Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Edgewater Park Reporter New Disguises & Hideouts

I am really feeling the pressure from the Township Thought Police, who are trying to locate me. I hear that they have a new super duper radio blog detector, transmission altering, lazer firing, remote control car on loan from the State Police, with Special Home Land Security Forces as backups.  I now have resorted to radical disguises, some of them are clones of our township officials. Can you guess which ones? 

Ha, this could be a theme for some future poll. 

I think my best spot to hide is the Cooper Street Zoo. Nooooo township official would ever dare to look for me there, after all the "Farm" has special township protection. Is that like "Double Secret Probation"?? I guess I  just need to praise the mayor and administrator with a sign, and I will have no worries. I do have one problem though, it is tough typing on my keyboard with these hooves. How does she do it? You know the Pony Lady.

Tomorrow is the guest blog, and who knows what could be posted, oh yea The Shadow knows!!!!

The Edgewater Park Reporter

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