Friday, February 27, 2009

Edgewater Park and the New Cooper St Street Lamps (Guest Post)

Compare the street lighting job done by our neighboring towns to the new street lighting job done in Edgewater Park

^ Riverside Street Lamps ^

^ Delanco Street Lamps ^

^ Edgewater Park New Street Lamps (Cooper Street) ^

^ Edgewater Park New Street Lamps (Cooper Street) ^

^ Palmyra Street Lamps ^

^ Moorestown Street Lamps ^

^ Burlington City Street Lamps ^

I can't think of a better example showing our township government at its finest. Just take a ride down Cooper St at night and you will see a prime example of how they have mismanaged our town during the past several years, starting with the Coat Factory Deal, remember how that deal was going to lower your property tax?
To see what I am talking about, you just need to ride through our neighboring towns that received street scape funding; Delanco, Riverside, Burlington, Mt. Holly, Riverton, Palmyra, Moorestown, Maple Shade, Medford, Bordentown and Medford just to name a few. 

Please tell me why these towns managed to do an attractive job with the grant funding they received, for their street scape projects?

I am a naturally positive person, but I think the botched job we received is indicative of many decisions made by our township government. Even the Coat Factory did a much better job with the placement and uniformity of the street lamps they placed along their property.

I hope (I am an optimist) that the newer members of the present township committee, begin to exercise the common sense and good management abilities I know they have and get this town back to being a good place to raise a family and sponsor a boccie ball tournament at the new boccie ball courts (such a local demand for this sport).

It is scary!  If I were an author of fiction, I couldn't make this stuff up for this blog story. 
^ This picture speaks for itself ^
Our Township Officials showing their common sense skills

I hope these visual images, stir you, the taxpaying voters, to think about the people running our town and the impact their decisions have on your property tax and property value.

A Friend of the Edgewater Park Reporter   

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Concern Voice about Our Municipal Judge and His Decisions

Email link to a Blog and comments about the Edgewater Park Municipal Judges Actions concerning a involving an animal cruelty case that was heard in Municipal Coart last month.

From: "" <>
Sent: Sunday, February 22, 2009 11:34:35 AM


The Edgewater Park Reporter

Monday, February 23, 2009

Articles on the Burlington Coat Factory Property in Edgewater Park

Check the link below for information on the Burlington Coat Factory;

Link 1

Link 2

While investment sales have tanked in most U.S. markets across every property type, interest remains keen in sale-leaseback transactions as more cash-strapped companies look at their non-income-producing assets as an alternative capital source for reducing debt or funding operations. Businesses of all types, under pressure to quickly boost liquidity...

CoStar Group, Inc.
2 Bethesda Metro Center, 10th Floor
Bethesda, Maryland 20814  USA
Tel: 800-204-5960

Doesn't this sales activity void the Tax Abatement Agreement that the Burlington Coat Factory has with our Township? It does unless the Township Committee approved the change of ownership at a public meeting and we are unaware of this being voted on during a public meeting. 

Are the new improvements just made to the interior of the Coat Factory also being abated? If you make improvements to your home and have not applied for an improvement abatement, your property tax assessment will increase when the inspector closes the building permit application. You only get a five year abatement on any improvements you make to your home. Does this five year time limit also apply to commercial property, or will the Coat Factory get another 30 year abatement on the improvements they just completed.

Who is the responsible Township Official that is to oversee and make sure that the Burlington Coat Factory is complying with the terms of the Tax Abatement Agreement, approved by three members of the 2001 Edgewater Park Township Committee? What township official is responsible for watching out for the Edgewater Park Taxpayers?The Administrator, Mayor, Committee, the Solicitor, Anybody?

We have to laugh about the Township Solicitor looking out for us taxpayers, because according to previous Township Committeeman and Committeewomen, he represented the Coat Factory in the 2000/2001 Tax Abatement negotiations with Edgewater Park Township, so that would be a conflict, correct? And guess what; the current Municipal Judge, was the Township Solicitor at the time of the Tax Abatement negotiations. Cozy little group wouldn't you say. 

There are other business/personal relationships between township officials and our township professionals that need to be checked out and if true brought to the taxpayer's attention. As anyone knows, it is a small world and our lives cross the paths of many people in our personal/business dealings, but when you are a public figure, you have a duty to inform the public of these relationships when dealing with the public's business. This disclosure policy is good for both parties in a position of public authority.  

