Friday, February 8, 2008

How to get a digital converter

If you own a TV that doesn't have a digital receiver (old TV), you will not be able to use it after Feb. 18, 2009. The full power TV stations will stop broadcasting an analog signal on that date. Anyone who doesn't own a digital TV or have cable service, can still use your TV if you purchase a special converter box.

Starting Feb. 17, the Department of Commerce will start distributing goverment $40 coupons to help pay some of the cost for the converter box. You are entitled 2 coupons per household (must be used within 90 days of being mailed). You can then use the coupon at the following chain stores that have agreed to stock them; Best Buy, Radio Shack and WalMart. Other stores should be able to the coupons according to the department news release.

To request a coupon you can call (888) 388-2009 or online at

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