Saturday, February 2, 2008

Reflection on the January 08 Blogs

Hopefully you have found the postings this past January informative and fun. I wanted to start sooner but the holidays, The cleaning up afterwords and then rest, I finally got down to work on it.
This blog is a work in progress and I am looking for ways to make it more informative, fun, and interesting. I will also post in red, corrections to any of my post, when I verify the information that I posted is incorrect, with the correction. I did this with my 2/1/08 post. 
Below I have listed my goals for this blog. Please let me know how I am doing.

1. Encourage former residents link up with the "E. P. Happenings" and get the hometown news. 
2. Encourage visitors that have another point of view to post it. 
3. Encourage the elected officials and administration read this blog and consider the suggestions and comments posted on it. 
4. Keep the topics fresh and up-to-date.
5. That this blog causes more residents to want to get involved and               to participate in government. 
6. I want to ruffle feathers, hold officials accountable for their decisions and to lower taxes.
7. I want to provide more stories on Edgewater Park's History.
8. I want to provide more photographs of town, its residents both past and present.
9. I want to provide stories about the people who had and are having an impact on Edgewater Park.

All of this will be a tall order, but I am having fun.

See you in the AM and thank you for blogging with me,
The Edgewater Park Reporter  (E-mail Address)  

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