Sunday, November 14, 2010

Beverly Resident Bob Germer Passed Away Last Thursday. He will be sorely missed!

BCT link for Bob's funeral details;

Bob's interest in good government for Beverly City will be missed by all, who care about honest fair and open government!

God bless you Bob, your family and close friends. You will be missed!

The Edgewater Park Reporters

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bob Germer, Beverly Civic Watchdog In Philadelphia Hospital with Very Serious Heart Attack

Our prayers are with you Bob, your wife and family.

We pray that you recover quickly and hope to see you around town soon.

We Reporters will keep you informed on Bob Germer's condition. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

The Edgewater Park Reporters

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Edgewater Park Democratic Township Committee Candidate Moving?

From: Name Withheld
Sent: Thu, October 21, 2010 12:16:00 PM
Subject: candidate moving

Dear EP Reporter, I wonder if you could verify if the Democrat Candidate for Edgewater Park Township Committee for this year is trying to move out of EP. I heard that and then was sent this " youtube" video which is supposedly his house just recently up for sale. What kind of commitment is that to your town and then expect people to vote for you even when you haven't even lived here in EP that long anyway? I guess the same commitment from Ms. Belgard who after only a few months of being elected to Township Committee decides to run for county office, after telling us that she wanted to do so much for EP because her kids go to school here etc. and then she tries to jump ship for bigger and better political goals. We want someone in office committed to EP not just stepping stone egos and people ready to move. Thanks, if you an verify the info.

34 sec - Sep 8, 2010 - Uploaded by HomesInPhiladelphia
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To our readers; keep on electing people who do not have the interest in what is best for the residents, only what is best for themselves and their careers and you will never see improvement in the way our towns are governed. All you need do is to look at your last ten years of property tax bills for the proof.

The Edgewater Park Reporters

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Beverly Rising-A call for real effective change in November.

Beverly Residents, please watch this video and after watching it tell us what you think.

Edgewater Park Residents, you are not far behind Beverly, with the way the elected officials have governed Edgewater Park. Did you get your new tax and sewer bills? Shocked yet! How much more can you afford? Please tell us with your comments.

The Edgewater Park Reporters

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ahh Beverly Our Beverly, Can Edgewater Park Be So Far Behind Us?

New letter from a Beverly City Resident that wants the facts out to the public.

"Here are the FACTS residents of Beverly!

Tony never signed any deal or contract with City Hall, but Crespo did!

That's right Louis! You tried to weasel your way out of being exposed, but Tony said NO! He has nothing to hide, but you do, which is why you wanted him to take a deal.

Then when you thought you won, you shot your mouth off to everyone, that Tony is moving on. But wait! In doing so, which again, was not true, you AGAIN exposed yourself, and the good citizens of Beverly/ since they are the ones who pay taxes, and NOT you! You scumbag ( opps- we forgot, you need a job to pay taxes!) to a huge lawsuit, since any agreement, factual or not, is CONFIDENTIAL!

The true FACT is that Tony did not even know about any proposed deal, until Crespo unlawfully told everyone about it, and Tony was called by several Officers who told him. Once Tony was made aware of it-- NO Deal!

Hmmmm, first you made him take a physiological test, thinking //well at least praying that he would fail, (unlike you Crespo who HAS failed several physiological testings- yea- didn't think we knew about that did you??!!) but he did not, as we knew and this really screwed up your plans, since the charges themselves are nothing more than phony bullshit complaints to begin with.

Sure, we confirmed that the Prosecutors Office merely "recommended" complaints, but ONLY based upon your statements to them, which are total lies and nothing more than a coward trying to get rid of a person who refuses to bow down to a lying piece of shit like you, who constantly gets himself involved in things he should not, and Tony / Mike Morton and Batb Shiepe REFUSED to allow it, so you went after all three.

You are a bully, a sneak, a LIAR, and a mentality ill person.

You refused Tony a lie detector test, because you knew that would clear his name! Coward! You also REFUSED to answer any questions put forth, like a real man, and instead you simply talk about things that have nothing to do with any questions asked!

