Friday, February 29, 2008

Edgewater Park Mayor Hall Speaks out of both sides of her Mouth

I received the following e-mail today from JC of Edgewater Park;

"I am a resident of Edgewater Park and I think the tax problem is out of control. I did email the Mayor a few times and all she does is pass the buck and blame someone else for Edgewater Parks growing tax problem. The first time she told me Christie Whitman was to blame now she says they are not receiving any Federal help. I belive these people need to educate themselves as to how to run a township budget. I don't know what credentials these people have but money management is something they need to learn how to do.

J. did sign his name to his e-mail, but for his and his families safety, and to keep the inspectors from his door, I will not divulge it. Thank you J. for your thoughts.
The Big question of the month is;
WHO IS TELLING THE TRUTH about the Sewerage Authority 1/17/08 Eviction letter, MAYOR HALL or ADMINISTRATOR/ DOUGHERTY?
The Mayor claimed during her public statement, made at the Sewer Authorities Feb. 13 meeting, the "Business Administrator" and Township Solicitor wrote the 1/17/08 letter without clearing it with Committee or herself. Of course the letter shows ALL Members of Township Committee were copied.
Do you realy think Administrator/Clerk Dougherty would send a letter, giving notice to the EPSA, of Township Committee's intention of evicting them, and to have the EPSA out of the building by 8/30/08, without first clearing it with the Mayor and Committee?
Now I know Linda likes to order township employees and vendors around, and that she rules the office like Capt. Queeg, but I don't think she would go this far with her quest for power and control.
My vote is for the Mayor, as I have noticed when she talks, her mouth sort of divides and the words come from both sides.
You then hear the words of why; what you know to be true, is not what really happened because how could she, the nice school lunch room lady do such a thing. It is those evil people who don't agree with her, and would dare to question her motives, that are making her life so miserable. How could they do this to her, after all, she only wants to help the people and that she is new at this (4-yrs) .
Sob! sob! sob! O my, I just got all choked up, and started to feel sorry for our Mayor, but I am feeling the evil eye on me and the "did you know" "have you heard" street talk of her gosip gang.
I guess Mayor Hall fancies that she is Robbin Hood, except with a new concept; Take from the Taxpayer and Give to the Government. They (Twp Committee) need it more than you, after all, she has all kinds of special people that she needs to take care of, so those people can contribute to her campaign and give the Committee free tickets to sports events. Of course we pay when the township is billed for professional services.
Well have a good weekend, save your money for the tax increase and remember the Township Work Session, Tuesday (3/4/08) 7 PM. Of course the posted times for meetings can change and often do. Also, get your Organic Eggs from the Cooper St. Farm.
The Edgewater Park Reporter

Thursday, February 28, 2008

NJ DOT Rt 130 Pedestrian Improvement Recommendations

This information was sent to me from John Boyle of Edgewater Park. John is very active in bicycling circles. John has his own blog site the Philadelphia Bicycle News
I think you will find that it contains a lot of good and interesting information on the Philadelphia/South Jersey area other then Bicycling, and that you will find it very helpful with all things pertaining to bicycling.
The following is information John received from Sheree J. Davis, Bicycle & Pedestrian Manager, New Jersey DOT. John's e-mail started with; 
"Hi EP Reporter, Sheree Davis NJ DOT State Bicycle and Pedestrian Manager sent me this email. The DOT and the County conducted a safety audit at the intersection 130 and Woodlane and made recommendations following the death of Maria Carrion who was struck by vehicles while crossing the street Valentine's Day."

From Sheree;
"John: Just as an update to your concern about Route 130 and Levitt Parkway. Staff visited the site an have made recommendations for improvements. The recommendations are being forwarded to our Rapid Design Unit and once they are finished, the work will be done by our Region South Maintenance Crew. Recommendations include: moving the signal pole and the barrier back to make room for new crosswalk (across Rt 130), a new crosswalk on the Southeast and Southwest corners, count down pedestrian signals and signage.
Please know that our rapid design unit is very backed up, but we have the work in cue. No time frame can be given at this time.
Thanks again for your concern about this intersection and for bringing it to my attention.
Sheree J. Davis"
John is very much concerned about pedestrian and bike safety, and I am glad that he is on the case.
I just want to add that this past Sat. I was driving north on Rt. 130, and was stopped at the light at Levitt Parkway, when a car with PA tags made a U-turn as the light changed green. If a car was making a right turn from Woodlane, there would have been an accident. I think the running of lights and the illegal turns taking place on 130 are going to cause more serious accidents along this stretch  of 130. The count down pedestrian signals are a great idea and we should have them at every location that presently have the old type.
Thanks John
The Edgewater Park Reporter

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Cooper Street Flashing Lights

I hear that the contract for fixing up Cooper Street and West Franklin should be awarded soon. Well, thats great, because Cooper Street has become the gateway into Edgewater Park and I can't believe it has taken four years to get started. 

Mayor Hall blamed the delay on the Feds, but I remember two years ago when she attended a function at the Coopertown Meeting House, Mayor Hall was blaming Ex Committeeman VanBrunt (Chris works for the Cnty. Engineers Office I believe) and the county. She told this story when she was asked why nothing was happening. 
By the way, the township project engineer at that time didn't know that Cooper St was a County Road, but he got paid for the engineering and for screwing up.

Now a little history; Ex-Mayor Carol Ashinoff (2003) found information on street revitalization project grants being available to towns like Edgewater Park. Carol brought this to the attention of Administrator/Clerk Linda Dougherty. Linda didn't think the town qualified, but after reading information in the application she finally agreed to move forward, but asked to have West Franklin added to the request. The grant application was submitted by the Grant Writer working for Edgewater Park at the time and the grant was approved in 2003 for $410K. 
The engineering for this was started the following year (2004) and after a year of changes and screw-ups; sometime in 2005 the final drawings were completed and presented to the public. If you have old copies of the Beverly Bee you can read the comments of Committeewoman/Mayor Hall on this project. Compare the story in the BCT several weeks ago and the articles Mayor wrote in the Bee to see how the story changed.

