Wednesday, November 5, 2008

FW: Percentage Tax Increase

I received this email message and think it may help to explain some of  the reasons why the tax record of Tom Pullion's last nine years, did him no harm in his re-election. 

After you read the emailed question from C.D., I will explain how to figure percentages using the rules for math.

The Edgewater Park Reporter

------ Forwarded Message
From: CD
Date: Wed, 05 Nov 2008 19:35:45 -0500
To: EdgewaterPark Reporter <>
Conversation: Percentage Tax Increase
Subject: Percentage Tax Increase

Dear E.P. Reporter,

I was told by Bee Holley last night that the reason the local republican
candidates lost was the voters were mad about the republican campaign
literature stating that Tom raised taxes 74.6%. She said this was a lie and
that's why the voters reelected Tom.
I went home to check this and came up with a smaller percentage. I was only able to go back to 2002 with my tax records and saw that my property tax was lower in 2003 from 2002.
I personally know Chuck Ryder and can't believe he would distort a fact like this. Could you please help and clear this up for me and the many others, Bee Holley spoke to about this. I understand Mr. Daly was saying the same thing to people.

Thank you

C. D.

------ End of Forwarded Message

This is how you go about figuring the percentage increase of your taxes, between 1999 and 2008.

In 1999 the average home in Edgewater Park paid  a local purpose tax (municipal tax) of $559.53. 

In 2008 the average home in Edgewater Park paid a local purpose tax of $973.15.

You subtract the 1999 tax of $559.53 from the 2008 tax of $973.15. You should get $413.62

Divide $413.62 by the 1999 tax of $559.53 for a total of 0.739227565.

Multiply 0.739227565 by 100 and should get 73.9227565, an increase of 73.9%

I did not add the open space tax of 1 cent, because it did not exist in 1999. If you add this in then the local purpose tax increased 76% since 1999

The statement by Mrs. Holley and Mr. Daly is false, if you follow the rules for math. 

Ask them to get their property tax from 1999 and compare it to the 2008 tax bill. Then all they need to do, is the math. 

I hope that any voter who was told by Mrs. Holley and Mr. Daly, the 74.6% stated in the Republican Literature was a lie and then voted for Tom because they believed Bee and Jim, will check the facts with their own tax records. 

The 76% tax increase truth will then be exposed! Mrs. Holley and Mr. Daly were right the Republican tax increase charge was incorrect. It was to low (74.6%) instead of (76%)! Bee is right, that is why you lost the local election Republicans.

I don't think this issue, was the reason the two Republican Township Committee Candidates lost. If you were at the polls when they opened, and looked at the election results in the BCT, you would realize that very few African American Edgewater Park residents voted for any republican candidates. Look at the vote for Freeholder Aubrey Fenton, an African American (1,249 votes), compared to President Elect Barack Obama (2,553 votes), a difference of 1,304 votes (104% more). 

The Republican Party has not been able to attract Edgewater Park African American voters, to vote for its candidates or run as a candidate. If the Edgewater Park Democratic Party is to have any serious republican competition, the Republicans or any other third party, need to convince the Edgewater Park African American voter, they are being taken for granted by the Edgewater Park Democratic Party. 

If the Edgewater Park African American voters are shown the facts of who is responsible for the local purpose tax increasing 76%, I am sure they would vote their pocket book by voting in candidates that would not allow the local purpose tax to increase at a rate exceeding 6% each year. 

Maybe next year Republicans, you will do a better job in reaching out to the Edgewater Park African American Voters with the tax facts. Nobody likes being taken for granted!

I do have a question for any old-timer resident like myself who voted early, did you know many of the people in line with you? Have we had that much of a turnover in residents? Let me know if your impressions are the same. 

Bottom line; the Local Purpose Tax on homes in Edgewater Park did increase 76% between 1999 and 2008. Even if you use the new math, it still is a 76% local purpose tax increase! 

Don't be fooled by using the overall tax rate. The overall rate, is a combination of all taxes, County, Library, Schools and Fire. Those tax rate increase are not the responsibility of the Township Committee, only the Local Purpose Tax is. 

I have not forgotten about the Cell Phone Records. I will be posting them soon.

The Edgewater Park Reporter


Kate said...

Maybe its time that our committee men and/or women are forced to debate publicly with their opponents... We need a better public forum for citizens of our town to see what the candidates are made of and to have access to them in order to be a better educated voter

Anonymous said...

I live in a single family home in the 7th voting district, so it should not be to hard to figure out who I am, since we only have about two dozen single family homes in the 7th. The reason Joe and Chuck lost is the apartment vote. They added a second voting machine this year and the line in the morning was still long. I asked the poll worker if we had the most voters and she said yes. Apartment tenants don't care about property taxes. They only care if they can get the neighbor to lower the music and keep the drug deals in the parking lot, not in the building. The bullets can go thru the sheetrock walls. I can't wait till the township approves the new apartment complex to be built to the right of Cramps, on Delanco Road. We might need three voting machines then. Well I am tired of subsidizing kids from the apartments most of whom have special needs that cost us big time. If I see a glimmer that the real estate market is improving I am moving out of this town and this state. Let the apartment dwellers have it. When enough people like me move who are the dwellers going to get to pay the subsidies. Nobody left to pay the bill. It is obvious we are going to end up just like Willingboro, with gun battles and armed robberies on our streets. Hay if things get bad enough the state might bail us out like Camden. That thought makes me want to reconsider my decision to move.
If I was running the Republicans here, I wouldn't run anybody. You can't win, so let them keep the town while I get out before the crash.

