Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Jim Daly Arrested then released after satisfying his obligation to his son!!

Correction and update on Jim Daly's Child

Support Payment Arrest.

"Jim did not "satisfy his obligation to his 

son" as reported. He posted his bail and

 $500 towards child support. He will be

back in court soon. He still owes $6,700+ in 

child support. The real question is "Why is

 the EP emergency squad enforcing less

 than half of the wage withholding required

 by the court?" Is this just another political

 favor by Jim's friends?"

Jim Daly, former Edgewater Park Mayor and Committeemen, presently serving on the Edgewater Park Sewer Authority and Administrator/Captain for the Beverly Edgewater Park Emergency Squad was arrested by the Burlington County Sheriff's Department for owing child support; link to 7/27/11 BCT article.
Mr. Daly was released after satisfying his obligation to his son. 

The Edgewater Park Reporters