If you are in any way familiar with construction and material cost, you know how much they have increased between 2004 and 2008. What we could have received in improvements in 2004 was a lot more then we will receive today. The four year delay has been very costly in the amount of improvements and benefits, Edgewater Park will receive for this project.
Now what are we going to get for Cooper Street, not a lot. We will get a total of 2 new historic street lamps, new sidewalks, curbs, street signs and trees, between the Railroad and the Franklin Ave intersection. And 2 new historic street lamps, no sidewalks or curbs from Franklin to Hendrickson. Wow!!! all of that for $400K. 
But I forgot West Franklin, home of many good friends of township committee and the mayor. Remember how Linda wanted W. Franklin added? Now many of you long time residents will remember, this will be the third revitalization of W. Franklin in 20 some years. Some of you may wonder why this street gets so much attention, well the way it works in Edgewater Park, it is who you know. 

We are going to spend money on a street that has had more than enough attention these past 20 years, at the expense of our "gateway street" Cooper St. The north side of the block, between Hendrickson and E. Franklin has no sidewalks and will get none with this project.
Well, this brings me to the meaning of the title. I was driving home this past Monday night coming from Rt. 130 and I was again blinded by the flashing lights on the "COOPER ST SIGN" and I realized that maybe this will be part of the new historic lighting our Mayor speaks about. One thing I am confused about, on the sign it list "Organic Eggs for Sale" what is that all about?
The Edgewater Park Reporter 

Monday, February 25, 2008

Burlington City and the BCT Public Relations Alliance

By now I am sure you have read the story in the Sunday edition of the BCT "Cameras could limit crime in Burl. City" by Lauri Sheibley.

The BCT story states Mayor Jim Fazzone wants the city to purchase 12 surveillance cameras to keep an eye on crime in the New Yorkshire neighborhood along with other crime ridden areas of the city. Some of the cameras would be able to detect the sound of gunshots. The city would hire new staff, to monitor the cameras and they would be able to adjust the cameras to zoom in on any illegal activity they spotted. The staff would then dispatch police to the site of the incident.
Mayor Fazzone would like to include the purchase of surveillance cameras in his annual 2008 budget, that has not been formally introduced to City Council by him.
Some members of the City Council are questioning the cost of the project and wondered if the city could get by with fewer cameras. Police Chief John Lazzarotti stated that, "This is what we thought we needed to get the job done". 
Mayor Fazzone admitted that the cameras would be expensive, and that he would seek out grant money to help cover the cost.
Mayor Fazzone said he believes the cameras would be worth the price. He stated "My question is, can we afford not to?"
Of course, the story doesn't give credit to the proper origin of the camera idea, the Police Department.
Why would Mayor Fazzone, be involved with a story about a project he doesn't have funding for? Could he be trying to give the impression to the residents, that he is doing something about Burlington's serious crime, and quality of life issues?
What you have in Burlington City, is a public relations campaign on the mayors behalf. Get enough "feel good" news stories in the BCT and the public thinks you are doing something to solve the problems, when in reality, nothing is changing except the jobs for his friends!

Wow, that is five big stories in the BCT written by Lauri Sheibley, about Mayor Fazzone in a one month period. I can't think of another town in the county, especially Burlington Cities size, that has gotten such press coverage. Hell the BCT reporters don't show up for meetings in Edgewater Park. They only publish stories when the E.P. Administrator and Mayor put out a press release.

Did you notice that the real substance of these BCT stories? Nothing in them is definite. The stories are full of wording like; "may move", "may be on board", "need additional loans", "demolition of six homes is a start", and "If the City Council Agrees to purchase". I call it, wishing language.
The BCT increased coverage, seems to have started with the newly elected Mayor Fazzone's term of office. Could it be that his friend John Alexander Director of Public Planning, is feeding stories to the BCT's  Lauri Sheibley?
One of John Alexander's previous careers was as a public relations writer. John also, may still be into a catering business with Edgewater Park Committeeman Tom Pullion.
I am amazed, that the BCT Editor hasn't sniffed this out, but then again, if you don't have to spend money sending a reporter to investigate the facts behind a story, but instead have them just write what they were given in a press release, you look good to the BCT owners. Maybe the BCT also likes the murders and crime stories in Burlington City, because it helps sell the paper.

Why didn't Mayor Fazzone wait until he had the projects funded, and a commitment from the businesses, before making a big news splash about wannabe projects? Why didn't he give credit to the department and city personal, who came up with the ideas'?
My congratulations to John Alexander, you are doing a good job for  Mayor Jim Fazzone. 
Lauri Sheibley and the BCT, you need to get out into the real neighborhoods, attend town meetings regularly, and ask tough questions of our elected officials and administrators. Quit giving them a free ride in your paper. Your circulation will continue to drop if you don't invest in good reporters and have the reporters visit our towns, and look for real news stories. I do miss the old beat reporters that you use to have, and their local interest news stories.
To my friends in Burlington City, please keep the information coming and I will post it. 

To Edgewater Park Mayor Hall, you see I don't just pick on you, I am an equal opportunity blogger, by pointing out inconstancies, and PR bull in the Burlington City Mayor's actions also.
The Edgewater Park Reporter

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Apology to Anonymous Feb 20 Comment Response, Ten Questions for Edgewater Park Township

I want to apologize to Anonymous (DJ), for my response to his comment posted Feb. 20 to my Jan. 21 blog post, "Ten Questions for Edgewater Park Township".

