Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Edgewater Park Building Permits (Wed. Guest Post)

Why are some Edgewater Park property owners not required to get building permits for ALL work being do on their property. These property owners have very deep pockets and have stated they have good lawyers and that the township will not bother them because of this. The work that has been done to their properties is beautiful and has no doubt increased the values of the neighborhood.

Now if the Average Joe tried this, they would find themselves in municipal court and rightfully so. It is not fair to allow rich and powerful property owners to make improvments and not get building permits for work being done. These improvements are not being taxed because of no permit. The Average Joe who got his permit, will be taxed on the improvement. Is that fair?
Post a comment if you are aware of this practice going on in your neighborhood.
emerald isle

Sometime when you have a free moment, ask to see the property record cards of the largest homes in Edgewater Park, to see what permits were applied for. The property record cards are available and open to public inspection.

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Anonymous said...

Would you be speaking of a certain Cliff Ave property that just sold?