Anonymous said...

As someone who split my ticket, it is my absolute hope that despite the outcome of the local election, the residents and leadership of our town can decide/opt/try to work together for the betterment of our town.

While I clearly appreciate the call for bipartisanship on town council, the voters of this town didn't . . . for whatever reason. Can we stop re-hashing it at this point and look forward? Perhaps that's too much to ask. Perhaps it's too easy to point fingers. But I don't think so. I truly believe that the residents and leadership of our town (including our elected officials, each of the candidates who ran as well as those individuals who keep abreast of issues relating to our town and vocalize these opinions at council meetings, on this blog and elsewhere) absolutely have the interest of our town at heart. Let's tap into that. Couldn't we strengthen our town if our energy was spent talking to one another and negotiating as opposed to mud slinging? Has the mud slinging accomplished anything thus far? Perhaps it's time for a new approach where neighbors reach out to neighbors for the betterment of the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

There was a lot more that apartment residents that lost the election for Ryder and Galgoci. The number of votes for the Democrats in District 7 was approximately 450 (there were different totals for each but 450 was the avg). The total difference was around 700. They still lost by 250 votes! It wasn't just the appartments.

Sam said...

I agree with you Kate, however no matter how you look at it this is Willingboro 2. Unfortunately the situation is not going to change but get worse. I agree with anonymous as soon as I am able to I will be moving on. I grew up in Edgewater Park and it is truly sad the direction our town has taken. I do not see things getting any better here. Just take a ride around the town and see for yourself.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous of Nov 5 11:37. Its time to look beyond politics. Whatever the tax incease was, evidently it was a required increase. Pension obligations, storm damage, health care costs etc all have gone up. Edgewater Park is not exempt from these costs.

Also haven't Republicans been complicit in the tax increases? The 9 year period that is being examined contained at least one and sometimes two Republicans on Township Committee and yet each and every year the budget was approved 5-0!

Lets be reasonable and work TOGETHER for the benefit of OUR town, Edgewater Park!

anonymous said...

Unfortunately I think the Republicans are finished in Edgewater Park. All you have to do is ride around town to know what I am talking about. This change actually started in the late 80's and has just progressed. I think that Chuck and Joe did a fantastic job in presenting their case against the Democrats.

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me when all the signs in the township have to be down now that the election is over.

Anonymous said...

Good point about Aubrey Fenton. It just goes to show you what happens when uniformed voters go right down the column. I'm sure the same voters that supported Obama put in Pullion without any knowledge of what his tax record was and unknowingly voted out Fenton not aware that he is black and better qualified than his white opponent who won the election. Oh well, you know what Forest Gump would say!

Anonymous said...

Its a shame this blog wasted all that time & energy on the Beverly library controversy. That was all put on by the Beverly Repubs & they lost every contest!
There should have been more attention to EDGEWATER PARK !! and its problems. Not a Beverly repub vendetta. The Demos will be out of the building by December 1 and entrenched in Beverly council. You can bet the dems played the repubs crying as anti library. And we have another term of Pullion & his new puppet.
Thanks EP reporter!
You lost your focus bashing the Haafs & the trustees. Heard the EP dems sent a thank you to Beverly dems for taking the focus off of them.
What a shame, you had a good outlet to help EP Repubs and you blew it.
More loss of credibility for you.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 11-6 8:48,
How long have you lived in town? Republicans never had 5-0 control of Edgewater Park during the past 18 years. The only time during the past 9 years that the Republicans had control of township committee was 2003 and they lowered taxes that year.
Why are other towns who have the same problems as Edgewater Park, manage to keep their increases below the rate of inflation. How long are we going to have excuses from township committee. They have not reigned in the expenses and have made dumb decisions concerning the Clerk/Administrator salary, the turning down of the $500,000 Green Acres Grant that was to pay for land already purchased (real dumb), the hiring of a Lobbing Firm to market Edgewater Park, when the County Economic Development Office would have done it for nothing, gee look at the results, we got nothing and Willingboro has transformed their Route 130 corridor, with the County's help, into a viable commercial district. What is our Administrator and committee trying to do, build more apartments/condos so the residents moving into them can increase the election margin for them when they run for re-election. Oh I forgot the great tax deal they negotiated with the Burlington Coat Factory. I am still waiting (7 years) for the reduction in my taxes this deal was to produce for us. Oh heck, I can go on and on but what's the use, the morons out number us hard working, tax paying responsible residents.
To com bye ah anonymous-can't we all just get along, just try and suggest an idea or a criticism to the committee at a meeting and see what happens. The road is littered with the bodies of people who daired to question Committee or the Administrator, suggest ideas that runs counter to what the Committee plans to do. And if you were one of the chosen to be placed on a board or committee and you don't toe the line, you will be history. Why have the free exchange of ideas from the public when the Committee and Administrator, know better.

