Saturday, February 21, 2009

2009 EP Fire Election Results

2009 Edgewater Park Fire Election Results
John Loftus re-elected with 74 total votes including absentee and the Fire Budget was approved 76 yes votes to 34 no votes. 

Total Votes- 105
Total Absentee  Votes- 8

Polling Place Votes
John Loftus- 67
Mike Reese- 21 write-in
Ed Gitto- 17- write-in
No Name- 0

Polling Place Votes
Yes- 74
No- 28
Not Voted- 3

Absentee Votes
John Loftus- 7
No Name- 1

Absentee Budget Votes
Yes- 2
No- 6

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations John Loftus and to the EP Reporter. I found nothing in my Sunday Morning BCT, showing the results.