Sunday, May 31, 2009

Administrator Claims That No One Would Volunteer To Help With The Memorial Day Parade

A resident spoke to me today about a conversation they had with the Township Administrator about how upset they were with the township not supporting the Memorial Day Parade.

The resident told me that Administrator Dougherty claimed the Township spent $10,000 on the Memorial Day Parade in  the past and that they couldn't afford it this year. Administrator Dougherty also claimed that they (the Township Committee) couldn't get anyone to volunteer to help with the parade. She also said that the American Legion couldn't get volunteers.

The question that needs to be answered by the Committee, Mayor and Administrator; 

When did the Township Committee, the Mayor or the Administrator, let the public know that because of cuts in the 2009 Municipal Budget (2009 budget has not been discussed in public), the township was not going to be able to support the Memorial Day Parade? The answer; Never! 

When did the Township Committee, the Mayor or the Administrator ever ask us the public, for volunteers or donations to help with the parade? The answer; Never!

Now that outrage is being expressed by many Edgewater Park residences to the Township Committee, the Mayor and the Administrator, the Committee, Mayor and Administrator are now making excuses for the disrespect they showed towards our Veterans and their families. 

The truth is, they screwed up, and are now trying to cover it up. 

I think if you ask any of the American Legion members, they would have been more than happy to help volunteer and to do fund raisers. By the time the public found out about this insulting show of disrespect by our Township Committee, the Mayor and Township Administrator, it was to late for the public to get involved and raise the funds. What good management and lies, Committee, Mayor and Administrator.

To the Edgewater Park Committee, Mayor and Township Administrator; shame on you for your actions and disrespect that you have shown towards our Veterans and their families and damn you for lying about the reasons for your actions.

If the Township Budget is in such bad shape I ask the following. Did you cancel your annual trip to the League of Municipalities Convention in Atlantic City this November? I know that the cost to the taxpayers could have paid more that half of the alleged parade cost of $10,000.

To the Township Committee and Mayor, you could have also donated part of your salary towards the parade cost, by following the example of former Committeeman VanBrunt, who donated his entire salary for portable defibrillator units. 

I just want to point out how our township used to fund a School Bazar, The Memorial Day Parade, Edgewater Park Day and the Fall Festival. Now we have none. The township used to support two senior groups, now we support none.

I hope that the residents who will be voting this November will remember how well this Township Committee and Administrator have mismanaged our township,  especially when you read their political propaganda, before voting.

We can expect more of the same from them this year, because they, Committee Mayor and Administrator, think you are so dedicated to the Democratic Party Click in control, you will not vote for a Republican running for Township Committee. 

If you want to see the results of this, you only need to look across the highway at Willingboro.

To you faithful readers from Beverly, soon you will have a Blog of your own. When it goes live, it will have a link from this Blog. It is good to see that this is catching on and maybe our Burlington City readers will have a Blog of their own.

The Edgewater Park Reporter 

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Edgewater Park Committee To Make Deal for Drive Inn Property

On 5/22/09 the BCT listed a Legal Notice from the Township Clerk/Administrator, that the Township Committee approved for final adoption, Ordinance No. 2009-6. 

This is "An Ordinance of the Township of Edgewater Park, in the County of Burlington, New Jersey, authorizing the township to sell certain real property in the township; Authorizing the preparation and execution of a Development Agreement between the Township and the Miller Group; further authorizing the preparation of an amended Redevelopment Plan for Block 1202, Lot 4.01 and other adjacent properties."  

When did Committee discuss the sale of the township owned property (Old Drive Inn), during a public meeting? Was this sale listed as an Agenda item of discussion for an open public meeting? Was it posted on the Township Web Site? How much will the Township receive for the sale of this property and when? Did the Township Committee get an appraisal of this property to establish a value?

Talk about sweet deals. Who is the Miller Group and why is the Township Committee giving them a Redevelopment Deal (Tax Abatement), without a Public Hearing?

Stay tuned Edgewater Park Taxpayers, your about to get fleeced again. When you have deals being made in the back room by the Township Committee, you know who is being screwed! The Edgewater Park Taxpayer.

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Sunday, May 24, 2009

To Our Veterans- Thanks for your service to our country

To Our Veterans;
We Thank You for Your Service
To Our Country
We honor your sacrifice
and will not forget!


Monday, May 18, 2009

Edgewater Park Committee To Layoff Employees

The E.P. Reporter was told tonight of plans by the Edgewater Park Township Committee and Administrator to layoff two Public Works and one Office Employee
This information may be discussed by committee at the Township Meeting Tue., May 19, 7pm.

The big question is, will this action by committee still mean that they and the Administrators still go to the Municipal Convention in November on the taxpayers dime and the backs of the Employees who are going to be laid off??
The residents and employees of Edgewater Park would be better served if the Big Cheese Administrator and her salary were put on hold, because she is responsable for the financial condition that the township is in. Big Cheese tells the Township Committee what to do and they do it no questions asked. Just look at the tax increases record the Big Cheese has rung up since being appointed Administrator.

I know MBF, you don't want the readers of this Blog to be confused by the facts. You want Zombie Citizens, who think they can get all the the facts that matter, in the Bee. 