So what's a Crespo to do? Well he promises Mouth of the South Kate a promotion. And what does she do for this promise? She sits around and does nothing at City Hall but laugh all day so loudly that Edgewater Park can hear her, she also bad mouths everyone since her life is so pitiful, she tries to sue the City for a totally false injury since she is also a liar just like Crespo and she tries to get any dirt she can on Tony / Mike or Barb.

But wait, she can't, since there is nothing to get!

Crespo also gives us the dumbest, laziest, weakest Cop he can find on the force to do his dirty work. Who else but JB (Car 54), and Crespo promises him Chief if he makes up BS against Tony, Barb and Mike! That did not work since again- nothing to find. Hmmmmmmmmmmm- so Crespo is getting desperate so he makes up his own lies (there is a bomb in my truck). But one thing he can't lie about. Tony's service - loyalty and job performance. Which is clearly shown in the many many many awards and arrests he has made-/ unlike JB! Remember - the Prosecutors Office only recommended Administrative complaints- and they were only based upon Crespos bullshit statements ! If the Prosecutors thought for one second that anyone did anything wrong- certainly criminal complaints ( like the ones Crespo has been found GUILTY of) would have been filed!

So there we have it-- will Crespo respond to this? Nope- he can't- he can only come up with -/ " I am still Council President- hahaha" yea- great come back you asshole! Keep telling us how much you love and abuse power!

This letter is from a City Resident who is fed up, and yes I did attend the meeting last week and is sick and tired of the way the residents are treated who ask questions. The way the Administrator spoke to me Germer was disgraceful and not one Council person spoke up about it. The public treatment of Mr Germer is why people do not come to the City Council meetings, but you know that don't you Louis!"

City Resident

We Reporters are still waiting for an answer to the question still being asked around town; Who planted the fake bomb in Crespo's Truck? Why haven't the police solved this case? Could they be covering up for the perpetrator? We hope not, but you have to wonder why the Prosecutor's Office was so quick to get involved with the Crespo City charges against Tony, but can't seem to solve the phony bomb case? We wonder why? Is it The Mt Holly Gardens all over again? How much is a snitch worth to them? We wonder?

The Edgewater Park Reporters

Monday, May 17, 2010

Residents and Service Providers not able to call Beverly City Hall last week

Why Not?

Because the phone bill wasn't paid!

Now you will hear different stories from the City Clerk and from the Mayor.

The Clerk claims that the old service provider turned off the phone service before the new phone company turned on the new service (the City was without phone service for a least 2 days) and Mayor Cook was telling residents that it was a wiring problem.

We think it was an incompetence problem on the part of the officials running the City.

The Three Stooges running (ruining) Beverly City

But guess what City Residents, not only isn't the City paying the phone bill, they have not paid a local mechanic who repaired a city vehicle, but will not return his phone calls.

Could the state of Beverly's finances be the reason that the former CFO quit?

We also understand that Officer Pearce wanted to take a lie detector test concerning the charges brought against him by Beverly City Officials, but that the City refused this.

Gee, why would the City not want Tony to take a lie detector test?

Is it possible the City may have something to hide? (if you don't think so, just put in and OPRA request for records that the City has, and see how long if ever they comply with that request, like King Louie's building permits or the 2010 budget)

We do know that the City has problems finding its records and like most of the business conducted at City Hall, it is who your friends are that determines how and what gets overlooked.

To bad Officer Pearce is an honest, consciences police officer that would not compromise his principles for the KING and QUEEN. If he was willing, Tony could have been Chief.

If you are at the Bank on Cooper St in EP on Friday's watch out for the stampede of Beverly City Employee's trying to cash their paychecks.

The Edgewater Park Reporters

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Is King Five Finger Louie a New Police Officer in Beverly? Could this be the reason for no result on the Fraud Bomb Scare?

The "Tail of the City". Who is wagging who?

We received this information and photos from our undercover
reporter on yesterday's activities by our city officials. We have to ask, is this why nothing has been reported on the fraudulent bomb scare, that was perpetrated on the citizens and businesses of Beverly City?

Is the King going to get away with another one? The unpublished comments to this blog are 5 to 1 that he will get away with it again. Friends in high places are protecting the snitch according to sources in the know of his past escapades.