Anonymous said; 
"On questions concerning the Emergency Squad responses, you should be able to contact Burlington County Central Communications and get any information you are looking for through OPRA (the Open Public Records Act). As far as billing for service and the township contribution goes, feel free to contact the Beverly Squad at 609-386-7304 and leave a voicemail for the Chief or Deputy Chief."

My response was the subject of the Feb. 21 blog post "Comment Response to Ten Questions for Edgewater Park Township Committee"
I stated incorrectly that I thought Jim Daly or the Pony Lady sent the Anonymous Comment of Feb 20. The comment was sent by DJ. I will only use his initials here because I have not received his permission to use his full name.

In the follow-up email sent to me from DJ, he said;
 "I read your blog, and if you don't know me, I am also a tax payer in Edgewater Park and have some interest in our emergency services. Feel free to e-mail me regarding questions you may have, and I will do my best to answer in factual, non-biased way. Please understand that as a member of the emergency services, I feel that the general public does not understand much about how and what we do and I would like the opportunity to explain things before anything can become blown out of proportion.
DJ "

DJ will be sending in an guest editorial for the Blog's Wed. Guest Post, in the near future. I am looking forward to receiving and posting it.

The Edgewater Park Reporter 


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Edgewater Park Mayor Hall's Sewer Authority Eviction Letter Explanation

I just received an e-mail from someone who was at the Edgewater Park Sewer Authority Meeting last week on 2-13-08. They said that Mayor Hall spoke about the mysterious 1-17-08 Eviction Letter sent to the Authority. The Mayor claimed that the letter was not an eviction notice, but a notice about the need for more space for the Township Staff and Storage.

The Mayor stated that she talked many months ago, with a E.P. Fire Commissioner about moving them to a house on Cooper Street that the Township was negotiating to acquire. The Mayor said that the Township Committee planed to move the EPSA to the same location, if the deal went through.

One Authority Board Member stated that he didn't know what the Mayor's copy of the 1-17-08 said, but that his copy clearly stated the Authority was to be out of the Municipal Building by 8-31-08, and nowhere in his copy, did it mention the Township's idea of relocating the Authority to the "Cooper Street House".

Mayor Hall stated that the Township Committee didn't mean for the letter to be a notice of eviction. Mayor Hall publicly blamed the Business Administrator (is this a new township position ?) and Township Solicitor for the language in the 1-17-08 letter. She stated publicly, "The Township Committee was not aware of the language in the 1-17-08 letter". As you will see by going to the link below, the Mayor and Township Committee were copied on the 1-17-08 letter.

When I heard of the Mayor Hall's public comments made during the Public Portion of the EPSA 2-13-08 meeting, my reaction was, well my picture above says it all.

I find it hard to believe that the Township Administrator and the Township Committee, never reached out to the EPSA, to let them know what Township Committee's plans for the EPSA were.

According to the Mayor's 2-13-08 public statement, the Township Business Administrator (is this a new position?) and the Committee have been working on this for a long time.

Why didn't the Mayor, Township Committee and Administrator include the EPSA in the plan?

Why did the Mayor neglect to mention to the Fire Commissioner that she spoke to, that the Township planned to move the EPSA into the Cooper Street House along with the Fire Commission?

Why did the Mayor misstate the contents of the 1-17-08 letter, in a phone conversation with a resident she spoke to about it?

What is she hiding?

Again inquiring minds want to know.

See the link below for copies of the 1-17-08 letter, $12,000 check copy dated 1-9-08 that the Administrator returned to the EPSA and a copy of the Mayor's 2-5-08 letter to the ESPA.

To link for copies click on to see the copies.

I received the information listed in this post from EPSA Board Member's statements, e-mail's from residents who were in attendance of the ESPA meeting and from the Host of the link above. I have also received an e-mail to expect copies of all letters of correspondence between the EPSA and the Township of Edgewater Park between January 14, 2008, and February 21, 2008, as a result of an OPRA request. As soon as I receive the copies, I will post them.

Now honestly, the chutzpah of the Mayor Hall, who wants us to believe that the Township Administrator/Clerk, Linda Dougherty, would send a letter of this magnitude and not make the Mayor and Township Committee aware of it, especially since the Administrator sent it in the committee's name.

I don't believe it for one minute, but if it is true, the Township Committee has a big problem with our Administrator/Clerk.

The Township Committee held a public meeting, January 16, the night before the date of the 1-17-08 letter. During that meeting, the Township Committee never spoke publicly about sending any letter to the EPSA. The Township Committee did go into Closed Session that night, and may have discussed writing a letter, but they would be required by law, to come back into open session to take action on it. They did not do this!

So when did the Township Committee publicly take action and request the Township Administrator to send the "relocation letter" as the Mayor called it, or the "eviction letter" as the EPSA member called it? Riddle me that Batman.

More to follow,

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Comment Response to "Ten Questions for Edgewater Park Township Committee"

Jim, sorry that I didn't respond to the Comment sent Wednesday, February 20 at 2:50 AM, but Wednesdays' are set aside for the Guest Post.

I believe the following comment was sent by Jim Daly who is a Township Committeeman and Chief of the Beverly Squad.

"On questions concerning the Emergency Squad responses, you should be able co (misspelled by "Anonymous") contact Burlington County Central Communications and get any information you are looking for through OPRA (the Open Public Records Act). As far as billing for service and out (grammar error by "Anonymous") township contribution goes, feel free to contact the Beverly Squad at 609-386-7304 and leave a voicemail for the Chief or Deputy Chief.
Anonymous 2-20-2008 2:50 AM" 
Nice try Jim (could be the Pony Lady), but if I left a message I would need to leave a phone number and name, so the Chief or Deputy Chief could respond.  I would have the same issue with the B.C.C.C. OPRA request. If I did this, you would then know my identity and my life would never be the same. Your inspectors, troops and minions, would use every trick in Judy's book to destroy this blog and me. I guess you think I just fell off of the turnip truck. 

