Sunday, February 22, 2009

Why is an Adult Rated DVD Warehouse located in a residential neighborhood of Edgewater Park?

The Reporter received an email yesterday, criticizing us for not informing our readers  about the location of a Adult Rated DVD Warehouse located at 502 E. Franklin Ave. 

The author of the email, stated that they were doing a Google search of Edgewater Park and came accross an ad (link attached below) for an adult rated DVD warehouse located at 502 E. Franklin Ave in Edgewater Park, NJ. 

She said that this address is in a residential neighborhood (it is) and is located next door to our ex-mayor/committeeman Jim Daly. She also said Mrs. Daly serves on our School Board (she does) and wanted to know how this can be allowed in a residential neighborhood, next to a School Board Member and Ex-Township Committeeman without their knowledge. She also took this blog to task for not publishing anything about this activity. She is very concerned about the kind of traffic and people this operation is attracting to her neighborhood.  She wanted to know if this is being overlooked because of who the neighbor next door is.

After we verified the link and the address in the ad, we are posting this information hoping that our Township Officials will take action. 

Somthing Stinks and it is not this Stink Bug

Visitors to the Neighborhood?

We thought that this email was from someone who had a bone to pick with Mr. Daly but after checking the link to the site, we found it to be true. 

We also do not think Mr and Mrs Daly would allow this type of operation to exist next door to their home if they knew about it.

Oh,we wonder if this business enterprise, has applied for a Business Tax Abatement with the Township.

Now we will keep a lookout, for homes with red lights on their porches. This could be a new housing trend starting in town (Red Light Bed & Breakfast Inns) so that the property owners can pay for the never ending tax increases, or maybe the Latin Kings have found our town ripe for this type of commercial operation. 

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Anonymous said...

Please tell us this isn't true but I bet Jim Daly is their business partner! If the Township doesn't do anything about this maybe we will all have to go to the next Township meeting and demand that something be done. How can you have a warehouse in a residential neighborhood and no one notices????

Anonymous said...

Great work reporter bob! While searching the net for entertainment with your loads of time you finally dug up something interesting! Guess there's plenty more of that kind of warehouse so you don't mind blowing the wistle to get rid of this one. Well I am sure after you orderd something.

Anonymous said...

These people have been running this business out of their garage for at least the past 25 years.
Rumor has it that their niece, Karla Katz, brought her famous boyfriend over to buy some merchandise once and Jim Daly helped him carry his purchases out to his limo.

Anonymous said...

Jumping Jehoshaphat !

I just saw the porno website. I can’t believe that that they would place the address and pick up info on the website. I can’t even believe this is going on in Edgewater Park.

"On additional cases the shipping is free. If you are in the area, pick up, and save the shipping charge. Call first. If you want additional information, email or call us."

I have no problem with someone running a home mail order business but I don’t think advertising a home address as: MANUFACTURERS WAREHOUSE OUTLET 502 East Franklin Avenue is cool. And I sure as hell don’t want people picking up porn in a local neighborhood, that’s what route 130 is for. I’d really be pissed if I lived near by. Imagine your kids playing out front when perverts stop by to pick up their “Chinese-Spanish-Gays-Lesbians-Interacial-Shemale” porn by the case. WTF! How many kid snatcher DVD player equipped vans driven by serial rapist, perverts, molesters and deviants have already stopped by to pick up the latest skin flick. Only to later pleasure themselves while riding around our town

Okay, so the owners are a couple of sweet senior citizens that are the aunt and uncle of the Governors’ ex-girlfriend and former CWA union president. So they drive people to the polls on election day for the Democratic Club. So the brother was once the mayor of the township. After all they seem like upstanding citizens and good neighbors not a couple of creepy child porn pushers making pirated copies of porn in their garage.

Times are tuff, you gotta make a tax free buck some how. I for one refuse to believe that anyone at the Township may have known about this activity and allowed it to go on. Unless someone pulled some strings or “G” strings in this case. I’m sure swift action will be taken. BTW when is that town wide yard sale again?

