Friday, April 3, 2009

Fw: Jumped in the edgewater twp. bldg

I received the following emails from M.R., The first email on March 23 and the second email on March 30. M.R. I responded to both emails so I am assuming that your mail server may have blocked my responses. M.R., check your spam mail box as you may find them there.

I recommend the following coarses of action if you were treated in the manner you described. You need to file a complaint with the Township Administrator, Linda Dougherty and with the NJ Dept. of Community Affairs who is the State Agency that oversees construction inspectors.

I withheld the name of the inspector from the post because you have provided no proof of this alleged action.

M.R., in my response to your first email, I asked for you to send the additional information that you said would be forthcoming ("I have more to tell you if you care to hear more").

We decided to post your emails with the names removed so that you would know that we are very concerned about the treatment you allegedly received from the inspector, but we are also very surprised that the person (Inspector) you named, would act in that manor. We all know the person and have never observed them acting in the manner you described. This is why you need to file a complaint, so that no one else is treated in the way you state in your email.

Your name has also been withheld by us to protect you from reprisals.

The Edgewater Park Reporter

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From: M. R.@ withheld
Sent: Monday, March 23, 2009 6:16:55 PM
Subject: Jumped in the edgewater twp. bldg

I went in to the zoning office to find out about a deck that was being built behind our house and i was literally attacked by (Name Withheld by Reporter),if the office sec. didnt stop him i would have been attacked by him. I have more to tell you if you care to hear more. I can't believe how unprofessional that building is. This is pretty disgusting.

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From: M.R.@ withheld

Sent: Monday, March 30, 2009 9:49:10 AM

Subject: ruffed up in Township bldg.

I sent you an email last week and didn't get a response. Six people told me to let you know about what happened and i didn't get a response from you.


Anonymous said...

two sides to every story. sure would like to hear the inspectors side of this. for all we know this "name withheld" was a total jerk and went in there demanding things or not understanding the rules of setbacks etc. if it's true, the state should be hte one contacted. that is who looks over inspectors. but something tell me they won't hear about this because it probably didn't happen the way it was discribed.

Anonymous said...

well, it's kinda tense in at the township building. Maybe his job is on the line too. Make a complaint to the state.