Why didn't you answer the questions listed in the Blog? You have the answers, just send them in and I will post them. What are you afraid of? 

Your problem is you take it personally when a taxpayer ask a question or has a difference of opinion with you. This questioning doesn't demean the services provided by the squad to our town. The Squad's service is of vital importance to our town. The $32,000 dollar donation by the Township is a lot of money, so information on the squad's responses, finances and viability are necessary to instill confidence in our community, with the Squads ability to serve us. 

If there are problems you as a "Public Official" need to address them and keep the Taxpayers informed. As the Chief you need to fix the problems.
I want to make it clear, the volunteers of the Beverly Squad, who donate their time and efforts serving our community, deserve our thanks, admiration and gratitude for the terrific job they do every day. Squad members are special people. If the public is aware of the plans and problems facing the Squad, perhaps some of your issues (money, supplies, volunteers) can be solved. 

More information will benefit you Chief not less, so just answer the questions asked in the Blog. I will post the answers. This Blog is read by many local residents as well as Township Officials.

My gratitude and thanks to the Volunteer Members of the Beverly Emergency Squad,

The Edgewater Park Reporter    

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Edgewater Park Happenings Guest Post- 3 Clerks of Edgewater Song

We three Clerks of Edgewater Park are,
Charging wages we work so far,
Office and meetings,
Minutes and elections,
Following yonder star.

O Clerk of wonder, Clerk of night,
Eastward leading,
Still proceeding,
Guide us to thy perfect might!

Born a Clerk on Edgewater's plain,
Taxes I bring to satisfy her again,
Clerk forever,
Ceasing never
Over us all to reign.

This is a song I wrote, to celebrate Edgewater Parks need for three Township Clerks. This must be a record for a town of our size in the State of  NJ. 

If you want to know why your taxes are high,
Just look at the Admin. Salaries and sigh.

I am a frequent Reader of this blog and hope you keep it going. I enjoy the stories and humor,


The Edgewater Park Reporter Thanks "SunshineWilly" for your contribution.  

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Edgewater Park Reporter New Disguises & Hideouts

I am really feeling the pressure from the Township Thought Police, who are trying to locate me. I hear that they have a new super duper radio blog detector, transmission altering, lazer firing, remote control car on loan from the State Police, with Special Home Land Security Forces as backups.  I now have resorted to radical disguises, some of them are clones of our township officials. Can you guess which ones? 

Ha, this could be a theme for some future poll. 

I think my best spot to hide is the Cooper Street Zoo. Nooooo township official would ever dare to look for me there, after all the "Farm" has special township protection. Is that like "Double Secret Probation"?? I guess I  just need to praise the mayor and administrator with a sign, and I will have no worries. I do have one problem though, it is tough typing on my keyboard with these hooves. How does she do it? You know the Pony Lady.

Tomorrow is the guest blog, and who knows what could be posted, oh yea The Shadow knows!!!!

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Edgewater Park Reporter In My New Disguise and the Hunters

I was working on my earlier post in disguise, when I was surprised by Special Agents of the Edgewater Park Thought Police. Fortunately for my disguise, I did not raise their suspicions and was able to escape. I did hear them talking about the pressure in finding me from their superiors because of the increasing readership of the blog and the Township State Secrets being reveled. I will need to change into a new disguise and find a new location for posting the blog.

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Monday, February 18, 2008

Edgewater Park Municipal Bldg. Bad Paint Job Colors

Have you seen the new paint job being done on our Municipal Building? When I went to vote in the Fire District Election this past Saturday, I noticed that there were painters working in the Municipal Building and couldn't believe the colors. If you want another reason to understand your tax increases this speaks volumes about the priorities being set by our Administrator and Committee. I also noticed the new furniture that has been purchased. 
Now don't get me wrong, I think that the building needs to be kept up, clean and functional, but with the tax increases committee has burdened us with, I think this is tax money that didn't need to be spent at this time. What will really get your attention are the choice of colors, Yuck!!!! What pukey gaging colors to have selected. Who picked them out? Whoever did must be using mind control to make the atmosphere so unpleasant, no taxpayer will linger in the building. I feel bad for the employees, but this paint job just reflects the atmosphere under which they are working. 
You can check out the color selection tomorrow night when you come to see your committee at work, 7:00 pm. The meeting is listed as starting at 7 PM in the Beverly Bee, but 7:30 PM in the BCT. I would come at 7 PM. 
The Edgewater Park Reporter

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Burlington City Cut Police OT But Create New Position

I was able to confirm today, that Burlington City is cutting Police Overtime by $68K and yet they created a new position for a friend of Mayor Fazzone. 

The salary is rumored to be at least $60K for John Alexander as Director of Public Planning. With all of the gang and drug  problems plaguing the City, you have to wonder where the priorities of the Mayor and Council are.

The picture to the right, is the mayor's answer to saving money in the B.C. police budget. The new cars are compact and get great gas mileage.

The following is the E-mail I received this past week and would not post until I was able to confirm it and is rather sobering in content.

"Dear Edgewater Park Reporter,

I was in Doc's Pub the other day and heard some interesting information. Perhaps you can shed some light on it.
The new mayor of Burlington City, Jim Fazzone and his elected running mates, appointed and approved the hiring of Fazzone's long time friend John Alexander of Edgewater Park. Alexander will be the Director of Public Planning with an annual salary rumored to be $60,000 annually. At the same time Fazzone et al. budget cuts to our police department's overtime reported to be around $68,000. Burlington City has had numerous shootings and even double shootings recently in the Yorkshire section. Yet this new administration would rather hire "event planners" rather than solve crimes, evidently even shootings and homicides. Fazzone also hired a new administrator while keeping on the previous administrator, Robin Snodgrass, as assistant administrator, a position that had not previously existed under Snodgrass' management. We can only hope the new mayor doesn't have too many more friends that he owes jobs to because they gave him  jobs in the past. I heard that Alexander previously hired Fazzone for a school position in E.P.. I guess he could cut our Fire Departments' appropriations too if he needs more money for his cronies' salaries. Where does it end? There is no concern anymore by politicians for public opinion even regarding the appearance of inappropriate or unethical decision making or hiring practices. 

