Monday, October 26, 2009

Edgewater Park this is why your taxes are increasing at a rate far greater than your paycheck!

Edgewater Park receives Four (4) proposals to undertake a complete revaluation of all real property within its jurisdiction (see below) and guess what! They do not accept the lowest bid. Instead they take the next bid that is $3,300 higher. Why did they do this you ask? Well, that very same question was asked last week by Allen Ashinoff, who is a candidate for township committee, at the Edgewater Park Township Committee Public Meeting. He received the following explanation from Township Administrator Linda Dougherty. Because Vital Communications, Inc. supplies the Tax Assessment program used by the township, they felt that Vital would provide smoother interface with taxpayers and the Tax Assessor. Bullshi-!!, she thinks they will make her job easier.
The following are the facts that can be verified and prove that the reasons given by the Administrator are bogus.
Appraisal Systems, Inc the lowest bider has provided revaluation services for over 100 municipalities in NJ who are using Vital Communications Assessment programs in their municipality with no taxpayers/Assessor problems.
Appraisal Systems have provided revaluation services for many Burlington County Municipalities most recently Bordentown Twp.
The State of NJ only allows certified Re-val Firms that are approved by the NJ to bid on municipal revaluation projects. They also must approve the award of all revaluation contracts.
Because this project must be carried out only by a professional services firm approved by the NJ Dept. of the Treasury, the township doesn't have to pick the lowest bid, under NJ Local Public Contracts Law, N.J.S.A. 40A:11-1 et. seq.
This loophole cost the Edgewater Park Taxpayers $3,300 dollars for no additional services.

Please check out these facts because you will not read about it in the BCT.

The Township Committee/Administrator just finished telling us taxpayers how they did everything in their power to keep the tax increase down and that was one of the reasons they needed to cut funding/support for the 2009 Memorial Day Parade, well the extra $3,300 dollars could have allowed for Edgewater Park to support the Memorial Day Parade.

This is indicative of the decisions made by an incompetent Township Committee and administrator who only care about the special interest that support their elections and lifestyles. Gee we couldn't ask the Administrator to work and look out for the Edgewater Park Taxpayer could we after all, she has her own businesses to look after.

You the Edgewater Park Taxpayer can stop this abuse of our taxes by exercising you right to vote next week. We need to elect people who will stand up to a bully who has been leading the present township committee people around by their noses. The time to stop this abuse and bulling is now for your own good and the good of our town.

The Edgewater Park Reporter


Anonymous said...

Here's some information for you smart one. It's not smart take the lowest bid when taking bids for a job. You get what you pay for. The lowest price is rarely the best value.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for that information

Anonymous said...

Don't know if this got through the first time.

Thanks for the information

Anonymous said...

Anon. 10-27,8:04AM,
Here's some info you and without insulting your intelligence. If the State has oversight and only allows certifed firms pre-approved for performing re-vals; then one could logically expect that the lowest bid would provide the same quality of service as the highest bid. You may be right when it comes to street paving jobs because lately the township has gotten what it paid for; low quality work and then cut more costs resulting in the poor appearance old work next to new work curbing for example. Also, If the township already uses Vital systems software then in reality Vital should have been the lowest bid. Why you ask? because other firms would have had to pay Vital for use of their software used in EP and that price would be built into the 3 other firm's bids. Vital does not have to pay itself for using their own software. So in reality, Vital is ripping off EP admin. and committee because if Appraisal systems inc. was lower than Vital to begin with and Vital has less subcontract type costs; then we the taxpayers actually lost more than $3300. We lost the overbidding plus the cost savings derived from Vital not having to charge itself for using its own software system. The real cost to EP taxpayers is most likely in the $5000 to $6000 range. I doubt that the administrator explained all this to committee so they could fully understand that they were wasting valuable tax dollars but then again if we had a committee that was business knowledgeable and could think for itself they would have ask questions like this when the administrator recommended accepting a higher bid tomake her job easier. Shame on us, we elected them. When you have all five seats controlled by the same party then there is no check & balance system in place. We need a few watchdogs on committee more than ever before.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the information. Be it your opinion on how things work.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me things just get worse with this committee and not better. Linda is going to have to get off her you know what and start doing what is right for us tax payers, not her own interest. Lord knows we pay here enought to do the right thing.

Anonymous said...

You got seriouse issues dude. Seek help before your brain melts.
I do have a question for you though. What will you do with yourself if the Reps. get elected? Retire this funny blog you got going? Or will you be sure to let us know how they kept all their promises?

Pennywisedollarstupidcritic said...

To Anonymous 10/27 8:04 AM
I guess thats why we pay our Township Clerk one of the highest salaries in the county and she passes off 90% of her work to the Deputy Clerk who is paid far less to do her work.
You should run for office because you think just like the present township committee. Next time you shop remember your words, "the lowest price is rarely the best value".

E. Franklin Guy said...

The revaluation process begins with funny numbers and throwing out the best price.... to take care of their friends,

Who's house is going to be under-assessed for this sweetheart deal?

Shouldn't the company be giving us a LOWER price because they already do business with us?

Not looking forward to this Yo-Yo operation...let me guess my TAXES are going up Again!

Bet the mayor and committee do well with this deal....

Taxpayers get hosed again. EH!

Anonymous said...

You fools are a joke!

Anonymous said...

GO PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

If they use the same software as the tax assessor shouldnt the job be easier and subsequently the amount of work? If so then the price should be less not more. Better check out who Linda knows that works for them or what interest she has in the firm. Thats how alot of the other "deals" are made!!!

