Thursday, April 23, 2009

Beverly Democrats Want To Move Voting Districts to the Projects

(Light-Weight) Luis Crespo and the Beverly Democratic Party Officials demanded that the Board Of Elections move the Beverly Voting Districts from their present locations to the Beverly Housing Authority Office in the Delcove Home Projects.

This came about after the Beverly City Clerk first recommended that all the voting districts be consolidated in the Beverly Elementary School then sent a letter changing her recommendation  to the Delcove Homes location.
The Board of Elections vote was deadlocked  2 to 2. The two Democratic Members voted for the move to the Delcove Homes location, and the two Republican members voted for the districts to remain at their present locations. 

This location should make Beverly Voters feel safe when voting in future elections. The security for the Voters will be provided by the Bloods, Crypts, Latin Kings and the Muslim Over Everything (MOE) youth groups. These youth groups can sell their wares to encourage newly registered voters to vote and the increased auto traffic would not attract police attention. The gangs would be paid with whatever items of value they can confiscate from the voters and would cut down on policing cost.
Voter Security at at the New Polling Place in Beverly?

Wow what a great idea for Beverly. With ideas like this you can bet the Beverly Democratic Party will control Beverly until the last addict croaks. By then the middle class working residents will be long gone.

And yes what goes on in Beverly effects us here in Edgewater Park. Just look around!

The Edgewater Park Reporter 


little old lady said...

AMEN! 15% of the population 90% of the problem. I know I'm scared to go to that part of town too reporter. But what can we do about it? Please help!

Anonymous said...

Me thinks the punching bag just wants to get back to his business roots. Yea man.

Anonymous said...

Well the Dems are at it again! They are running two traitors, Crespo and Hitchner who both changed from Republican to Dem just to try to get elected. Crespo as Council President has cost the taxpayers well over $3,500 by filing false charges against Bob Thibault and Bob Germer. The charge against Germer, harassment, was literally thrown out of court by a Democrat conflict judge as phony, worthless, and a waste of time. The judge pointed out that the elements needed to prove harassment of a private citizen did not exist much less the much higher standard required when the "victim" is a public office holder.

Lying Luis the Traitor can at least claim some vindication in that the Democrat conflict judge who heard the case after LLtheT had it moved from Beverly, Edgewater, to Delanco and finally back to Beverly with a conflict Judge entered a guilty plea against Thibault which was promptly thrown out by the Superior Court which ruled in effect that no violation occurred.

Anonymous said...

Learn to duck 'L' learn to duck.
Oh I can see it now, our seniors going to vote in the projects office during a General Election in November when it is dark in the morning and night. I guess our Council thinks it will suppress opposition votes. Does 'GC' get paid for this? I think 'L' and 'GC' make a good pair.

Anonymous said...

Bob Germer, it's nice to see that you're still around and posting. Your writing style, the names you call, and the items to which you reference give you away every time.... Not to mention photos with your reflection in the mirror... And then you try to say that you weren't the originator of the post...