Comments from our undercover reporter:

"Drove by city hall today around 5pm and it looks like beverly got a new crown vic police car[all black] saw crespo driving the white unmarked police car on broad street[ is he covered by the city insurance? is he permitted to drive the same car Mike Morton drove?] there was some brown haired lady, jb[out of uniform],lewis ,all checking the new car out...lewis eventually walked back home and then jb left in his green suv and went back home, they were all very excited....who paid for the new police car? why is lewis permitted to drive a city car with municipal tags? "

Car 54 smiles as he checks out the new unmarked (Chief's?) car

Car 54 giving his thanks to the King.

Thanks to our undercover reporter,
The Edgewater Park Reporters

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Beverly politics at the 2010 "nonpartisan" School Board Election

Who knew that the Beverly City Voters would give the King and Queen of Beverly this view of their support.

Just remember the King and Queen rule Beverly and we know what is best children, take this from ya momma.
Good thing Tony is gone, he would never let us break the election law like our buddies

Gee I am thirsty but I can't go the the Pub, someone may take my picture
I need some sympathy, let me check the Babe list.

The King on his cell phone with his Police Support Car 54 I wanna be Chief JB. Say King Louie what happened to the Blackberry?

Gee what do you mean I can't come over. I got this cow leaning into me to see what pops up

Oh mierda, lo está haciendo de Nuevo

Oh King Louie

You scratch my backside and I will do yours

Reina, déjame pensar en ello


We need a story quick because I need sympathy
Lambs, baaaa baaaaa
Beverly City and the King Rules the Police and Clerk but the Beverly Voters showed he doesn't rule them.

I know, I can use one of my old tricks, the people of Beverly are to dumb to figure it out

Lets get back to the School to press the flesh because no one is going to stop us

According to the City Clerk, the King and Queen of Beverly are more then 100 feet from the School Polling Place. She may need a new measuring tape along with the Beverly Police

que deje salir a los perros

sí se mantiene el respaldo a mí con su culo!

I think I need some sympathy, the vote isn't going to give me control of the School Board. I know I will try one of my old tricks like "they cut my break lines", "they stole my signs" or "they shot bbs at my house". The King could be calling his Chickfila Babe because he needs her sympathy if you know what we mean.

A little story with pictures about the Beverly School Board Election day 4/20/2010.

The Edgewater Park Reporters (we check our cars every day and we never sold drugs or snitched)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Beverly City to change name to Crespo City

Beverly City residents, all elections are important and the upcoming School Board election is no exception.

If King Louie is successful in getting his wife re-elected on Tuesday, he will control the City of Beverly and its future.

If you want to know how this election possibility can effect the future of Beverly City, just take a ride past 623 Broad Street and look how he takes care of his own home and that should give you an indication of what the future of Beverly will look like if he gets control of our schools.

We thought that the Beverly Democrat and Republican parties agreed to keep the School Board elections non political but it appears this only applies to everyone else but Crespo!

If you really care about your children and the education they will get from our schools, please read the background bios of the candidates running for the school board election. This should make your selection of who to vote for very easy.

We couldn't help but note the signs asking for us to vote for the Crespo faction and who owns the homes were the signs are located. Now the question is, who paid for the signs and why.

If you care about Beverly City and our children please vote for the best qualified candidates for School Board and not the "politically connected" candidates, unless you want the name of Beverly City to be changed to Crespo City!

Just one point of order for those readers who question why we are spending so much time on Beverly, well it has come to our attention that the Township of Edgewater Park and Beverly City are considering having Edgewater Park take over the Beverly City Police Dept. as well as the Public Works Dept. It wont be long before they combine back to one township.

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Beverly City Cucaracha Snitch Cinco Dedos Descuento Louie Rey Fotos

Is this the future without Tony as Chief?

Undercover has supplied photos of the Cucaracha Snitch Cinco Dedos Descuento Louie Rey outside City Hall, without the cane! I guess it was an unguarded moment. Tony Pearce I guess she must be searching other desks in City Hall for Cinco dedos Cucaracha Descuento Rey Louie.