John said...

Two points I'm going to make about Edgewater Park and this election:

1. Can everyone say "Willingboro"? Because that is what Edgewater Park has become. Edgewater Park should change it's name to Willingboro part 2.

2. I bet someone could have put the name "Daffy Duck" on the ballot under the democrats column as running for Edgewater Park's committee and he would have won by just as many votes.

The point I'm trying to make is that the Democrats really shouldn't bask in their glory right now. They only won by hanging onto Obama's coat tails. Hell none of the Democrats had to work at getting elected this year. The media glorifying Obama did that for them.

It's a sad day in America b/c this was one of the worst uneducated elections in history. People only voted down one party line b/c of who the first name on the ticket was.

It's a shame Joe & Chuck are victims of this election. I truly think if the circumstances were different they would have had a really great chance. Please everyone on here who is looking for change and for Edgewater Park to move in a positive direction, lets please try and work together and ask, no not ask, but demand answers from our township committee.

JG said...

Lets see Judy, Linda, Jim, Dave, Carol, Dennis, John, Donna,
How many diferent names (people) can you have registered to the same apartment/condo? Hell you had more voters in the 7th district than you have housing units, even if you count 2 people for every unit. Must be a lot of Aunts.

Anonymous said...

Pullion is a neighbor of mine, the reason he pushes so hard for the sewage lines on Perkins and developments off Perkins is for selfish reasons

Anonymous said...

GET OVER IT Dovey Republicans. The only thing you guys will win in Edgewater Park, is a free drink instant game winner at McDonald's. We got the mandate to do anything we want, build what we want, pay what we want and appoint who we want. No one is going to stop us, so move on or move out. Ha Ha you got nothing. Dems rule, we rule.

Sorry I did! said...

Oh anonymous 9:25 that is so grown-up of you to say that! I wish I knew who you were so that I could be sure NOT to vote for you ever again!!

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 11-6 8:05 PM. The post you refer to says that there was Republican representation on Township Committee during the past 9 years and that each year the vote for the budget was 5-0! That means that all the Committee people voted in favor of the budgets, Democrats and Republicans! It did not say that the Republicans had a 5-0 advantage on Township Committee. Geez learn to read.

Anonymous said...

If Mrs. Holley can't figure out how to do a simple percent increase calculation; how did she ever become a teacher. I feel sorry for the kids she's tried to educate over her career. Maybe that's why some of our schools in NJ suck. She was probably a product of quotas back then.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 11-7 8:10AM,
You better check your facts. The Republicans had one committee member in 02, 03, 04,05,06 and 07. They had 3 in 03. Chris Van Brunt did not vote to approve the 04, 05, 06 Budgets. Nice try with trying to cover the fact that you raised our taxes during the past ten years of your control. The only year taxes dropped 2003 when the Republicans were in control. I can't believe you are trying to blame the 76% increases on the Republicans. You should be looking into why you can't get the Administrator to do a better job managing and budgeting. Is that because you all are in bed together at the expense of the residents?

Anonymous said...

Nice try Dave, Judy, Linda, Donna, Jim, Dennis, Carol

Anonymous said...

We don't need your vote! We won with over 700 votes from people that think we are the best people to govern this town. So get over it, the people have spoken!!!!

Anonymous said...

Check the minutes of the budget meetings and the votes. Don't go with what someone told you because they heard it from a "reliable" source or their neighbor told them

sam said...

Ya, the idiot and low class people which is most of the population now in EP just like you!

Anonymous said...

I said it before and I'm saying it again:

The democratic committee members here in Edgewater Park are a bunch of IDIOTS! The couple of comments they made to this posting just goes to prove it! They think they are untouchable and they love the power trip their on. Low class low lifes is what I consider them. I can sleep at night because I know I sure as hell didn't vote for them. Nothing I can do about the others that did.

Anonymous said...

WOW can't we all just get along?

Anonymous said...

anonymous Judy, Linda, Jim, try and get copies of those minutes and send in copies to prove your point, to the E.P.Reporter. Don't just spout words. You sound like a politician. I for one don't think you have them. Just Words, just words, no meaning.

Anonymous said...

Wow! If you voted "D" for whatever reason whatsoever you're an "idiot and low class." Well, with "R" thinking like that, no wonder no one wants them in control. They'll take having their taxes hiked up a gazillion dollars a year as opposed to being put down by people who think they're better then everyone else.
Do you ever listen to yourselves?

Ugh disgusted! said...

Anonymous 11/07 sound like u come from the boro! Whats a matta can't u say somethin smart besides that? U got the vote of the transient people livin in the hood....what do they have to lose, they don't even pay taxes..half of em don't even get paid with "paychecks" but with cash..hell we probably pay their way in life anyway! yeah go ahead and shout out to the world or EP that you won....cuz look whats on ur side! Ugh U disgust me!

Anonymous said...

You people saying the we are another willingboro are wrong. We are another PHILLY. They vote for anyone who is a D.
Someone should educate our area D's that ABRAHAM LINCOLN WAS A REPUBLICAN