Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Just The Facts On "The Green Cafe" Edgewater Park Planning Bd. Approvials

A Customer/Visitor
anxiously waiting for the Green Cafe to open so he can get his Double Mocha Latte, as he makes his way from the Light Rail Station to the Factory. He stated that the new street scape lighting is f---ed up and wanted to know how EP could do a worse job locating them then his hometown Trenton. I had no answer.

To AnonymousGuessWhoMr. L, whose 1/9, 1/10 and  1/11 comments to the 1/7/09 Post about "The Cooper St Farm and New Restaurant", the following is the factual response. 

I guess that AnonymousGuessWhoMr. L, must be having trouble with the facts of what is in the approved Resolution No. P-19-2008 MOORE.
I received a copy of the Edgewater Park Township Planning Board's December 18, 2008 Resolution No. P-19-2008, Moore Block 205, Lot 5 .

The vote by the Planning Board for this resolution was; 8 yes, 0 no and 0 Abstaining. The following Planning Board Members voted yes; Vincent Albano, Aimee Belgard, Raymond Graziani, Judy Hall, Marian Johnson, Kevin Johnson, Dave Levay and Charles Robinson.

The resolution on page 2, #2, page 3, #12a, and page 5 #3 clearly state that the Edgewater Park Planning Board approved the "limited basis check cashing use". That is the real story! So who is misinformed?

I received information that the "New Edgewater Park Sewerage Authority Executive Director/Licensed Operator is making $60,000. 

This means that he is making almost double what the former Administrator was paid. If he is the Licensed Operator, why is the Authority paying the Willingboro MUA to do the duties that were done by the former Operator?

Residents, when are we going to hold our Boards, Authorities, Commissions and Elected Officials accountable for the large tax and fee increases, we have been blessed with?

The Edgewater Park Reporter   


another guess who said...

Still trying to convince people you're not a phony huh Mr D? Well thanks so very much for getting information together that anyone of us who cares could have gotten from the twp. about the new cafe. You are like a magic man! What else will you pull out of your hat next? About time you printed something that has some truth. I bet you're really proud of yourself! It also looks like this wasn't politically motivated either. I guess it's a personal problem you have with the Moores. Not like I don't understand. I think that line is pretty long.

So tell me something reporter. What are you saying with that picture of this "customer/visitor" ? If you are saying this kind of person isn't welcome here I'd like to know exactly what about this person you feel isn't appropriate. You know I don't expect a response. As always you will dance around the question only answering what you want. But I must say that not only are you a fake as someone with good intentions, you are also prejudice and a bigot! I bet you idol is Archie Bunker!

Funny how you aren't accountable for your own actions with this blog. Hope you get sued for your stereotype picture. Time is running out. tick tock tick tock

Anonymous said...

The Cooper Street lighting is bad! I heard from someone on the committee that designed it that what is out there is NOT what the committee recommended! I heard that the Township Administrator took it upon herself to modify the plans with the engineers to place over head lights on top of the new pole lights. That takes some real thought to do that! Looks like a airport runway at night time with all the lights.

Anonymous said...

Hey genius,
What part of the "DUCE" gang sign did you want in your town?

I don't care what color or ethnic background you come from, there is no benefit to having gangs in your town...........NONE.

If that is racism to you, then you must be missing a lot of brain cells in YOUR racist head?

Anonymous said...

Seems there is alot on this blog over the months that concerns the Moores. Perhaps the "Reporter" is a neighbor that has had a long running feud with them. HHHMMMMM

genius said...

Glad you're up on your gang signs idiot. Gee I thought it was a peace sign. No one said anything about wanting gangs in our town. I have a suggestion for you bigot. Why don't YOU get on the train and leave if you're so afraid of a new buisness adding to the towns problems. So why don't you beg some money or use the few brain cells you can muster together and just go!.........yea like I don't know who YOU are anonymous mr d

G-money said...

Yo I be rolln up phat to dis green cafe. I be gettin my chex cashed and can get a nice hot cup of joe at da same time. Why you be knockn dis nice new bizness. Yo homies need to chill out. dats what i be talkn bout.

disgusted said...

Oh boy reporter here we go again with the ex-mayor and her gang threatning you with lawsuits and finding out your identity. Oh I bet your shaking in your boots! I would be because we all know how dangerous this group of clowns can be. Heck if they don't like you or don't like you publishing the facts along with the truth they come after you full force! It's sad because some of us understand the good your trying to do but the shame of it is is that Edgewater park will never be able to return to the way it was. EP is just another dump town like the Boro. It's where illegals come to live (thanks to the apartments) and w/ moorons running the town more and more intelligent, hardworking people are disgusted and moving out and the idiots are moving in.

I found the article in the Burlington County Times interesting today b/c Burlington City High School has one of the lowest SAT scores in the county. I find this interesting b/c 1/2 the students in Burlington City are from Edgewater Park. Now genius "another guess who" what does that tell you?

So I don't think the reporter is being racist, I just think people are tired of their town turning into a dump and nothing is being done to turn that around.

Anonymous said...

And what can be done to "turn the town around"? Recruit smart kids to convince their parents to live here? Advise landlords not to rent to people who you feel are undesireable? Bar people of color from living here? Let's here the ideas from you "moorons" (sic)!

Anonymous said...

While, on initial viewing of this blog, I was happy that it offered a forum for concerned citizens to express their concerns relating to our town, the blatant racism displayed in the recent blog absolutely disgusts and disheartens me.

Further, I cannot implore the concerned citizens of this town enough to please, please, please come out and be a part of the process. Come to the township meetings, come to the Planning Board meetings. Perhaps then, the falsehoods that are being propagated by this blog will be dispelled.

Quite simply, the resolution posted on this blog was not passed by the Planning Board. Perhaps attendance at the next Planning Board meeting will impart on all concerned citizens a better understanding relating to this matter.

Anonymous said...

Please note that the Resolution posted by EP Reported does not include a signature page.

Anonymous said...

Well anonymous at 8:55am I guess you answered your own question didn't you? That's the point, nothing can be done. It's a done deal, idiots are running the township into the ground and theres nothing else to do other than GET THE HELL OUT! FAST!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I guess another guess who said, has never checked out the foot trafic that walks between the Beverly rail station and the wharehouse. The idea that showing someone of color in a photo depicting this foot trafic is racist is plain stupid. does this mean the if you show anyone of color in any picture you are a racist. I love how you are called a racist if you dare speak out against the powers to be in Edgewater Park. Oh the tick tick tick you hear is the countdown to the next large municipal tax/sewer increase do to missmanagement.


Is the Cooper Street Farm Lady and her Farm Friends up to the old intimidating practices again. Just want to point out the the Reporter did a post with pictures of 2 white punck rock youts. I gues the Reporter is a Punk Rock Racist Bigot. HHHMMMMM