Thursday, October 29, 2009

Edgewater Park and Beverly City Voters read this before Voting on Tuesday

Edgewater Park Good Old Boys & Girls as well as
Five Finger Louie, Car 54 and Slum Lord Slug Friend, I am waiting for your facts that refute the facts published in this Blog!
Your problem is that you think if you whine loudly enough or toss enough insults in with you're whining comments, the hundreds of readers of this Blog will disregard the facts published in this blog.
Well, you're whining vicious comments (most of your comments are unfit to publish) are nothing more than a smokescreen to hide the fact that you cannot present any facts to refute what is published in this blog.

Beverly and Edgewater Park voters, please read the BCT Voters Guide with information published today (10/29) concerning the candidates who running for Beverly Council and for the Edgewater Park Township Committee.

It should be apparent on who you should be voting for after reading the BCT Election Guide if you think on it without political prejudice.

Think, do you want a former drug dealer turned snitch with light fingers, a former drug abuser/user, someone who has not been able to keep his job as the head of two municipal police depts as your elected officials? I hope not for our communities sake!

The intelligent candidates should be very apparent to you after you read the BCT Voters Guide. You should also consider the candidates and their known past track records and performances. Hopefully you will vote for the best qualified candidates, no matter what their party affiliation is, so that we get the best person with integrity, intelligence and management skills needed run our towns. Then maybe things will begin to change for the better and our tax increases you drop below the rate of inflation.

I just want to point out one additional fact about the political makeup of the Beverly City School Board because the BCT reporter failed to. The following facts show that the current City Council President has a problem telling the truth according to his statement printed in the 10/28/09 BCT article, unless he was miss quoted in the BCT (I doubt it). The Current Beverly School Board political breakdown is as follows; 2 Democrats, 2 Republicans and 1 Undeclared. The School Board vote to have the suit brought against the City Council was 5 to 0 to proceed. So how is that political Mr. City Council Prez?

Ask yourselves this question. Are families and people clamoring to move to our towns? Based on the real-estate numbers the answer is a big no.

Why? Well the truth will set you free!

It is the Camden/Trenton/Newark mentality of our current elected officials that is destroying our communities.

Time to clean out the trash and vote for good people and not because of their political party.

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Monday, October 26, 2009

Edgewater Park this is why your taxes are increasing at a rate far greater than your paycheck!

Edgewater Park receives Four (4) proposals to undertake a complete revaluation of all real property within its jurisdiction (see below) and guess what! They do not accept the lowest bid. Instead they take the next bid that is $3,300 higher. Why did they do this you ask? Well, that very same question was asked last week by Allen Ashinoff, who is a candidate for township committee, at the Edgewater Park Township Committee Public Meeting. He received the following explanation from Township Administrator Linda Dougherty. Because Vital Communications, Inc. supplies the Tax Assessment program used by the township, they felt that Vital would provide smoother interface with taxpayers and the Tax Assessor. Bullshi-!!, she thinks they will make her job easier.
The following are the facts that can be verified and prove that the reasons given by the Administrator are bogus.
Appraisal Systems, Inc the lowest bider has provided revaluation services for over 100 municipalities in NJ who are using Vital Communications Assessment programs in their municipality with no taxpayers/Assessor problems.
Appraisal Systems have provided revaluation services for many Burlington County Municipalities most recently Bordentown Twp.
The State of NJ only allows certified Re-val Firms that are approved by the NJ to bid on municipal revaluation projects. They also must approve the award of all revaluation contracts.
Because this project must be carried out only by a professional services firm approved by the NJ Dept. of the Treasury, the township doesn't have to pick the lowest bid, under NJ Local Public Contracts Law, N.J.S.A. 40A:11-1 et. seq.
This loophole cost the Edgewater Park Taxpayers $3,300 dollars for no additional services.

Please check out these facts because you will not read about it in the BCT.

The Township Committee/Administrator just finished telling us taxpayers how they did everything in their power to keep the tax increase down and that was one of the reasons they needed to cut funding/support for the 2009 Memorial Day Parade, well the extra $3,300 dollars could have allowed for Edgewater Park to support the Memorial Day Parade.

This is indicative of the decisions made by an incompetent Township Committee and administrator who only care about the special interest that support their elections and lifestyles. Gee we couldn't ask the Administrator to work and look out for the Edgewater Park Taxpayer could we after all, she has her own businesses to look after.

You the Edgewater Park Taxpayer can stop this abuse of our taxes by exercising you right to vote next week. We need to elect people who will stand up to a bully who has been leading the present township committee people around by their noses. The time to stop this abuse and bulling is now for your own good and the good of our town.

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Five Finger Louie and Car 54 Friends Think They Will Scare The Edgewater Park Reporter

The Cowardly King Five Finger Louie, King of Beverly City

Five Finger Louie's Best Friend 'Five Points Ball Boy Car 54 JB'
He is lookin out for those evil Five Finger Louie critics cuz he is Five Finger's But Boy Chief Candidate. You know the Bloods and Crips boys can't wait for this to happen. Car 54 will show them with his big stick. Yea man is that a sock or are you glad to see me!!

Am I in focus now Five Finger Louie! Don't you have any construction sites to visit so that industrial pumps at those sites will jump into the back of your pickup? You seem to have so much time to comment! Five Finger Louie, have you herd from the Prosecutor's Office yet? How is the permit to carry a gun request coming along? Do you really think that you could pass a background check to become Public Safety Director?

Sorry Guys, but I will continue to expose your dastardly deeds and your diabolical plans because it does effect us here in Edgewater Park. If the voters in Beverly want to elect your ilk after having your record exposed, well it just goes to show how far the level of intelligence of the Beverly City voter has declined. This would explain the rapid decline in the Beverly City quality of life, housing and other family value issues that have taken place this year.

Beverly Taxpayers, the City has used up its 9 lives with this bunch and it only took them 2 years to do it. Just think what they can do if they are given another 4 with no watch dogs. You all will be sitting at your kitchen table scratching your head and wondering how you one nice town ended up like Trenton.

Five Finger Louie is getting greedy, he now has his friends helping him, hence the 88 fingers
Five Finger Louie (I love that handle he was given on this blog because it is so true) loves to try and distract the residents with his whining and misdirection statements. He is a masterful magician with his slight of hand moves that cover his true intentions.

If the readers only knew how many vile comments Five Finger Louie and friends have sent in to try and intimidate we reporters on this blog, it is a wonder they get anything accomplished but then again, if you don't have a legal paying job, I guess you have the time.

Well boys and girls, this blog should really light their fire. Just remember, you can check out any of the stories posted here about these tax sucking parasites and will find that the Edgewater Park Reporter got it right. We know it is the Halloween season but don't be a zombie, check out the record, go to council meetings and ask questions.

Oh guess what, could it be that the Library Board is going to rent out the Old Wells Pharmacy to the Beverly Dems again for nothing. I guess if you paint a building like a circus tent, who else would want to rent it for free.
Happy Halloween Beverly, you are about to enter the Twilight Zone.

The Edgewater Park Reporter