Thursday, February 21, 2008

Comment Response to "Ten Questions for Edgewater Park Township Committee"

Jim, sorry that I didn't respond to the Comment sent Wednesday, February 20 at 2:50 AM, but Wednesdays' are set aside for the Guest Post.

I believe the following comment was sent by Jim Daly who is a Township Committeeman and Chief of the Beverly Squad.

"On questions concerning the Emergency Squad responses, you should be able co (misspelled by "Anonymous") contact Burlington County Central Communications and get any information you are looking for through OPRA (the Open Public Records Act). As far as billing for service and out (grammar error by "Anonymous") township contribution goes, feel free to contact the Beverly Squad at 609-386-7304 and leave a voicemail for the Chief or Deputy Chief.
Anonymous 2-20-2008 2:50 AM" 
Nice try Jim (could be the Pony Lady), but if I left a message I would need to leave a phone number and name, so the Chief or Deputy Chief could respond.  I would have the same issue with the B.C.C.C. OPRA request. If I did this, you would then know my identity and my life would never be the same. Your inspectors, troops and minions, would use every trick in Judy's book to destroy this blog and me. I guess you think I just fell off of the turnip truck. 

Why didn't you answer the questions listed in the Blog? You have the answers, just send them in and I will post them. What are you afraid of? 

Your problem is you take it personally when a taxpayer ask a question or has a difference of opinion with you. This questioning doesn't demean the services provided by the squad to our town. The Squad's service is of vital importance to our town. The $32,000 dollar donation by the Township is a lot of money, so information on the squad's responses, finances and viability are necessary to instill confidence in our community, with the Squads ability to serve us. 

If there are problems you as a "Public Official" need to address them and keep the Taxpayers informed. As the Chief you need to fix the problems.
I want to make it clear, the volunteers of the Beverly Squad, who donate their time and efforts serving our community, deserve our thanks, admiration and gratitude for the terrific job they do every day. Squad members are special people. If the public is aware of the plans and problems facing the Squad, perhaps some of your issues (money, supplies, volunteers) can be solved. 

More information will benefit you Chief not less, so just answer the questions asked in the Blog. I will post the answers. This Blog is read by many local residents as well as Township Officials.

My gratitude and thanks to the Volunteer Members of the Beverly Emergency Squad,

The Edgewater Park Reporter    


neighbor across the tracks said...

Hello EP reporter!
I wanted to let you know that I've found your blog quite interesting, to say the least.
I have a few questions about some of your blog posts...
The first is of the EP "Zoo" as you call it. You say that "the "Farm" has special township protection." Am I correct in guessing that this protection would have been granted by the Mayor and her regime?
I'm not sure that I understand you on this. This farm has been here for longer than I can remember. However, I am only thirty years young. Still, I can't imagine that the same people that are in office now are the ones who were in office back then.
If there were new ordinances drafted, which I'm not sure they were, or what they would say, wouldn't places like this be grandfathered in anyway?
I've always liked driving and walking by here... Then again, I certainly don't have to live next door on a scorching summer day! Ewww! But to what kind of protection would you be referring?
Also, about the most recent post about the person "trying to help" find out information about the Emergency. Squad, well, I'm sure that you've noticed that you're drawing quite a following here at your Blog Spot. Perhaps it really was an average citizen just trying to help you out. Perhaps they might have figured that, since you put it out there, many people would want to know what's happening, and thus, your secret identity wouldn't be given away. Perhaps it was just an average person, a person trying to help answer a question that you put out there, and you attacked them for grammar and spelling errors. (No, I'm not the person who wrote in about it, but I can only imagine how they might feel.)
Perhaps you're right, and it was Jim Daly... But what if it wasn't. You just attacked one of YOUR followers...
But then again what do I know? I'm over in Beverly. As you know, we've got plenty of our own problems over here!

just me said...

I'm confused about something on this blog. I was just looking at the poll results, and if so many people are sooo unhappy with those in office how do they keep getting elected? Is it just because EP is affected by so much voting apathy?
Well people of EP, WAKE UP!! Your vote is your voice! You can complain all you want, but you're not heard where it counts unless you VOTE! If you're that unhappy, make things right this year! GET OUT AND VOTE!

Anonymous said...

I think this blog is a good source of information and is needed by the residents of EP because I do believe that many things are done in back room talks and then sugar coated at the meetings so the average resident who doesn't even attend the meetings has no idea of any ulterior motives on behalf of some of those on committee(3) while others on Committee(2) just get pressured to go along and probably told to be quiet. However; I don't want this blog to become a personal attack forum; please stick to what I think your original purpose was; to help disseminate information to the public that our local government officials really don't want us to know. Because, if we as residents and taxpayers get too smart then that would really "cramp their style." So try to stick to real info and the humorous gimmicks too are enjoyable. Thanks, an interested reader. Oh, and forgive me for any spelling or grammar errors as I forgive you for yours.

The Edgewater Park Reporter said...

Dear Anonymous,

I don't believe that I personally attacked anyone in the post. I did poke fun at the attempt to find out who I am. I also thought upon reflection, that the person who wrote the comment that I was responding to could by the Horse Lady. My reason for thinking this is, The Horse Lady has stated publicly many times the she just adores JD and they are good friends. Are you getting the picture why the Cooper St Complex is allowed. Remember it is who you know that influences Code Enforement in this town.

Anonymous said...

You were wrong about who you assumed the post was from, and you haven't answered my e-mail either. I apologize for my spelling/ grammatical errors, as I am just a resident, not a blog reporter. As I stated in my e-mail, I am not "in-power" but I would be willing to attempt to answer any questions you have about the emergency services field. Please don't try to slant peoples comments, just take them for face value.wdpbzl

Anonymous said...

I think the first comment may have been written by the EP Zoo keeper who now wants to appear as an ordinary citizen (yeah right) to protect her zoo. The zoo keeper always uses the 'grandfathered in" clause to protect her interests. The property was owned by the Beverly Van Scivers & was not used as a farm. Her acrearage is not legally enough to be a farm either. Her house is NOT 300 yrs old but that's another story. Be careful of the pony lady/zoo keeper!