Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What Edgewater Park Selective Ordinance Enforcement

As I was driving down Cooper Street to vote, I saw a sign with a message stating what candidate to vote for. 

This message helped me make up my mind because I was still undecided at the time. I am an Undeclared voter, so I can declare a party when I vote in a primary election.

But I digress, in passing the residential property that has this large sign, I was again, reminded of how fairly our Zoning and Property Maintenance Ordinances are enforced. 

I wondered how you can run a Bed and Breakfast Inn, that serves food, hold a summer camp, sell goods, hold conferences and have a large sign that advertises e-v-e-r-y thing including a message wishing our mayor the best, and not have a variance approving those uses, along with a Board of Health Food Handling License, Bd of Health and Sanitary Inspections, Public Building (Bed & Breakfast Inn) Inspections and approvals to run a summer camp.
Now if you happen to like wild flowers and the natural benefits they bring, and you create a wild flower meadow on your property, don't to do it across the street from property that is owned by our mayor. If you do, your property will be deemed an eyesore and a public nuisance, you will feel the weight of every Edgewater Park Inspector, enforcing every ordinance in the book, and the Administrator making sure that if you challenge her, it will cost you big time legal fees to defend and you will never recover if you were successful in your court defense. 

Ahh, the rules are different if you are a friend to the mayor. If you post get well messages on a large lighted sign in front of your home, you can advertise as Bed & Breakfast Inn ( Run a Boarding House) and it is ok with the Administrator, who lives next door to the mayor. 

See I was confused. Edgewater Park enforces its ordinances equally, fairly and uniformly.

The Edgewater Park Reporter   


Uri from Edgewater Park said...

I Wish to thank the Beverly Council members, Edgewater Park Township Council, and the Delanco Council Members for their dedication to the betterment of our communities. It is a "thank less job" you do, to make sure our towns are secure. Upon this new year, I applaud your dedication and physical time spent on our behalf. We have a great part of South Western Burlington County and it's thanks to you!

Anonymous said...

Dear Blog Owner, there are electronic methods to find out who you are. Currently, the "powers to be" are securing your site, under Homeland Security, because of your threats against fellow neighbors in the community of Edgewater Park. Anyone who does not have the "brass" to sign their name to a "blog", isn't worth reading. Your purpose is good, but let's stick to the "truth" & research the facts of bloggers before publishing. it's your responsibility as an editor to be accurate.

Melissa said...

Anonymous why don't you identify yourself then. Obviously you don't have the "brass" to sign your name. Hmmm maybe it's because you're one of the township committee members and getting someone to pretend their Uri writing how great the Edgewater Park Township council members are is pretty pathetic too. Your almost acting guilty, as if you know everything posted is true and your feeling the need to defend yourself.

I have one thing to say being a former Edgewater Park resident who now thankfully lives in another town. Back in the 80's early 90's Edgewater Park was a wonderful place to live and the town really thrived. I would be embarressed to say I live in Edgewater Park now. I visit friends who unfortunately still live there (but are trying to get out) so I see first hand what the town has turned into.

Unfortunately the town council does not listen to the residents or answer their questions so I think it's wonderful what the Edgewater Park reporter has done. At least the residents can receive some of the truth from this blog site.

Oh and at least I have the "brass" to sign my name.

Captain America said...

In reference to anonymous’ post:

The only threat I see to neighbors is the one the Mayor Judy and her henchmen pose to the residents of our fair city. Your own threats sound much like the ones used by a bad actor in a “B” movie from the 40’s (use bad German accent here), “Ve have vays of vinding out who you are und you vill pay!”
Unless the “powers to be” are under Mayor Judy’s control and the First amendment to the Constitution has been suspended in Edgewater Park, I don’t think the Edgewater Park Reporter has much to worry about.

Oh and Uri, they get paid and get a pension for their time.

Keep the truth coming,
Captain America

Anonymous said...

Amendment I

[Freedom of religion, speech, of the press, and right of petition.]

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

DOES ANYONE REMEMBER THIS? Can you impeach a Mayor?

n. garden resident said...

Well said Captain America!

I see no threats that have been made on this blog site and anonymous has to remember our Constitutions First Amendment which is FREEDOM OF SPEECH!

I guess the truth hurts.