Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Edgewater Park Committee Kills 2009 Memorial Day Parade

The April 28, 2009 BCT article, about the Township Committee killing our township's support for the 2009 Memorial Day Parade has sparked anger with many residents. The rumor of the Committee pulling the plug has been making the rounds for the past three months, has now been confirmed with the BCT story, see link; 

Our soon-to-be former Mayor/Township Committeewoman Judy Hall, appears in this BCT article, to blame the Edgewater Park Police Dept. for the Township Committee's decision not to support the 2009 Memorial Day Parade. 

Why is this decision now being brought to our attention via the BCT? Didn't the Township Committee/Administrator know this months ago? If the E.P. Township Committee/Administrator, had explained the funding problem to the public, then maybe some of the Service/Social Clubs (Elks, American Legion, VFW, Rotary, Beverly A.C., Schools and Residents) would have had the time to solicit funds for the Parade. The handling of this issue is just the latest example of the bad decisions being made by our Edgewater Park Township Committee and Administration. Did you get your new Sewer Bill? Did it increase as we predicted on this Blog? 

The Memorial Day Parade has been an important event for Edgewater Park Residents and for the families who's members are buried in the Beverly National Cemetery, that is located in Edgewater Park. 

What a shame, and shame on the E.P. Township Committee/Administrator for this bad decision.

The cancellation of this years parade should not be blamed on our Police Dept., but is the responsibility of our Administration and Elected Officials. Just look at how they have spent our taxes these past six years. How many residents have you seen playing Boccie on the new boccie courts? Gee, couldn't the cost of the construction pay for several Memorial Day Parades?

To 'My Good Friend'; this story is a fact!, and is just one of the many facts this Blog has posted for the township resident's education and information. 

You seem to have a problem with the truth being published on this Blog about our Elected Officials/Administration and their decisions that effect our taxes and the quality of life issues they are responsible for. The other peoples names you keep bringing up, are not responsible for our taxes or decisions that do effect the residents of our town and the towns that surround us.

We will miss the Memorial Day Parade and the Ceremony held at the National Cemetery every year till now. To our vets, please do not interpret this as a lack of support for your service to our country. It is just a bad decision by our elected officials and administration.

Sadly, The Edgewater Park Reporter 


Anonymous said...

If things are so tight in town...get rid of the administrator's position. A township doesn't need an adminstrator they just need a clerk. Saving that salary will help! How about decreasing the professional services cost.

Anonymous said...

I think that the Township Committee and Sewer Authority members should forgo their drunken romp at the New Jersey League of Municipalities convention in Atlantic City and take the money they have budgeted and use to fund the parade. After all why do their spouses get to go on the tax payer’s dime too. It’s bad enough we have to pay for the Committee members and the Administrator to have a few days eating, drinking and partying. But do we have to pay for wives and husbands too. Does anyone know how much it cost a year? Come on do what’s right for once.

Anonymous said...

Just another sad statement of the affairs of our local government. The behind closed door dealings and keeping the constituents in the dark continues and will continue until this township wakes up! I am sure a local group of townsfolk would have come together and ponied up the money to save the parade. But our lunchlady oops mayor, would then have to admit some responsibility for the things that have gone terribly wrong since her reign of terror began. Come On EP residents...WAKE UP!!! (Using anonymous because I have seen first hand the reprisals of speaking your mind in this township!)

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, but last I heard we had a new mayor sworn in?
Did I miss something, or was in done behind closed doors, LOL?
Didn't the former Donna Azzert become mayor a few months ago? If so, why are people blaming Judy Hall? Just a suggestion, but maybe they should stay behind closed doors, because they (committee) have screwed up EP so bad, it can't be fixed?

Anonymous said...

Why is Ms Hall the still doing all the talking to BCT. Did I miss something, is she still the mayor or just in her mind.

Anonymous said...

Yes you did predict a sewer tax increase and Mr. Levay, sewer bd. chairman said in the Beverly Bee last year that there would not be a rate increase. I guess he has no professional credability now too. How could you be chairman and not know your financial status. I guess hiring an executive director of the sewer bd. was just a way of paying some male political patron more money for the same job the the woman admin. person did for less money. And don't tell me that he's an operator too because that's in license only, Willingboro is doing all the operator work. We just have middlemen taking our tax dollars and passing the work at higher costs to Willinboro MUA when the Sewer bd. had lower bids but didn't even consider them because they would rather spend more an an interlocal service agreement. Where's their collective brains? You shouldn't let your solicitor KM talk you into stupid decisions because he has political strings & motives. It's never too late to do the right thing for us EP taxpayers. Just vote like you're spending your own money!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the Sewer Authority?
Word has it that they are about to be hit with a huge lawsuit in the next few weeks, because they committed fraud against a resident of EP. I know the person first hand, and his goal is to put the Sewer Authority out of business. I hope he is successful and the ripp-off authority gets reduced to the one man operation it should be, instead of the political pension fund it is in reality.
Oh happy days!

Anonymous said...

Remember all of this when election time comes around. Remind others beginning in September about what the D's did to save money.
What is said now doesn't mean anything if it isn't brought up again before November.