Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Edgewater Park Happenings Guest Post- 3 Clerks of Edgewater Song

We three Clerks of Edgewater Park are,
Charging wages we work so far,
Office and meetings,
Minutes and elections,
Following yonder star.

O Clerk of wonder, Clerk of night,
Eastward leading,
Still proceeding,
Guide us to thy perfect might!

Born a Clerk on Edgewater's plain,
Taxes I bring to satisfy her again,
Clerk forever,
Ceasing never
Over us all to reign.

This is a song I wrote, to celebrate Edgewater Parks need for three Township Clerks. This must be a record for a town of our size in the State of  NJ. 

If you want to know why your taxes are high,
Just look at the Admin. Salaries and sigh.

I am a frequent Reader of this blog and hope you keep it going. I enjoy the stories and humor,


The Edgewater Park Reporter Thanks "SunshineWilly" for your contribution.  

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bluesbloger said...

Why do we have 3 clerks? I understand if you go to meetings you can't get copies of meeting minuets any correspondence letters and that agendas are incomplete. I thought they were supposed to have this stuff at all meetings. What's up? Maybe you can find out and do a story. O, I have another question, if the meeting is listed on the web and in the paper for starting at 7 don't they have to start then? I stopped last week and people were in the meeting room but I was told the politicians were meeting in the conference room and we weren't allowed in, so I left.