those tax rate increase are not the responsibility of the Township Committee, only the Local Purpose Tax is. 

I have not forgotten about the Cell Phone Records. I will be posting them soon.

The Edgewater Park Reporter