Thursday, October 29, 2009

Edgewater Park and Beverly City Voters read this before Voting on Tuesday

Edgewater Park Good Old Boys & Girls as well as
Five Finger Louie, Car 54 and Slum Lord Slug Friend, I am waiting for your facts that refute the facts published in this Blog!
Your problem is that you think if you whine loudly enough or toss enough insults in with you're whining comments, the hundreds of readers of this Blog will disregard the facts published in this blog.
Well, you're whining vicious comments (most of your comments are unfit to publish) are nothing more than a smokescreen to hide the fact that you cannot present any facts to refute what is published in this blog.

Beverly and Edgewater Park voters, please read the BCT Voters Guide with information published today (10/29) concerning the candidates who running for Beverly Council and for the Edgewater Park Township Committee.

It should be apparent on who you should be voting for after reading the BCT Election Guide if you think on it without political prejudice.

Think, do you want a former drug dealer turned snitch with light fingers, a former drug abuser/user, someone who has not been able to keep his job as the head of two municipal police depts as your elected officials? I hope not for our communities sake!

The intelligent candidates should be very apparent to you after you read the BCT Voters Guide. You should also consider the candidates and their known past track records and performances. Hopefully you will vote for the best qualified candidates, no matter what their party affiliation is, so that we get the best person with integrity, intelligence and management skills needed run our towns. Then maybe things will begin to change for the better and our tax increases you drop below the rate of inflation.

I just want to point out one additional fact about the political makeup of the Beverly City School Board because the BCT reporter failed to. The following facts show that the current City Council President has a problem telling the truth according to his statement printed in the 10/28/09 BCT article, unless he was miss quoted in the BCT (I doubt it). The Current Beverly School Board political breakdown is as follows; 2 Democrats, 2 Republicans and 1 Undeclared. The School Board vote to have the suit brought against the City Council was 5 to 0 to proceed. So how is that political Mr. City Council Prez?

Ask yourselves this question. Are families and people clamoring to move to our towns? Based on the real-estate numbers the answer is a big no.

Why? Well the truth will set you free!

It is the Camden/Trenton/Newark mentality of our current elected officials that is destroying our communities.

Time to clean out the trash and vote for good people and not because of their political party.

The Edgewater Park Reporter


Anonymous said...

Great post EP Reporter truer words were never spoken, what a lyin sack of horse manure LC is ..his fellow candidates couldnt even make it at the car wash..You are right , forget about party lines , look at the qualifications of the candidates...I hope the voters pay close attention because it is the future of our cities...Beverly resident

An Old City Clerk said...

Im on my way out to grab th BCT right now....Be right back!

Tick tock said...

Hickory dickory dock, the rats (not the mouse) ran up the clock, the clock struck 12 (election day) and POOF, the sniveling rats were swept away. Tick tock, tick tock the Feds are on the clock.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you were going to post something regarding the BCT voter guide.

I laughed reading the response of the one dude running in Edgewater Park for council. He said we need more developments to help the taxes in Edgewater Park. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??????? Anyone knows more housing = higher taxes (eventually). How can more housing be wonderful? These people really are idiots. Why don't they concentrate on getting more business? Business is what brings in the tax rateables! These people are morons! Not to mention the fact he's also lost his job in law enforcement for some seedy things. People in law enforcement love to talk.

Hey is it true the woman running sued the township or school board before? I also heard something about that.

Anonymous said...

Heres another bit of info on the two D candidates.

Anonymous said...

To paraphrase Thomas Jefferson, "the success of our democracy requires an informed electorate". While your adomonishment to Beverly and EP voters to read about their candidates and be informed is well intentioned, by and large it will fall on deaf ears. Beverly's own council members are uninformed.Case in point.

Don't you remember former councilwoman Nancy Richards mug was plastered on the front page of the BCT 2 years ago complaining about a sign ordinance that she passed as a council member? She acknowledged in the article that she did not even read the ordinance which charged a fee for putting up a political sign! I guess the Beverly democrats do not know about something called the Constitution and the first amendment. If the democrats on council do not even read laws they are about to pass, do you think the head-in-the-sand Beverly voters even read the voters guide?

Anyway, being outregistered 250 republicans to 470 democrats and 650 independents will require an act of God for a republican win in Beverly.

Anonymous said...

