Thursday, February 7, 2008

Edgewater Park Residents, Wow

I struck a nerve with my post on selective enforcement.
In the late hours of last evening, I received a flurry of comments directed to my Tuesday Post (2/5/08). 

I did not post 4 comments that were ads for The Cooper Street Property, you know the one that is residential, and I did not post the 2 "Anonymous" comments that were personal gossip and personal allegations.
I will not post Ads, nor will I post personal information on this blog. 

This is the type of intimidation I wrote about. 

Obviously our Mayor/Administrator were out yesterday soliciting the support of their groupies, and asking them to send in comments. 

To "Anonymous", your comment about the "powers to be" securing this web site because of "threats against fellow neighbors in the community of Edgewater Park", would you please indicate the posting by title and date that the alleged neighbor threat was made. I did get a kick out of your "Dear Blog Owner, there are electronic methods to find out who you are." Is that a threat?

I think the groupie response shows clearly how our mayor and administrator operate. If they put as much effort into managing our town, keeping taxes and spending under control, and not use the power of their office to stifle honest debate and suggestions, there would be no need for this blog. I would have no material to write about. 

Our past committee people of both parities and our past Administrators did a good job of managing our town. It was a town that people wanted to move to. That can't be said now.

I have to go now, because the directional finding trucks are in the neighborhood. I need to close down posting operations before they capture me.  I don't want to be water boarded.

See you soon from my new location,
The Edgewater Park Reporter   


E Franklin Guy said...

The township abuses its power to keep everyone quiet.

I am sorry if any other people out there on franklin are written up because I am apeaking up here.

The government of this town should treat people fairly and not play politics with our tax dollars.

Perhaps these people should take their dictator attitudes over to Cuba and bother people there.

edgewater park sr. said...

I think that our administrator and current township committee members,excluding Mr.Johnson, need to remind themselves what the word
"ethics" means. I believe that they have lost sight of it's meaning perhaps due to their tenure. The American College Dictionary defines ethics as: 1) the rules of conduct recognized to a particular class of human actions,i.e. political ethics; 2) Moral principles, as an individual dealing with morals or the principles of morality. Ethics, therefore can be a set of rules observed voluntarily by individuals actively involved in certain professions such as law, medicine, or public administration. Feelings of respect for a profession come from the perceived universal adherence to these ethical standards of conduct toward individuals. Ethical standards include honesty, compassion, loyalty, and belief in the rights of an individual and not just for three minutes either as I have read here. The development of ethics in each of us includes our own constant evaluation of our moral beliefs and conduct, and our ability to ensure that we and the institutions we shape uphold standards of conduct that are solidly based. I am concerned about the "Edgewater Park Happenings," that I have been reading about on this site and from what I hear on the seniors' grapevine, it seems to be pretty reliable and accurate. I hope the new blood,(Mr. Johnson)on the committee can set the bar much higher because somewhere along the way the last several it has slipped terribly.

Silver Park Senior said...

Kudos to E.P. Sr.
Very eloquently put. Maybe he/she should run for office, it sounds like our town fathers & mothers definitely need help or better yet, maybe should just give it up and get some fresh, creative, & educated thinkers in there. If they were running their own businesses like they run this town they would all be in the unemployment line. For the rest of us senior citizens out there, do everything you can to get out and vote because I'm sure you are finding it harder and harder to afford living in E.P. I read each year that we should vote for the "experienced democratic team",
and I usually vote that way so I guess I'm part of the problem.
Well, I ask you all out there especially those on fixed incomes as I,"How much more experience can we afford?" I think it's time we senior voters become part of the solution! Hopefully the younger voters already realize that sometimes "change" is a good thing.