Stay tuned.

The Edgewater Park Reporter 

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Edgewater Park Committee Not Supporting the Memorial Day Parade

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Name Withheld by The EP Reporter
To: EdgewaterPark Reporter <>
Sent: Tuesday, May 12, 2009 8:39:55 AM
Subject: Memorial Day Parade 

To: Edgewater Park Reporter

It is a sad state of affairs in Edgewater Park when we pull our sponsorship of the Memorial Day Parade which honors those who gave their lives for our country and our community. I have been a participant in the Memorial Day parade, first as a child and again as an adult leader of a youth organization.  Having grown up in Edgewater Park and currently a resident of this town, I am ashamed of this decision not to fund the parade and the fact that it will no longer end at the NATIONAL Cemetery which is located for the most part in Edgewater Park.

My family have always volunteered their time for charitable and civic organizations and I can not believe that other residents would not have responded to a call for help.  As it stated in the paper, the main reason was the overtime our town would have to spend on police.  Were any of the police asked to volunteer a few hours for this most important community event?  Or better yet, were any township employees or officials willing to volunteer to help on this a paid holiday for them?
Civic duty is the reason most people site as their reason for serving our community, so were they willing to volunteer to preserve our parade?

I still feel that if the community were informed that volunteers were needed to help control the parade route or any other task, many would respond (that is if the Beverly Bee was still mailed to the residents of Edgewater Park so they would know about it!)

It was offensive to read about this crisis in the Burlington County Times.  It put not only our community in a bad light but it also dishonored those brave heroes who served our country honorably.

I will proudly attend the parade in Beverly, although I usually watch it as it approaches the NATIONAL Cemetery and I will cheer for the bands and stand and applaud for the service units that protect our country.  I wonder where all of the people responsible for our non-participation will be?

------ End of Forwarded Message

This e-mailed comment, reflects most of the views we have received at the Blog, from Edgewater Park Residents, Veterans, and Family Members who's loved ones are buried in the Beverly National Cemetery as well as people who have attended the Parade in the past years and look forward to showing their respect and thanks to the Veterans by attending.

A big thumbs down to the Edgewater Park Committee for the decision not to support the Memorial Day Parade in Edgewater Park. 

Gee, when Chris VanBrunt served on Committee, he donated his salary to pay for portable defibrillators. Why can't the Township Committee donate part of their salary for the Memorial Day Parade? The Mayor has time to do this, thus saving the Parade, if she is as appreciative as her BCT letter to the editor stated. 

Put your money where your mouth is, as Chris VanBrunt did. It would set a great example, and would help in getting you re-elected.

The Edgewater Park Reporter  

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Green Cafe on Cooper St. Opens for Business

The Green Cafe has opened and you can read an interview by Robin Shreeves on her Blog, South Jersey Locavore.

If you have stopped in at The Green Cafe to sample the food, please send in your opinion of the food and service. 
Did anyone speak up at the Township Committee Meeting this past Tuesday about the 2009 Township Budget and Tax increase? 

The Reporter was emailed by a resident who no longer lives here, that she called Mayor Mount several times to ask why Edgewater Park Township was not supporting the Memorial Day Parade. When she finally spoke to the Mayor after several attempts, she was told that the Police overtime cost to much and that the National Cemetery was called The Beverly National Cemetery, not the Edgewater Park National Cemetery. 

Wow was she upset with the Mayor Mount's answers. She said that her family members who still live here in large numbers will here about the Mayor's sad excuses and general lack of historic knowledge of the Beverly National Cemetery and its ties to the Memorial Day Parade. She said the fact that the Mayor's attitude was an indication of a lack of respect towards the Veterans and their families, and is a reason to send the Mayor a message this November, by electing someone else.

By the way, the Fire Police could direct trafic, thus saving Police overtime, if that was the real reason for not supporting the Memorial Parade.

The Edgewater Park Reporter   

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Sounds Of Slience, E.P. 2009 Budget

Tuesday, May 5th at 7 PM, the Edgewater Park Township Committee will be meeting. If you check the May Calendar and the agenda for this meeting, you will see that the 2009 Budget is not being discussed. Why not? Most of the towns in the county have introduced their 2009 budgets, but not Edgewater Park.

Could it be, Committee and the Administrator are waiting for Summer to surprise us with another large tax increase. Summer is when most residents are busy with their families and activities, and not with a budget that should have been introduced or at least talked about at a public meeting.

The Sounds of Silence can only mean one thing, an August Sunrise! You know that envelope you get every year around the first of August, from the Township Tax Collector that tells you the new amount of taxes you are going to pay for the 2009 3rd and 4th quarter and 2010 1st and 2nd quarters property tax.

Be prepared! Remember how the Sewer Authorities Chairman, Dave Levay stated last year in the Bee, the spending and changes being implemented by the Sewer Authority Board would not increase the sewer tax? Did he lie to us or did we misunderstand his statement? 

If you have time stop and visit the Township Meeting, and ask what is going on with the 2009 budget and what kind of increase can we expect. You will probably get the sound of silence as an answer.

The Edgewater Park Reporter