Friday, March 19, 2010

"La Cucaracha King Five Finger Louie's" Burning the Midnight Oil, 12:38 am on Friday, March 19th

The City Council President's Office Lights were on 12:38 am this morning. What was the King, Five Finger Louie doing in his office at that time of the morning?

Planting Bugs King Five Finger Louie?

You investigating authorities looking into the Kings activities, check the shredding bins! We know that he had a visitor with a police escort yesterday and his BlackBerry was silent all day as well.

The King Showing his True Personality (note the mind controls in each hand)

City Council, I would change the locks on the Building Department's Office Door.

Could this be one of the reasons the Chief Financial Officer quit?

Fire Company # 1, watch your new fire truck savings, the King wants it and your building for his own.

Fire Companies 1 & 2, looks like you have a new Chief (King) in town and King Five Finger Louie knows whats best for you all so have fun.

Look for rental apartments coming soon to the Bank and the Masonic Hall Building on Cooper Street.

Queen Cook and King Louie like the new tenant activity in the house across the street (reminds King Louie of the Gardens) hence the push for the Convent Affordable Housing Slum King to get the Planning Bd approvals for more slum housing.

Just what Beverly needs more low income housing. But the Queen and King know that they can count on the low income residents of this housing to keep voting for them no matter how bad they screw up Beverly because they have no vested interest to see that things are well run. Hell it keeps the Cripts & Bloods in town and attracting more of the same.

Thats why Officer Tony Pearce had twenty some charges brought against him by King Five Finger Louie and why only one charge is remaining. You can't have the City and Prosecutors look like they made a mistake, so there is one remaining charge that keeps a good officer from the city streets where he is needed and because he was first in line for Police Chief, this keeps him out so that King Louie can place Car 54 as Chief instead of Officer Pearce.

We see that Car 54 still is parking his auto on the sidewalk across the street from his house, but understand from King Five Finger Louie's comments not published, that Car 54 is special and married to a City Council Member, he doesn't need to follow the City Ordinances like the King, like the rest of us city taxpayers. But we forgot, the King not only doesn't have to get his building permits closed out, he doesn't have to pay his taxes, because he is the King.

Now we also hear that the other special Beverly person, GC is a little bit miffed about the King and Queen giving all the zoning breaks to the Convent Affordable Housing Slum King because it will drive down the rents GC charges for his slum apts. One has to wonder if we will have a rumble in the jungle at the riverfront between the "Italian Stallion" and "La Cucaracha King Five Finger Louie". We would pay good money to watch that fight.

Thanks for the City Hall photo of La Cucaracha King Five Finger Louie's Office and establishing that la cucarachas do come out at night so that they can avoid the light of day (truth).

The Edgewater Park Reporters


Anonymous said...

Hey Germer!You already told us LC couldn't hold that fire position. Gee did you lie to us again Bob? I'm not one to be calling names but I have to say there are a few key words that discribe you. I have seen them many times on the blog and I have to say they all apply to you! Stupid is what stupid does is a very accurate statement when you come to mind Bob Germer!

Anonymous said...

Looks like it's about 8:4 to me. You sure do like to make up stories don't you guys?

Anonymous said...

King Louie and Slum Dog Millionaire in the rumble in the jungle? I thought two little cocks fighting was outlawed. Maybe we can arrange it when worthless Car 54 is on duty.

Don King

Anonymous said...

Better be careful lc, gc knows all about infestations from his cushy job..look out for the exterminator, he may get the one on pine street if they are still in buisness, he is of the same mold as you and dosent like to be upstaged but his brain is affected also from the lead paint at his house on putnam

The Fonz said...

AYYYYYYYYYYY BOb That's not cool!

Aurther Fonzereli said...

Hey Bob! You're not cool!
AYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY maybe yoos would understand this more better AYYYYYYYYY
Hey Bob! Your not cool!!! AYYYYYYYYYY

undercover said...

La Cucaracha King Five Finger Louie it looks like your visitor of Thursday left since you and your BlackBerry are back and making comments. Care to share with us what the visit was all about? What does your good buddy Car 54 think of you now. He must love how you use him for your own benefit. Did you put the plywood in the windows because you tried the BB gun story again or are you building a 'Move' type of Bunker to hole up in when they come for you and they will come for you.
I now have great sources who watch and photo your every move. You can't tell me you missed the white pickup parked on the sidewalk across the street from 623 Broad St when you went walking to City Hall yesterday afternoon, so when are you going to do something about it?

Anonymous said...

why dont you change the name of this blog to beverly city happenings and your name to the beverlycityreporter? doesnt seem like anything about edgewater ever gets posted and your really focusing on who's running beverly right now.

Anonymous said...

I already know that this will not be posted on your blog since you dont like the truth. Your comment about the only thing keeping tony pearce fro returning is not true and if you really believe that you are as stupid as i know you are. Why dont you ask pearce why he would go out of his district and give tickets and why he would be aout of uniform out of his district and give out tickets and the comment about he did his job yeah right he was scared of half the people in beverly he always stayed in his car and in the liquor store.He was a lousy cop and a lousy husband why do you think his wife cheated on him with a state trooper. HA Ha Ha get your facts straight asshole before you start pointing fingers.