Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Concern Voice about Our Municipal Judge and His Decisions

Email link to a Blog and comments about the Edgewater Park Municipal Judges Actions concerning a involving an animal cruelty case that was heard in Municipal Coart last month.

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The Edgewater Park Reporter


Anonymous said...

The conviction was listed as February 2008

Anonymous said...

Wow, bravo Edgewater Park. Way to go! You've made a National storyline on the internet. If it's out there, someone will find it.

Anonymous said...

Then why are you even bothering getting on Anonymous 1:16pm?????

Anonymous said...

look out ace ventura the reporter is on the case!

Anonymous said...

When are you going to report about the former Edgewater Park resident and Holy Cross grauate that won an Academy Award or isn't thie partisan or negative enough? Maybe he is/was a Democrat! LOL

Tax Payer said...

So did everyone get two bills for their sewer tax? I did. Along with the second bill was a letter stating that on the first bill the billing dates were wrong. Oh but guess what? On the second bill the billing dates are still wrong. Seems that the two full-time employees couldn't get it right the second time either.

Ok, so we konw that to "err" is human, but to send out a duplicate bill along with an explanation and not correct the "err", well that is absurd, wasteful and extremely careless. I guess that's what you get for overpaying someone. How about taking the postage fee's out of their pay?

So what is our billing period for the sewer bill? Is there a thirty-day grace period as in the past?