Monday, May 4, 2009

The Sounds Of Slience, E.P. 2009 Budget

Tuesday, May 5th at 7 PM, the Edgewater Park Township Committee will be meeting. If you check the May Calendar and the agenda for this meeting, you will see that the 2009 Budget is not being discussed. Why not? Most of the towns in the county have introduced their 2009 budgets, but not Edgewater Park.

Could it be, Committee and the Administrator are waiting for Summer to surprise us with another large tax increase. Summer is when most residents are busy with their families and activities, and not with a budget that should have been introduced or at least talked about at a public meeting.

The Sounds of Silence can only mean one thing, an August Sunrise! You know that envelope you get every year around the first of August, from the Township Tax Collector that tells you the new amount of taxes you are going to pay for the 2009 3rd and 4th quarter and 2010 1st and 2nd quarters property tax.

Be prepared! Remember how the Sewer Authorities Chairman, Dave Levay stated last year in the Bee, the spending and changes being implemented by the Sewer Authority Board would not increase the sewer tax? Did he lie to us or did we misunderstand his statement? 

If you have time stop and visit the Township Meeting, and ask what is going on with the 2009 budget and what kind of increase can we expect. You will probably get the sound of silence as an answer.

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Anonymous said...

I just went down Cooper street to see the Green Organic Cafe' is open. I only have one question. If those two idiots think thier house was built in the early 1700's I can only imagine what organic means to them. I would love to see that kitchen and shoot that right down. Fraud on her house is one thing but advertising organic and not providing information to prove that it is is a step above false advertising I do beleive.

I think this is funny said...

What the hell is an Organic Cafe and why do we need one in Edgewater Park? I'm sure they'll do a lot of business with the clientle in Edgewater. Why not just name it Durka Durka Cafe, I think they'd do a better business.

I wonder if that's where the Sewerage Authority employees will eat their daily lunch? It's convenient, right next door, and the Administrator makes more than enough money to afford lunch out every day.