Enough of the sermon, we at this Blog would encourage any concerned Edgewater Park Taxpayer, to ask questions at a Township Committee Meeting about the Tax Abatement Agreement, but be warned that the evil eye of the Township Officials will then be turned on you and you can expect real problems to start occurring in your life. Just a word of advice.

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Why is an Adult Rated DVD Warehouse located in a residential neighborhood of Edgewater Park?

The Reporter received an email yesterday, criticizing us for not informing our readers  about the location of a Adult Rated DVD Warehouse located at 502 E. Franklin Ave. 

The author of the email, stated that they were doing a Google search of Edgewater Park and came accross an ad (link attached below) for an adult rated DVD warehouse located at 502 E. Franklin Ave in Edgewater Park, NJ. 

She said that this address is in a residential neighborhood (it is) and is located next door to our ex-mayor/committeeman Jim Daly. She also said Mrs. Daly serves on our School Board (she does) and wanted to know how this can be allowed in a residential neighborhood, next to a School Board Member and Ex-Township Committeeman without their knowledge. She also took this blog to task for not publishing anything about this activity. She is very concerned about the kind of traffic and people this operation is attracting to her neighborhood.  She wanted to know if this is being overlooked because of who the neighbor next door is.

After we verified the link and the address in the ad, we are posting this information hoping that our Township Officials will take action. 

Somthing Stinks and it is not this Stink Bug

Visitors to the Neighborhood?

We thought that this email was from someone who had a bone to pick with Mr. Daly but after checking the link to the site, we found it to be true. 

We also do not think Mr and Mrs Daly would allow this type of operation to exist next door to their home if they knew about it.

Oh,we wonder if this business enterprise, has applied for a Business Tax Abatement with the Township.

Now we will keep a lookout, for homes with red lights on their porches. This could be a new housing trend starting in town (Red Light Bed & Breakfast Inns) so that the property owners can pay for the never ending tax increases, or maybe the Latin Kings have found our town ripe for this type of commercial operation. 

Internet Ad Link


The Edgewater Park Reporter

Saturday, February 21, 2009

2009 EP Fire Election Results

2009 Edgewater Park Fire Election Results
John Loftus re-elected with 74 total votes including absentee and the Fire Budget was approved 76 yes votes to 34 no votes. 

Total Votes- 105
Total Absentee  Votes- 8

Polling Place Votes
John Loftus- 67
Mike Reese- 21 write-in
Ed Gitto- 17- write-in
No Name- 0

Polling Place Votes
Yes- 74
No- 28
Not Voted- 3

Absentee Votes
John Loftus- 7
No Name- 1

Absentee Budget Votes
Yes- 2
No- 6

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Edgewater park Fire District Election Saturday 2 PM till 9 PM

We have a Fire District Election Saturday 2/21/09 2 PM till 9 PM at the Municipal Building.

John Loftus is running unopposed for the Fire Board. 

An important item concerning this election came to my attention. I received an e-mail with an attached letter last evening, that Mr. Jim Daly is conducting a write in campaign to oppose John. The e-mail message also reminded the recipients, that the Fire Tax has remained the same while John Loftus has served on the Fire Board. Mr. Daly's record while serving on the Township Committee and Sewer Board shows nothing but a history of large tax increases.
Say What about your tax record Mr. Jim?

The e-mail also pointed out that the Fire Board is the only remaining Edgewater Park Governing Body not controlled by Mr. Daly and friends.

The Fire Budget is $309,900.00 and the Fire Tax Rate is $0.100, the same as last year. To bad our Township Officials are not able to run the township as efficiently as the Elected Fire Board.

The following is a copy of a letter that many of you will receive from Commissioner Tim Joo. This was sent to me with the email about the election and write-in campaign. 

Edgewater Park Residents

Your Fire District Elections are being held this Saturday, February 21, 2009 at the Municipal Building betwee the hours of 2:00 PM and 9:00 PM.


Although the ballot indicates an incumbent is running un-opposed, a small group of individuals are pushing for a write-in candidate.

Fire District elections have an extremely low voter turnout. If you do not make the effort to vote for John Loftus, the incumbent, this small group will get their candidate elected.

The current commissioners have maintained the existing level of fire protection with no increase in taxes! Please show your support!

We all thank you for your anticipated support!


Timothy F. Joo

The Fire Budget is $309,900.00 and the Fire Tax Rate is $0.100 the same as last year. To bad our Township Officials are not able to run the township as efficiently as the Fire Board.