Someone who knows said...

This is a fact:

All RFP's for professional services received by a government entity are evaluated and scored acording to criteria. 3 people from the entity are choosen to evaluate and score the proposals and pricing sent in by the firms wanting to do business with the entity.

This practice is called fair and open; however, it is nothing but smoke and mirrors. How do I know you ask? I work in government and am part of this process.

Everyone who is involved in this process knows it is not fair and open and the firm who gives the most (i.e. tickets, dinners, money, jobs to friends/family) always gets the highest scores. They say it is fair and open but really it's not b/c the favorite always gets the contract.

Don't believe me, then do a little research people. It's not to hard. This is why it is important to have both parties on committee for checks and balances and to curb the favoritism.

Remember, favortism is never in the best interest of the town but always benefits the committee members or their friends and family. Basically these clowns are shoving it up your a--es!

The Edgewater Park Reporter said...

Well anonymous dude, if you check the record republicans in Edgewater Park did a much better job in controlling taxes and the administrator. Just check the record on tax increases in Edgewater Park. Oh I forgot, that would require you to do a little work and the facts, well the facts would speak for themselves and ruin your self-serving sham reality. You kind of remind me of the dummy holding the re-elect five finger louie sign at the corner of Warren and Broad Street. You think the voters are that dumb? Well, we will see next week won't we.

Black retired and mad said...

To my fellow neighbors of color. Are you tired of paying large tax increases each year for a failing school system, poor municipal services, bad development and increasing crime? These issues were the reasons I moved my family from Willingboro. Now I see the same type of problems occurring here in Edgewater Park that caused me to move. Why? It is because long time one party rule is bad. Look our vote is being taken for granted by the Edgewater Park Democratic Party. They get 95% of our vote each year and what do we receive, higher taxes, increasing crime, declining services and a declining school system. I am a vet and a a retired state worker. We downsized when I retired and moved here so that I could be near our church and friends and now I find that I will be unable to afford to live here because of the tax increases. I am not going to waste my vote on people who make decisions that are going to drive me out because of their poor governing. Join with me and send a message with our votes. No more blind support we will vote for people that understand our financial plight. Vote for the other guys and if they don't do the job, then vote them out! I worked hard to earn my retirement pension and I will not step back because of bad government. Mr Reporter thanks if you print this.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Maybe it's not Linda that has a friend at Vital Communications maybe it's the tax assessor himself. Hint, Hint!
Since it was handles as a no bid contract maybe it's not tolate for our admin. to ask for a price reduction not that it'sout and it really stinks, just to cover their collective a**es. Maybe Appraisal Systems Inc. wouldlike to know that they were the lowest bidder and considered unqualified due to software incompatability which they know is pure bunk. Hell, they may even have legal recourse here to get the bid back. Better watch out committee people are watching closer than you realize. Oh and kudos to Black, retired and mad; it does really suck being taken for granted. Amen

Anonymous said...

You guys are really turning into South Beverly again...the dealings in your town remind me of the Political lies, nepotisim, back door deals, and giving the shaft to the taxpayers that Beverly has been doing for years.. A few posts ago it was pointed out that as Beverly goes so will Edgewater Park..guess what , you are there.. the people who moved out of Beverly to go to Edgewater Park in hopes of better life style have now found themselves in the the same situation.... what is the matter with your township government? the same as Beverly: self serving,crooked, no respect, underhanded dealings, crumbling infrastucture repaired by incompetent contractors....Edgewater Park should change the name on the Water Tower to South Beverly it would be more fitting keep watching the transition EP, you wont be looking down your nose at Beverly much longer.....Beverly resident

Anonymous said...

Beverly Resident, You are correct. Many of us still hold out hope for Beverly as well as EP. Both towns need people with the ability to think independently and act in the best interest of the residents. I had hoped that some of the younger educated new blood on our EP committee would have shined through by now but unfortunately they apparently don't have the mettle to stand up and speak out for themselves because they can't be happy with their performance with the continued decline of quality of life in EP. Their party pressures are too great I guess for the self serving interests of the old club. Have hope like Obama did; after all, he was elected because all party affiliations voted for him.

Anonymous said...

pennywise dollar stupic critic that's not to smart. I guess I'll see you grocery shopping at the dollar store huh? Yea buddy you get what you pay for.

Dude said...

Yo reporter dude! As usual you didn't answer the question. You just changed the subject and dazzled your foolish followers with your "facts" of how the Reps did such a better job. You know I never said anything about that. I asked what would you do if you boys get elected? Seems to me you wouldn't have anything to whine about so I wonderd what you'll do with the blog? I mean since you are so convinced that if the Reps are in control our problems are over. Not to likely really. Anyhow, it doesn't take to much research to see you are partisan now does it? Lastly I state I don't think the voters of EP or Beverly are dumb but I'm sure convince about you are your reporter buddies!

Davey Jones Smith said...

The way I see it the best way to do good for our towns is get rid of a trash blog like this! What good is this doing? Grown men that don't have enough guts to say things to each others face can say anything they want being anonymous. That goes for you too Reporter. Get away with saying anything because you are to much of a coward to let people know who stands behind your words.

waiting said...

I guess no one knocked at your door yet. (sigh) Well I didn't think they would be real timely but I had my hopes. None the less the clock is ticking and it's not Peter's crocodile either : ) !!!!

Anonymous said...

Go fix a tire!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Phillies!!!!

Anonymous said...

Let's make it two Phillies! Rock those bombers!!