A Public Safety Volunteer from the B.C.F.D."

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Edgewater Park Fire District Election Results

Fire District Election Results

Tim Joo 49
Cal Stevenson 52

Fire Budget
Yes 36
No 17

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Pedestrian Fatality at Levitt Parkway

As you know all the intersections on US 130 are extremely hazardous for pedestrians. Jersey barriers force pedestrians into the intersection and there are no marked crosswalks or pedestrian signals.

I wrote about the intersection in WalkBikeJersey Blog

John Boyle

Courier Post Article on Pedestrian Fatality 

Friday, February 15, 2008

Edgewater park Fire District Election Saturday

Remember to Vote tomorrow, Saturday, February 16. The two running are unopposed but because Fire District Elections have a low turnout, a write-in candidate could win this election.

The Fire District will not have a tax increase. To bad our Township Committee can't manage our municipal budget the same way. Please vote for the budget.

On another subject, I may have some additional information on the Burlington City Story that I reported on a few blogs ago. If I am able to confirm this information, I will report on it this weekend. 

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Edgewater Park Thought Police

How could you doubt, that we know what is best for Edgewater Park??? 
Our track record of tax increases for the last four years is undeniable. 
We are using Willingboro as our roll model and example. In fact if we keep up with our plans maybe Willingboro will take us back, since we split from them so long ago, and they are such a great example of a well run town.
The Thought Police 

Edgewater Park Public Peace and Welfare Ordinance

Dear Edgewater Park Reporter,
I wanted to know if you'd assist me in getting the matter within by attached letter, which I just sent to the clerk, address by the Committee. I've also posted the letter on-line at

As you can see, I'm asking the Committee to review it's "disorderly conduct" ordinance. As you can see from the letter, I am concerned by having invalid laws on the books because police can sometimes use them selectively to harass and arrest people who aren't doing anything but exercising their rights. Besides this principled objection, there's a real possibility that the Township could be sued successfully if it enforces this ordinance.

The ordinance itself is at;

Would you put this letter or an article referencing it on your blog?

Please let me know. Thank you.

John Paff 

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Edgewater Park Building Permits (Wed. Guest Post)

Why are some Edgewater Park property owners not required to get building permits for ALL work being do on their property. These property owners have very deep pockets and have stated they have good lawyers and that the township will not bother them because of this. The work that has been done to their properties is beautiful and has no doubt increased the values of the neighborhood.

Now if the Average Joe tried this, they would find themselves in municipal court and rightfully so. It is not fair to allow rich and powerful property owners to make improvments and not get building permits for work being done. These improvements are not being taxed because of no permit. The Average Joe who got his permit, will be taxed on the improvement. Is that fair?
Post a comment if you are aware of this practice going on in your neighborhood.
emerald isle

Sometime when you have a free moment, ask to see the property record cards of the largest homes in Edgewater Park, to see what permits were applied for. The property record cards are available and open to public inspection.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Edgewater Park Open Space Tax

I have a suggestion for lowering our property tax by 1¢. 

We need to eliminate the Open Space Tax that was approved in 2000 since the Township Committee has taken the stance that the town needs to allow for the development of housing on the remaining open space. In fact the mayor stated in her September 2006 Beverly Bee Mayor's message, "A county report provided to the township clearly states that Edgewater Park has more than enough open space for the size and population of our community." 

Township Committee members, Mayor Judy Hall, Tom Pullion, Jim Daly and the Administrator Linda Dougherty have publicly stated that they are not in favor of purchasing development rights or land, with the Open Space Tax Money. They have instead, used the Open Space Tax money to pay for Recreation Maintenance Projects.
The Open Space Tax and Ordinance passed in 2000 allows for some of the open space tax revenues to be used for maintenance of land purchased to be preserved. I am not aware that the township has purchased any land for open space preservation. The township may have used open space funds to pay some of the purchase expenses for the land on Bridgeboro Rd that was slated for Affordable Housing Townhouses. This Bridgeboro Rd property doesn't require the total Annual Open Space Tax to maintain this property. In fact I think the township only cuts the grass in the road right-a-way. Try getting away with that on Stevenson Ave.

To be fair to the Township Committee and Administrator, the amount of Open Space Tax collected since 2001 is approximately only $212,202.00 dollars and that clearly is not enough to purchase any of the remaining farmland or open space. 

But what the Township Committee and Administrator would not say, is any NJ municipality that has an Open Space Tax, can qualify for grants from the State Green Acre Fund for up to 50% of the cost and grants from the County, for 25% of the cost. This would leave the township with responsibility for 25% of the cost. The township can bond (borrow) at a low interest rate for this 25% and use the Open Space Tax to pay back the low interest loan . This system was created by the state to give municipalities the incentive to preserve open space.

Did you know that the town was awarded a Green Acre's Grant for $500,000 a few years ago and walked away from it (see 4/4/06 & 4/6/06 correction BCT articles)?
I believe the total amount approved for this Open Space Project was $1.15 million dollars, with a State grant of $500,000. The County would have kicked in $250,000 leaving the township responsible for the remaining $400,000 to be funded by the township. The township would have floated a bond and that bond would have been paid for with the open space tax. The bond repayment could have been structured so that the  annual payments would not have exceed the annual amount of open space tax collected. 

