Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Are the following pictures bigoted and prejudiced, or are they representative of the foot trafic along Cooper St.?

A Guest Post from the Guest Post Reporter who got a kick out of the comments from 'another guess who', 'genius' and 'anonymous' posted to this Blog.

The Edgewater Park Reporter 2/18/09
The picture of local pedestrians waiting for a light rail train
and/or a picture of local pedestrian waiting for his double mocha latte at the Cafe 
Archie Bunker was shocked that he was linked to the Edgewater Park Reporter and the Edgewater Park Happenings Blog.
 Archie can't understand how anyone (another guess who), could compare him to the Edgewater Park Reporter. Archie claims that the Edgewater Park Reporter, reports the unvarnished facts and doesn't care if those facts annoy the politically correct (Two Faced) establishment leaders of Edgewater Park, because Archie Bunker always supported the establishment and its leaders. 

Please let the Edgewater Park Reporter know if the two pedestrian pictures are representative of the typical pedestrians you see walking along Cooper Street during a typical workweek day in Edgewater Park. Do you think they are bigoted and prejudiced?

Please send your comments.

A Guest Post Reporter 


Anonymous said...

Had the internet passed TV as the vast wasteland? Sure looks like it has judging by this post.

Anonymous said...

So why do you keep sending in your comments?

fickle voter said...

The only waste I see is the financial irresponsibility shown by our Township Administrator and Township Committee with the budget and tax increases.
Can't wait to see the tax increase this year and who gets blamed for it. When will the Coat Factory tax mother load kick in?

curious resident said...

Correct me if I'm wrong Edgewater Reporter, but isn't a tax abatement program where the township council allows a business to move into town without having to pay taxes for however many years are negotiated between the township and the business?

Now if I'm right, I think you and all the voters of Edgewater Park will find this quote from our own mayor in the Beverly Bee very interesting. Not just interesting but down right stupid, which is why we have to keep criticizing them.

Mayor Donna Mount as quoted in the February 2009 Beverly Bee:
"We will use our tax abatement program as a way to draw buiness to Edgewater Park and also increase the number of ratables within our community, as well as meet with existing businesses on Route 130 and elsewhere in town to discuss options for renovation and beautification."

So here is the second part of my question reporter:
How the hell are businesses going to increase the number of ratables if they are offered a tax abatement such as the Burlington Coat Factory Deal? I understand it will happen in time, but we need tax ratables and relief NOW not 10, 15 or even 20 years from now.

Thank you for your time.

anonymous2 said...

Maybe they want new businesses to just cover the costs of the Exe. Dir/Operator of the sewer authority's salary....rumored to be approximately $60,000....because if new businesses get an abatement, the only "tax" they still would have to pay is the "sewer tax". Oh yeah, plus the EPSA is still paying Willingboro MUA for doing the actual/physical job of the Operator! So WTF is wrong with this picture???