The registered voter numbers in Beverly are far worst than previously stated, as of 08/09 there were, 269 (16.9%)republicans 634 (40.2%) democrats and 680(42.9%) independents. That is 1583 voters in Beverly. This is far from the country wide norm.

In the 2008 election there was less than 170 million voters in the US.

There are roughly 55 million (33.4%) registered Republicans.
There are roughly 72 million (42.2%) Democrats.
And there are roughly 42 million (24.4%) registered independents.

The election in Beverly this year clearly rests on the shoulders of both the Democrats and Independents that are sick and tired of the high taxes, violent crimes, a dilapidated business district and an open air drug trade that is conducted daily on the streets of our town.
This Nov. 3rd vote for the only team with the qualifications to make a difference, vote Arter Wethrill and Schwedes, your property values depend on it.

Anonymous said...

Voting Day! Time to vote and get my free pizza from the Dems!

LOL LOL said...

Beverly Voters, Five Finger Louie and friend YBFF left me a message that they got this election in the bag and that they will be laughing tonight, at what they claim was a fruitless effort to stop them from taking control of Beverly.

I was told that we will feel the effects of their control starting tomorrow after their win tonight.

If you have not voted yet in Beverly, you still have time and your vote could save your town from further demise.

Please take the time and send a message that you the voter is in charge not Five Finger Louie and his merry band of former dealers, snitches, druggies and moochers.

Doc, they really want you. They will make your life a hell so that you get out of their city.

Anonymous said...

Thanks losers!

disgusted said...

My husband and I will be at the realtors tomorrow to get the hell out while we can. This election was it for us. Thought maybe with the governors race there might have been a chance to get some real watchdogs on committee and to turn things around but that didn't happen. Bye-Bye EP

LOL LOL LOL said...

Well I am glad Christie won. In spite of everything.

reporter said...

See ya latter Disgusted!! You were worthless anyway.

disgusted again said...

Not as worthless as you and your committee! EP is a crap hole and is only getting worse.

Nice try trying using your name as "reporter"

The Edgewater Park Reporter said...

Just a note to the readers, the comment signed "reporter" is not the author of this blog. We wanted the readers to see an example of what just got re-elected and elected tonight. Remember when Camden, Trenton and Atlantic City were nice towns and a good place to raise a family? We do. Well, look at them now and what party has been in control of those cities since they were nice places and see what the future is for our towns. Some trends are not reversible and we predict the same future for Beverly/Edgewater Park as Willingboro, Camden, Trenton and Atlantic City.

Anonymous said...

The majority of the voters in Edgewater Park & Beverly can't read or don't understand proper written English, thats the problem.

Both towns unfortunately have hit rock bottom like their neighbor Willinboro. Things will not change.

Anonymous said...

The people of EP and Beverly received what they deserved. More of the same crap. So I think we should move one and just watch the town come down around us.

Anonymous said...

Now with a Republican Governor we can get some cooperation into the investigation of the Democratic debacle in Beverly, He was involved in prosecution of criminals and he has his share of problems in Beverly, we have to keep him and his staff and the attorney generals office advised of the goings on in Beverly City starting today ,keep notes send e mails, any emails now should be sent to Chris not to the state just yet, wait untill he gets into office before sending them to the the way the bloods and the crypts are cranking up their control of Beverly, within the past week they have spray painted their trade marks on garages on locust street[alley], and have spray painted cars in town . the gateway they talk about should be called the Exit Arch FROM Beverly..people want to get out not in cook has it reversed

Anonymous said...

Well, Beverly is now known as Bagdhad on the Delaware. We do not have representative government. We have a dictatorship led by a tax deliquent and his immediate family. We live in terror of the thugs and gangs, have no effective police force, and have no recourse against the government. We have King Louie, his mother in law, and Car 54's girlfriend in Council and Five Finger Louie's wife on the School Board.

The political signs came down Wednesday and the SALE sign went up yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Mr Daly, when the squad is stopping at WaWa could you guys pick up the campaign signs on the north-west corner of the entrance?

Anonymous said...

Can you please tell me why city council hates school board council and vice-versa? Why can't this city get along like adults? My family and I were planning on moving to Beverly but thank God I did some research on the city before we even put an offer on the house! It's obvious that everyone in charge of both the city and school need to mature a bit.