In 2006, our Township Committee and Administrator decided to use regular tax dollars and borrowing, to pay for the properties that were purchased as part of the open space plan, and that were to be paid for with the existing 1¢ open space tax and grants.
Are you starting to get the picture as to why your local taxes are increasing so dramatically!!

More on this in the future,
The Edgewater Park Reporter

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Personal Derogatory Comments and Edgewater Park Twp Meetings

Hi, just got back from a weekend trip and found several derogatory comments about people that were the subjects of several of my postings. 

I will not post any comments that are derogatory in nature or comments that I know to be false.

I want to encourage as many comments as possible about the subjects in my post, so please refrain from derogatory comments.

Township events coming up this week are , the Sewer Authority will meet Wednesday, Feb. 13 at 6:15 PM. They will be having their reorganization. Good time to see about the eviction.

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Friday, February 8, 2008

Poking Fun at a Serious Subject, Intimidation by Township Officials

I guess by now you have seen enough of the picture humor staring some of our Township Officials. I have chosen this type of humor to illustrate the intimidation tactics that are used by these officials.
I received my first response from Carol M. and Anonymous, the day after I published the E.P. Selective Ordinance Enforcement Post. Carol stated in her E-mail to me, that the blog had been brought to her attention, otherwise she would not have known about it. 
I suspect Carol was contacted by the mayor, administrator or both. They have done this before.

If you are wondering why some people can do whatever they want, and not have to answer for it, it is because they are of use to township officials. Guess how.

I am enjoying the scurrying taking place, in the attempt to find out who I am. 

Well, Township Officials, I am a neighbor, a taxpayer, a friend, a relative and a critic. I am a young person and I am a seasoned senior citizen. I can think of no better way then this blog to get information out to the Edgewater Park residents.

Hope you are listening,

The Edgewater Park Reporter who is posting this blog from his new hiding spot. 

E. Franklin Guy found these guys on his computer today

How to get a digital converter

If you own a TV that doesn't have a digital receiver (old TV), you will not be able to use it after Feb. 18, 2009. The full power TV stations will stop broadcasting an analog signal on that date. Anyone who doesn't own a digital TV or have cable service, can still use your TV if you purchase a special converter box.

Starting Feb. 17, the Department of Commerce will start distributing goverment $40 coupons to help pay some of the cost for the converter box. You are entitled 2 coupons per household (must be used within 90 days of being mailed). You can then use the coupon at the following chain stores that have agreed to stock them; Best Buy, Radio Shack and WalMart. Other stores should be able to the coupons according to the department news release.

To request a coupon you can call (888) 388-2009 or online at

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Thursday, February 7, 2008

"Dear Blog Owner, there are electronic methods to find out who you are"

We will employ all methods to find you. The pictures below are some of our "Special Homeland Security Forces" looking to home in on your blog signal. We will find you and force you to see things our way. You have been warned!!!!!

E-mail From Carol Moore, This E-mail speaks volumes

Dear Edgewater Park Reporter. It is really great that you have caused such a 'stir' in EP. Our town folks have become complacent, and any attempt to 'invigorate' them is good. But you must check your facts. A blog yesterday was brought to my attention regarding the Whitebriar Bed & Breakfast Inn's Business that I have developed over the past 40 years. The 'blog' questioned the 'licensing' and 'inspections' for all my businesses, and before you 'Defame a persons Business' you should check out the facts.

I scrub floors, clean toilets, and make beds for a living, and I did this the whole time I was teaching full time. I have been licensed with the State of New Jersey for many decades, long before any ordinances in E.P. related to Bed and Breakfast Inn's. My Collectibles shop was approved by Edgewater Park many decades ago, and is inspected by various State Agencies some 11 times each year, and 12 times on a 5 year rotation. Although I have 'raised children in my home' for 40 years, as a 'certified Day Care Provider' by the County and State, it was only two decades ago that I became 'certified with the State of N.J.' as a 'licensed Day Camp'.

The next time you run down some one's hard earned business, make sure you check your fact and don't leave yourself 'open' for libelous action. Fortunately, I am 61, and am proud of the local Discounted Rate I Give to Edgewater Park/Beverly Residents who bring their friends and families to stay with me. As a matter of fact, why don't you 'make believe' your are a perspective 'customer' and come on over, and you'll see all the 'up to date' licenses hanging, framed, under glass in each of my buildings. I welcome your visit, and enjoy reading your blog....I am a first time reader, and wouldn't have found you unless some one called to say you had 'put down' my business reputation, thusly I am the 'only' Bed and Breakfast in Edgewater Park.

Also, if you have never 'run for office' or 'volunteered as a Public official', I think you might want to 'try it'. I did, when I ran for N.J. State Senate against Senatoor Diane Allen, and I learned the hard way that it is not easy. Seven Inspectors arrived on my porch, sent by my own Republican Party, to try to intimidate me from running for State Senate. I welcomed them in, and they left with a smile. After all, Honest people have nothing to fear from facts, figures, inspectors and the truth. It's only those who 'toss stones' without verifying the information that actually get hurt in the scheme of things.

I enjoyed your blog, and welcome any interaction.

P.S. Sorry I took up so much time, You probably have a ton of 'stuff' to read, but I did try to post on  your site information about the 50th Birthday of Willingboro/Levittown 1958-2008. If you find it inappropriate, you, as 'editor' may delete it, but we do have alot of Edgewater Park residents who grew up in WB during those years. It would be gracious of you to include it if you have the space. I will attach to this e mail the schedule of events, and the committee members, so you can know that we are sanctioned by the Twp WB and are legitimate.