Cucaracha Five Finger Descuento Rey Louie que hizo las cosas más suave con su miel porque ella estaba muy molesto por su viejo amor a aparecer en la ciudad y oler a su alrededor. Mejor mirar hacia fuera para el marido porque no le gusta y se iniciará el culo.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Beverly Cities Queen Witch with Car 54, La Cucaracha King Five Finger Louie, Police Scribe Snitch and Which Way Did They Go Good Ol Boy, Meeting on TP

Photos of the 'Beverly Queen Witch', 'La Cucaracha King Five Finger Louie', 'Car 54 Wanna Be Chief', 'Scribe Snitch' and 'Which way did they go good ol boy' colluding on how to get Officer Pearce as well as photos of Car 54 street patrolling Locust St .

The Beverly Queen Witch

'La Cucaracha King Five Finger Louie' getting the latest intel from the Scribe Snitch. It appears that the King has his finger stuck in his nose. Old habits die hard I guess.
'Car 54' with 'Which Way Did They Go Good Ol Boy'
Who is giving orders to who?

'Car 54' and the 'Queen Witch'

The 'Queen Witch ' listening to 'Car 54'. Did you feel the stab in the back TP?

The 'Queen Witch' blowing Car 54 a kiss after listening to him stab TP in the back

Whoops! we were spotted, put the window up!

'Car 54s' new speed trap location on Locust St. Wait, isn't that right behind his house? What no one is in the patrol car? Afternoon delight is it?

Notice the movement one hour later! Must have been lunch delight. I guess you residents of the east end of Locust St never have to worry, your street is well patrolled!

The Edgewater Park Reporters want to thank Undercover for the photos. Just shows who runs the town. I guess you have to park on the sidewalk if the patrol car is parked out back.

Friday, March 19, 2010

"La Cucaracha King Five Finger Louie's" Burning the Midnight Oil, 12:38 am on Friday, March 19th

The City Council President's Office Lights were on 12:38 am this morning. What was the King, Five Finger Louie doing in his office at that time of the morning?

Planting Bugs King Five Finger Louie?

You investigating authorities looking into the Kings activities, check the shredding bins! We know that he had a visitor with a police escort yesterday and his BlackBerry was silent all day as well.

The King Showing his True Personality (note the mind controls in each hand)

City Council, I would change the locks on the Building Department's Office Door.

Could this be one of the reasons the Chief Financial Officer quit?

Fire Company # 1, watch your new fire truck savings, the King wants it and your building for his own.

Fire Companies 1 & 2, looks like you have a new Chief (King) in town and King Five Finger Louie knows whats best for you all so have fun.

Look for rental apartments coming soon to the Bank and the Masonic Hall Building on Cooper Street.

Queen Cook and King Louie like the new tenant activity in the house across the street (reminds King Louie of the Gardens) hence the push for the Convent Affordable Housing Slum King to get the Planning Bd approvals for more slum housing.

Just what Beverly needs more low income housing. But the Queen and King know that they can count on the low income residents of this housing to keep voting for them no matter how bad they screw up Beverly because they have no vested interest to see that things are well run. Hell it keeps the Cripts & Bloods in town and attracting more of the same.

Thats why Officer Tony Pearce had twenty some charges brought against him by King Five Finger Louie and why only one charge is remaining. You can't have the City and Prosecutors look like they made a mistake, so there is one remaining charge that keeps a good officer from the city streets where he is needed and because he was first in line for Police Chief, this keeps him out so that King Louie can place Car 54 as Chief instead of Officer Pearce.

We see that Car 54 still is parking his auto on the sidewalk across the street from his house, but understand from King Five Finger Louie's comments not published, that Car 54 is special and married to a City Council Member, he doesn't need to follow the City Ordinances like the King, like the rest of us city taxpayers. But we forgot, the King not only doesn't have to get his building permits closed out, he doesn't have to pay his taxes, because he is the King.

Now we also hear that the other special Beverly person, GC is a little bit miffed about the King and Queen giving all the zoning breaks to the Convent Affordable Housing Slum King because it will drive down the rents GC charges for his slum apts. One has to wonder if we will have a rumble in the jungle at the riverfront between the "Italian Stallion" and "La Cucaracha King Five Finger Louie". We would pay good money to watch that fight.

Thanks for the City Hall photo of La Cucaracha King Five Finger Louie's Office and establishing that la cucarachas do come out at night so that they can avoid the light of day (truth).

The Edgewater Park Reporters