Friday, February 29, 2008

Edgewater Park Mayor Hall Speaks out of both sides of her Mouth

I received the following e-mail today from JC of Edgewater Park;

"I am a resident of Edgewater Park and I think the tax problem is out of control. I did email the Mayor a few times and all she does is pass the buck and blame someone else for Edgewater Parks growing tax problem. The first time she told me Christie Whitman was to blame now she says they are not receiving any Federal help. I belive these people need to educate themselves as to how to run a township budget. I don't know what credentials these people have but money management is something they need to learn how to do.

J. did sign his name to his e-mail, but for his and his families safety, and to keep the inspectors from his door, I will not divulge it. Thank you J. for your thoughts.
The Big question of the month is;
WHO IS TELLING THE TRUTH about the Sewerage Authority 1/17/08 Eviction letter, MAYOR HALL or ADMINISTRATOR/ DOUGHERTY?
The Mayor claimed during her public statement, made at the Sewer Authorities Feb. 13 meeting, the "Business Administrator" and Township Solicitor wrote the 1/17/08 letter without clearing it with Committee or herself. Of course the letter shows ALL Members of Township Committee were copied.
Do you realy think Administrator/Clerk Dougherty would send a letter, giving notice to the EPSA, of Township Committee's intention of evicting them, and to have the EPSA out of the building by 8/30/08, without first clearing it with the Mayor and Committee?
Now I know Linda likes to order township employees and vendors around, and that she rules the office like Capt. Queeg, but I don't think she would go this far with her quest for power and control.
My vote is for the Mayor, as I have noticed when she talks, her mouth sort of divides and the words come from both sides.
You then hear the words of why; what you know to be true, is not what really happened because how could she, the nice school lunch room lady do such a thing. It is those evil people who don't agree with her, and would dare to question her motives, that are making her life so miserable. How could they do this to her, after all, she only wants to help the people and that she is new at this (4-yrs) .
Sob! sob! sob! O my, I just got all choked up, and started to feel sorry for our Mayor, but I am feeling the evil eye on me and the "did you know" "have you heard" street talk of her gosip gang.
I guess Mayor Hall fancies that she is Robbin Hood, except with a new concept; Take from the Taxpayer and Give to the Government. They (Twp Committee) need it more than you, after all, she has all kinds of special people that she needs to take care of, so those people can contribute to her campaign and give the Committee free tickets to sports events. Of course we pay when the township is billed for professional services.
Well have a good weekend, save your money for the tax increase and remember the Township Work Session, Tuesday (3/4/08) 7 PM. Of course the posted times for meetings can change and often do. Also, get your Organic Eggs from the Cooper St. Farm.
The Edgewater Park Reporter


wawa boy said...

I get my eggs at Wawa . . .

I think the biggest problem with your mayor is that she looks like Laura Bush . . .and anytime anyone looks like a Bush, you know they are going to be an idiot

Capital Hill Senior said...

E.P. Reporter,

You are messing with fire, I am a long time resident, and have known the mayor for close to 40 years. Judy is seeking sympathy and is saying you are picking on her and not other council members. She doesn't understand why. She can be very vindictive and if she ever finds out who you are, well she will get even. I can assume from your comments, that you have known Judy for a long time. Expect Judy to use her family and friends to find you and to spread stories around town about how she must bare the slings and arrows as the Mayor, for the deeds of past councils. Be ready for the black tongue of gossip.

Anonymous said...

well i dunno..but that sounds sorta like a threat that capital hill senior is passing on from Judy. Maybe it's really the Admin/clerk that needs to be watched more though!

wawa boy said...

umm . hill senior . . .i dont want to think of that mayor and her toungue . . .in ANY context. you just ruined my breakfast of a wawa egg sandwich . . .

Anonymous said...

I have heard that the lunch room lady (Judy Hall) does not have a high school diploma. She refused to work the lunch room cash register because she doesnt count so well, Has anyone actually checked to see if she graduated high school? Not to mention that I also believe that she has built her garage onto school easement property. Someone should check!