Thank you for listening,Carol Moore, Owner Whitebriar, and Volunteer Secretary for the 50th Birthday of Willingboro/levitton 1958-2008. Thanks again

Edgewater Park Residents, Wow

I struck a nerve with my post on selective enforcement.
In the late hours of last evening, I received a flurry of comments directed to my Tuesday Post (2/5/08). 

I did not post 4 comments that were ads for The Cooper Street Property, you know the one that is residential, and I did not post the 2 "Anonymous" comments that were personal gossip and personal allegations.
I will not post Ads, nor will I post personal information on this blog. 

This is the type of intimidation I wrote about. 

Obviously our Mayor/Administrator were out yesterday soliciting the support of their groupies, and asking them to send in comments. 

To "Anonymous", your comment about the "powers to be" securing this web site because of "threats against fellow neighbors in the community of Edgewater Park", would you please indicate the posting by title and date that the alleged neighbor threat was made. I did get a kick out of your "Dear Blog Owner, there are electronic methods to find out who you are." Is that a threat?

I think the groupie response shows clearly how our mayor and administrator operate. If they put as much effort into managing our town, keeping taxes and spending under control, and not use the power of their office to stifle honest debate and suggestions, there would be no need for this blog. I would have no material to write about. 

Our past committee people of both parities and our past Administrators did a good job of managing our town. It was a town that people wanted to move to. That can't be said now.

I have to go now, because the directional finding trucks are in the neighborhood. I need to close down posting operations before they capture me.  I don't want to be water boarded.

See you soon from my new location,
The Edgewater Park Reporter   

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Edgewater Park Township Committee and the Essex Mountain Sanatorium

Check out this Site and the following link;;actiondisplay;num=1186368251 
When the page opens click on Off Topics and then Page 3, click on top item "A TEST CASE??" and read.

This site is where some of the intelligent township committee ordinances are studied.

The Edgewater Park Reporter 

Edgewater Park Happenings Guest Post

I  am starting a new idea today. I plan to have a guest post each Wednesday. This will allow for a different perspective and hopefully spawn comments to the post. Tonight will be the first and if you would like to contribute, please send you blog posting to;
On to my guest Howard S. post,
The Edgewater Park Reporter
Much like the Beverly Bee, the former Soviet Union had TASS, the State run newspaper informing the residents of all the news that was first censored and fit to print. 
Madame Comrade Mayor for life Hall indoctrinates her citizens winning their harts and minds through her monthly articles much like Fidel and Stalin did many years ago. Anyone that opposes her, gets a visit from the secret police (Code Enforcement) for reeducation, they also may be scolded in the next issue of the Bee. If they are really defiant Madame Comrade Mayor for Life has her minions write letters to the editor condemning you. 
Since we the tax payers are paying for this periodical shouldn't we have a say in what goes into our newspaper Comrade Mayor? But it seems that your Minister of Propaganda denies the will of the people so she can be focused in articles that are written by authors that go un-identified. Maybe in 08 the Iron Wall will fall in Edgewater Park and democracy will be reborn. Vivia the Revolution!


Howard S.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What Edgewater Park Selective Ordinance Enforcement

As I was driving down Cooper Street to vote, I saw a sign with a message stating what candidate to vote for. 

This message helped me make up my mind because I was still undecided at the time. I am an Undeclared voter, so I can declare a party when I vote in a primary election.

But I digress, in passing the residential property that has this large sign, I was again, reminded of how fairly our Zoning and Property Maintenance Ordinances are enforced. 

I wondered how you can run a Bed and Breakfast Inn, that serves food, hold a summer camp, sell goods, hold conferences and have a large sign that advertises e-v-e-r-y thing including a message wishing our mayor the best, and not have a variance approving those uses, along with a Board of Health Food Handling License, Bd of Health and Sanitary Inspections, Public Building (Bed & Breakfast Inn) Inspections and approvals to run a summer camp.
Now if you happen to like wild flowers and the natural benefits they bring, and you create a wild flower meadow on your property, don't to do it across the street from property that is owned by our mayor. If you do, your property will be deemed an eyesore and a public nuisance, you will feel the weight of every Edgewater Park Inspector, enforcing every ordinance in the book, and the Administrator making sure that if you challenge her, it will cost you big time legal fees to defend and you will never recover if you were successful in your court defense. 

Ahh, the rules are different if you are a friend to the mayor. If you post get well messages on a large lighted sign in front of your home, you can advertise as Bed & Breakfast Inn ( Run a Boarding House) and it is ok with the Administrator, who lives next door to the mayor. 

See I was confused. Edgewater Park enforces its ordinances equally, fairly and uniformly.

The Edgewater Park Reporter   

Monday, February 4, 2008

Edgewater Park Township Meeting & Presidential Primary

Reminder, the Township Committee will be meeting tomorrow at 7:00 PM. They usually meet in the Judges Chamber (side door room to the left). 

You will need to bring your own egg timer along with your list of questions. If you find your question isn't answered, and the mayor says your time has elapsed (3 min), tell her you will not sit down till your question is answered. Don't be intimidated!!

I have included a few questions you may want to ask.

Ask them if they are evicting the Fire Commission and Sewer Authority and if they thought of the inconvenience this will cause our senior citizens who usually pay their Sewer Fee when they pay their Property Tax. Also ask if this eviction will increase the operating expenses for the Fire Commission and Sewer Authority. Jim Daly, Sewer Bd member, should be able to answer for the Authority.
Ask for copies of the approved Township Committee Minutes (open & closed).
Ask about the 2008 Budget and its progress. When will they introduce it?

My second subject tonight is the Presidential Primary.

Please vote tomorrow. I know that it may take an extra 15 minutes from your day but 14 of those minutes are spent speaking with your neighbors who are voting with you or are working at the polls. Treat those Poll Workers kindly, they started around 5:30AM and will not finish until 8:30PM. That is a lon-----g day.
Thanks Poll Workers, I know you get paid  big $$$,$$$.$$----------- just kidding.