Please vote this Saturday and re-elect an official who is looking out for us by having no Fire Tax increase this year. Please reward John Loftus with your vote and confidence.

The Edgewater Park Reporter 

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Are the following pictures bigoted and prejudiced, or are they representative of the foot trafic along Cooper St.?

A Guest Post from the Guest Post Reporter who got a kick out of the comments from 'another guess who', 'genius' and 'anonymous' posted to this Blog.

The Edgewater Park Reporter 2/18/09
The picture of local pedestrians waiting for a light rail train
and/or a picture of local pedestrian waiting for his double mocha latte at the Cafe 
Archie Bunker was shocked that he was linked to the Edgewater Park Reporter and the Edgewater Park Happenings Blog.
 Archie can't understand how anyone (another guess who), could compare him to the Edgewater Park Reporter. Archie claims that the Edgewater Park Reporter, reports the unvarnished facts and doesn't care if those facts annoy the politically correct (Two Faced) establishment leaders of Edgewater Park, because Archie Bunker always supported the establishment and its leaders. 

Please let the Edgewater Park Reporter know if the two pedestrian pictures are representative of the typical pedestrians you see walking along Cooper Street during a typical workweek day in Edgewater Park. Do you think they are bigoted and prejudiced?

Please send your comments.

A Guest Post Reporter 

Monday, February 16, 2009

Comment on Mayor Fazzone of Burlington

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Name Removed by EP>
Sent: Saturday, February 14, 2009 10:58:38 PM
Subject: Mayor Fazzone of Burlington
I am a first time writer to your blog. I am not sure how you work this but this is what I would like to write to you about. Mayor Fazzone and his football team from high school who call themselves administration are attempting to destroy the historic City of Burlington . 

The Mayor and his Administrator are attempting to eliminate the housing/code and building departments and the current employees of the departments and recruit the Township of Willingboro.

 Mayor Fazzone thinks he can save over two hundred thousand dollars by bringing in inter-local services. It just happens that the administrator came to our town from Willingboro . 

It seems Mayor Fazzone is trying to keep campaign promises he made during his run for office. It's a shame that these promises were made to landlords that are not the caliber of landlord you would want in your town. 

The sad part of this is the way Mayor Fazzone is trying to eliminate these positions. You're talking about six full time and six part-time people. The administration has just passed, by ordinance, fee increases to pay for the cost of the housing/code department. 

The Common counsel would have to pass an ordinance to approve the elimination of these departments. I would hope that after the presences of the housing/code department of some ten years or so, they would have enough sense to see the value of this department with the employees that enforce it. Nothing against Willingboro , but every day you read in the paper about housing and code issues.

Mayor Fazzone should look at projects on his to do list, like buying window treatments for the Lyceum Hall at a cost of ten thousand dollars for one window. 

He brings a riverboat and docks it at our beautiful riverfront that came from below Philadelphia , as an undesirable tenant, for the low rent of two thousand dollars a month and is behind in his rent already. 

Our administration decided to put out the expense of over forty thousand dollars for improvements of our utilities for this boat to dock. 

Then you have a miniature golf course across the street from the boat that common counsel approved only to find out Mayor Fazzone was one hundred thousand dollars short for the walkways around the golf course. Mr. Mayor wants to cut jobs that are helping with the housing stock of our city, but will hire people for maintenance and running a miniature golf course, with these poor economic times.   

I understand that our administration is moving forward with remodeling a room for tourism at the Metro building located at High and Broad Street for the cost of seventy five thousand dollars with an expectance of maybe two thousand dollars per year in revenue. 

Mr. John Alexander, an Edgewater park resident, who Mayor Fazzone brought on as a Director, had to hire two additional part time employees, totaling 3 employees, 80 hours, previously the job of one full time person. Then the city had to bring on consultants because Mr. Alexander was not sure how things are done. Sounds like Mr. Alexander, is not a qualified person for the position. 

Until Mayor Fazzone came along, I do not ever remember our city needing two administrators, which must be a cost of close to two hundred thousand dollars a year.. Then you have another former Edgewater Park resident, employee, Bill Jenkins, who is a director that is in charge of the departments that Mayor Fazzone is hoping to do away with. I wonder if he will be staying on if the departments go.  