Anonymous said...

Gee.....great work sherlock! You've really hit a wing zinger this time! I guess next thing ya know you'll be blowing the whistle on the EPBOE (since they're right around the which some of whom you've mentioned has held jobs) for hiring and employing staff, family members+friends, & even contractors without even going out on state bid right???
As if we don't see them there already all the time! Whatever happened to the nepatism laws? And you wonder where our tax dollars go?!?!?!? Stink Bug isn't the word! Try Corruption!

Anonymous said...

Now I know why our present Committee Folks keep getting elected with their crummy record. If you vote for the local democrat, you get a free porn DVD from the Porn Warehouse owner. Doesn't he drive people to the polls at election time. Say Mr. Bob, you Republicans better come up, no pun intended, with a better idea if you expect your candidates to win an election.
As the Japanese sanbiki no saru (Three Monkeys) said; Hear no evil, speak no evil and see no evil.

Anonymous said...

I think it's appropriate that the township let's their Democrat friends/helpers run a porn business out of their garage after all the township is f***ing us every year with tax increases that are never their fault. If one of them can run a catering business out of their home than everyone in EP should do the same. This is why the Horse Lady can do anything, I guess it's called leverage.

Town Crier said...

News Flash.....News Flash.....News Flash.....

The EDGEWATER PARK PURVEYORS OF PORN are also poll workers for the EDGEWATER PARK DEMOCRATS. It has been common knowledge for years that they sold goods to the public from their home. I complained to council members in the past, but nothing was ever done about it. I certainly think nothing will be done now, because like the Pony Lady the EDGEWATER PARK PURVEYORS OF PORN are under the protection of the Township Anointed Ones. I will sell you a bridge in Brooklyn if you think the Township Anointed Ones who live in the neighborhood, knew nothing about this sales operation.

Anonymous said...

Ugh!!!!!!!!!!! and I thought the squeals of delight I was hearing were from happy taxpayers. Now I find out it is happy voters that are squealing with delight.

Anonymous said...

I just want to know when the Township yard sale is so that I can be the first one at the warehouse on Franklin Ave!!!!!
This town is so pathetic but then again look at the establishment that our Township administrator owns and its location.

Anonymous said...

So by saying on their website to stop in and pick up to avoid shipping charges make them a retail establishment? Answer, YES! I think the township better do something before the press gets a hold of this info. Remember what happened to that poor lady with the garden last year?
I can’t wait to see these headlines and the damage control spin on this one.

Anonymous said...

52 pages of a Google search didn't show this up however ANY business operating in a residential area needs to be licensed and registered as such. At least if nothing else the town will receive the licensing fees. This goes for all businesses such as porn shops, auto parts stores, general contractors, plumbers, accountants, hair stylists, computer consultants, music studios etc that DID show up on that search and all are businesses operating in a residential zone!

Anonymous said...

I bet if those people selling the porn were Republicans instead of low class Dems that business wouldn't exist but then again the administrator is a Dem what more can you say!!!!!

Huff...huff said...

Oh searched 52 Google pages????
It is good to know that our Township Staff is looking hard (checked 52 Google pages) to see the porn ad. All you people need to do is click on the link in the story. Wow 52 pages that takes a lot of time doesn't it.
Instead of wasting your time doing Google, why don't you attack the porn operation like you did the street basketball hoop family and the Flower Lady, or is this type of a business enterprise, located in a residential section, ok with you.
It must be if it has been allowed to exist for so long with the knowledge of the public officials.

Anonymous said...

First time reader here. Do you have a job or do you just post this bullsh*t all day because you have no life and nothing to do? HAHA This blog is the biggest joke I've ever seen. People with nothing better to do than complain about stupid crap.

Anonymous said...

May a porn shop be located next to your house and then lets see how much you care