Oh, I can't resist this one last comment. Remember how our Wonderful State Legislators have been trying to control state spending, well check out the cost of holding two primary elections in one year. Thats right, two. The Presidential primary tomorrow and the primary to be held in June, for the rest of the State, County and Local Offices.

The Legislators could have included the Fire District Elections with tomorrows primary to save on the cost (Fire District Elections are held the Saturday before President's Day) but they didn't. They are truly looking out for our tax dollar. 


The Edgewater Park Reporter


Did you see the BCT story on the Beverly City Political Web sites in todays edition? Check it out by going to the BCT link on the left of this page.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Edgewater Park, The Beverly Bee and our Mayor

I received the February Issue of the Beverly Bee yesterday, but read it today.

I have to remark on the differences between how the three towns (Beverly, Delanco & Edgewater Park) contribute to their Feature Sections.
The Beverly and Delanco Sections are about informing their residents with general information, town events taking place, spotlighting township employees, residents and institutions in their town. I do not recall seeing any articles that smacked of politics.

Not so for the Edgewater Park Section,  just review the last four years of Bee editions, to compare the differences and tone between the articles.

Did you know that if you have any announcement or point of view, you must submit it to the Township Administrator before it can appear in the Edgewater Park section, and fat chance if you do not agree her point of view or have been a pain in her a--.
The only way you can contribute a story, point of view, organization information that is not approved by the Administrator, is too send your article to the Bee Editor and hope she has enough space to print it. I will say that as long as your article is to the point and factual the Bee will print it, but not in the township's section of the Bee.

An additional observation I have is how our Mayor always is able to insert her little digs and comments while she tugs at your heartstrings with emotional issues. Now don't get me wrong, I think the anecdotal-hart warming stories are appropriate for the mayor to write about, but I do not think that it is appropriate for her political digs to be part of the same message. This is a subtle tactic she uses to cover her true political intensions. The key to spotting this is when she uses the terms, "I heard", "I was told", "That family", "I just want to help," "I am new at this","why are they picking on me", excreta, to take swipes at those she has a difference with. Most long time residents are afraid to publicly differ with her, because they know how she uses her "gossip network" of family, friends and acquaintances, to whisper rumors and gossip to undermine her critics.
I have to hand it too the mayor, there is no one better at this tactic.

I hope that you will take what you read including this blog, with a grain of salt untill you check out the facts and you will find it difficult to get the facts from the township, but if you use the OPRA and Sunshine Laws and your own perseverance, you should be able and get them.
This fact checking and questioning, is what is no longer being done by township residents, reporters and newspapers, unless it is a large controversial story.
Remember, our troops and your involvement are what keeps us free.

The Edgewater Park Reporter 

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Reflection on the January 08 Blogs

Hopefully you have found the postings this past January informative and fun. I wanted to start sooner but the holidays, The cleaning up afterwords and then rest, I finally got down to work on it.
This blog is a work in progress and I am looking for ways to make it more informative, fun, and interesting. I will also post in red, corrections to any of my post, when I verify the information that I posted is incorrect, with the correction. I did this with my 2/1/08 post. 
Below I have listed my goals for this blog. Please let me know how I am doing.

1. Encourage former residents link up with the "E. P. Happenings" and get the hometown news. 
2. Encourage visitors that have another point of view to post it. 
3. Encourage the elected officials and administration read this blog and consider the suggestions and comments posted on it. 
4. Keep the topics fresh and up-to-date.
5. That this blog causes more residents to want to get involved and               to participate in government. 
6. I want to ruffle feathers, hold officials accountable for their decisions and to lower taxes.
7. I want to provide more stories on Edgewater Park's History.
8. I want to provide more photographs of town, its residents both past and present.
9. I want to provide stories about the people who had and are having an impact on Edgewater Park.

All of this will be a tall order, but I am having fun.

See you in the AM and thank you for blogging with me,
The Edgewater Park Reporter  (E-mail Address)  

Friday, February 1, 2008

Is Jim Fazzone, Mayor Burlington City Working for Edgewater Park Schools?

According to sources in Burlington City Hall, Mayor Jim Fazzone is in the Burlington City Hall all day, every day. My question is, if Jim is in the Burlington City Hall all day, are the Edgewater Park Taxpayers paying Dr. James Fazzone a salary as Director Tuition Program for Edgewater Park Schools?

Could a deal have been made for Jim Fazzone to hire John Alexander (member of the Edgewater Park School Bd.) as his Director of Public Affairs (see link above for story). Didn't Jim and John go to school together? Wasn't John Alexander a School Bd Member when the School Bd hired Jim Fazzone as the Director Tuition Program for Edgewater park Schools?

Inquiring minds want to know.
I have a correction to make and it is good news for EP taxpayers. 
I received an E-mail from a person who wishes to remain anonymous because they work for the School District, that Jim no longer works for the EP School District. This information will be updated with the date that Jim left the district, when confirmed. 

This still doesn't erase the fact that Jim worked for our school district and was hired by the School Bd with the following members, John Alexander (Democratic District 1 Committeeman & hired by Jim Fazzone), Karen Daly (Committeeman Daly's wife), Susan Strasser (Democratic District 2 Committeewoman), Lester Holley (Democratic District 5 Committeeman) and Matt Coyle (Democratic District 6 Committeeman). I may be wrong about Karen Daly being a School Bd Member when Jim was hired, and if so, Karen Daly replaced Donna Atzert on the School Bd when Donna was elected to Township Committee. Donna Atzert (Democratic District 2 Committeewoman) brother Darren, was on Township Committee at the time of Jim Fazzone's hiring. 

Please comment if you have any additional information on this subject.

The Edgewater Park Reporter