Thank you,

The Burlington Reporter

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Edgewater Park Graffiti

Photo Taken 2/16/09 of graffiti on corner of Jefferson & Cleveland Ave. Please note, who has a "Credibility Issue" Mr/Mrs Anonymous (2/15/09 4:48 PM comment)?
You may want to see an Eye Doctor or do you just have trouble accepting the facts!
E.P. Reporter Update

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Name Removed by EP>
Sent: Saturday, February 14, 2009 12:45:29 PM
Subject: Graffitti

Would like to know when the township is going to clean up the graffiti that was reported to them twice in Dec. and Jan? It is on the street post,sidewalk and wooden wall at the end of Jefferson and Cleveland,also on the stop sign at Access and Hendrickson and on the mailbox at Hendrickson and E. Franklin . I was told that as soon as it is pointed out to them, they clean it up right away. I guess because these streets are not main streets, we are forgotten about.


Thanks for posting this Anon, maybe now it will be cleaned up.

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Edgewater Park Youth Brigades Question from "T"

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Name withheld by EP>
To: EdgewaterPark Reporter <>
Sent: Tuesday, February 10, 2009 7:59:57 PM
Subject: youth brigades 

So I was watching the news today regarding the economic stimulus plan to see if any details would be released as far as state aid. In the interim, a report came on about Rahm Emmanuel's book and his feelings that our youth (18-25) should perform a "community service" by going through training and serving their community's needs. I am curious if you or anyone else has heard tell of this coming to reality since EP has now re-enacted its neighborhood watch and is looking to involve more youth in the program. Curiosity got the better of me wondering if there is any link between the two. Any insight you have to share?
BTW, I received the initial notice of the neighborhood watch program reinstatement via a letter sent home with my child from school.

Thank you "T." for your question and hopefully someone will post answers to your questions.

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Sunday, February 8, 2009

When Will The Edgewater Park Township Closed Session Minutes be Available?

Does anyone know if the Township Clerk has released any of the minutes for any of the Township Committee's Executive (Closed) Sessions that have taken place during the past year?

Our local officials, are they breaking the Sunshine law?

What Minutes?

Much of  the business conducted by our Township Committee, occurs in Executive Session.  The NJ Public Meetings Law and State Court rulings have been very clear about the time frame Executive Meeting are to be made public and our Clerk needs to correct this over site. If this doesn't change, I will pass on this information to John Paff who has brought suit against many NJ Municipalities who have refused to comply with the law. You can read about his efforts at

It would be very helpful if the Township would post the agenda for all meetings of township committees, boards and authorities as well as the minutes. This would not cost anything and would help with lowering copy cost for the required public copies. I think this idea was a campaign promise.

Let me know if you are aware of any Executive Session Minutes that were made available to the public last year at

The Edgewater Park Reporter 

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Just The Facts On "The Green Cafe" Edgewater Park Planning Bd. Approvials

A Customer/Visitor
anxiously waiting for the Green Cafe to open so he can get his Double Mocha Latte, as he makes his way from the Light Rail Station to the Factory. He stated that the new street scape lighting is f---ed up and wanted to know how EP could do a worse job locating them then his hometown Trenton. I had no answer.

To AnonymousGuessWhoMr. L, whose 1/9, 1/10 and  1/11 comments to the 1/7/09 Post about "The Cooper St Farm and New Restaurant", the following is the factual response. 

I guess that AnonymousGuessWhoMr. L, must be having trouble with the facts of what is in the approved Resolution No. P-19-2008 MOORE.
I received a copy of the Edgewater Park Township Planning Board's December 18, 2008 Resolution No. P-19-2008, Moore Block 205, Lot 5 .

The vote by the Planning Board for this resolution was; 8 yes, 0 no and 0 Abstaining. The following Planning Board Members voted yes; Vincent Albano, Aimee Belgard, Raymond Graziani, Judy Hall, Marian Johnson, Kevin Johnson, Dave Levay and Charles Robinson.

The resolution on page 2, #2, page 3, #12a, and page 5 #3 clearly state that the Edgewater Park Planning Board approved the "limited basis check cashing use". That is the real story! So who is misinformed?

I received information that the "New Edgewater Park Sewerage Authority Executive Director/Licensed Operator is making $60,000. 

This means that he is making almost double what the former Administrator was paid. If he is the Licensed Operator, why is the Authority paying the Willingboro MUA to do the duties that were done by the former Operator?

Residents, when are we going to hold our Boards, Authorities, Commissions and Elected Officials accountable for the large tax and fee increases, we have been blessed with?

The Edgewater Park Reporter