Monday, March 3, 2008

Township Of Edgewater Park Work Session Tuesday 3/4/08 7 PM

I hope everyone had a good weekend and I am glad we dodged the Snow predicted for last Friday night. 

If you get a chance, check out the new sign on the Cooper St. farm house. I also loved the message on the mobil sign. Guess who is reading the blog. Organic eggs are still on sale. I wonder who regulates the selling of organic eggs?  

It does my hart glad to see our code enforcement officials hard at work.

I guess the Township re-zoned the block between Green St. and Hendrickson Ave. for Commercial Business. That must be the reason for Township Committee pushing to move the Fire Commission and allegedly (according to the Mayor) the Sewer Authority to the Water Company House on Cooper St. 

I wonder if the township is planning to take some of the farm for parking, or could the Committee be planning to have a municipal zoo at the farm?  

The Township Committee could use the open space tax they have been collecting for the past 7 years to buy it. This must be what the future  revitalization plan for Cooper St. is all about. Just think, our own Disney like theme park on Cooper Street. We already have the "Historic Dunks Ferry Inn", or is that two "Historic Dunks Ferry Inn's". I can't keep track of them. 

We could have a monorail running from Historic Dunks Ferry (Beverly for you less enlightened folks) to the Light Rail Station and then on to the Zoo (see photo in 1/30/08 Post) where the visitors could blend in with Zoo animals.

John Alexander and Committeeman Tom Pullion could use the Historic Dunks Ferry Inn for the catering business. 
Our Mayor could be the "Lunch Lady" at the Historic Dunks Ferry Inn (think of the memories for the past students of Magowan School). 
Our Administrator/Clerk (maybe soon to be Business Administrator CFO) could do ticket sales and keep the books. 
Committeeman Daly would be Zoo Security (he has connections with the State Police and the IRA). 
If John isn't to busy in Burlington City, he could also do the Public Relations. Committeewoman Atzert could sell t-shirts and the Concessions (If the Administrator lets her). Finally, Committeeman Johnson who, because he is nice person, will get the job to clean up the shi----t.    

Just think of the money the Township could make, and how it could reduce our taxes. What a vision for our town, and with the 350 new homes Committeeman Daly said are coming, the zoo wouldn't lack for customers, or exhibits.

Well just a thought,

The Edgewater Park Reporter    


still just me said...

I've asked before what special protection, as you say, the farm on Cooper Street gets. Again, I state that it's been around for all of my 30 years, and I believe that it would be grandfathered in had new regulations been made.
What would you have there instead; more homes? Stores? A quarry?

While I do enjoy most aspects of this blog (those that inform citizens of behind the scenes goings on), it seems quite sad that a lot of times these blogs just seem like plain out personal attacks just for the sake of attacking.
It seems sad that a friendship that was once had could go so sour...

Anonymous said...

I don't see this blog as personal attacks, I see it as the truth of facts that just aren't known to the general public.

If someone feels as though this blog is a personal attack then gee they must be feeling guilty of something. Hmmm makes you wonder.

Thanks Egewater Park reporter for reporting the little known facts that are kept from us regular everyday residents.

Anonymous said...

The pony lady/zoo keeper is not bound by the laws and ordinances of EP like everyone else. 30 years ago she had one donkey in her back yard illegally, now we have the zoo. I'll bet if someone else had chickens or ducks in their back yard, the ordinance police would be all over them. Its called selective enforcement. The property hasn't been a farm in many many years. You can never believe the pony lady. Or her anonymous posts.

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to see how many fowl the pony lady has on record with the township. Did you know they are regulated by the township?

still just me said...

I am not the "Pony Lady," nor am I a poster for her. I'm just trying to figure why she's the only one who's being accused of such privileges... Doesn't anyone drive down Beverly-Bridgeboro Road? There is a person who owns (owned, I guess. I think that it just recently died), and keeps -in Edgewater- a horse. Or how about the Versaci's? (Sorry for the butcher job on the name.) They also have farm animals.
And to the anonymous who said that I must be feeling guilty of something for feeling that there are personal attacks going on, first off I don't know Carol Moore or Judy Hall from Eve. I'm not an E.P. resident, but from neighboring Beverly. I tend to keep my nose to myself as to keep it clean. I have nothing for which to feel guilty except for the horrible, apathetic ignorance for many, many years.
Now that the shroud is finally being lifted from my eyes, I'm trying to understand EVERYONE'S points, so that I can form my own opinions. I've asked before of the EP reporter why it's felt that she's protected, but my question went unanswered. I'm still just trying to get an answer.
I hope that everyone who reads this blog, goes to meetings, knows the Mayor and Council, and reads the papers knows that there is his version, her version and then somewhere there is the truth. Try to find out as much of the truth as you can. Don't just take someone else's word for it -whether it be the Mayor or the EP reporter. Find your own truth.
And don't tell me that I must be feeling guilty of something, okie-dokie, pumpkin'? Thanks.

Bluesbloger said...

Gee haven't you read the BCT during the summer about the township's code enforcement with the Lady who wanted her yard to be a natural meadow. She just happened to live across the street from a house that Judy Hall owns (Her Mother Left it to Judy) and low and behold the storm troopers were all over her. She gave up because of the cost to defend herself. But did you know that in this very town there is another home on Church St, who's backyard is the same, and has a neighbor upset about it, but the Church St Homeowner is on the Democratic County Committee as the 2nd District Representative and also happens to be on the School Board. Do you think anything has happened to them? Noooooo. Case 2 check out the property on the North West Corner of Woodlane and Cottage. Do you think the Township Storm Troopers have been to that home? Nooooo. The 'Cooper St. Farm' is not zoned as a farm check it out. As to the property on Bridgeboro with the horse, well how can you even compare it to the Cooper St. Farm. I now why Carol Moore is allowed to get away with having residential houses turned into Apts, which she calls Bed & Breakfast Inn's (she has 3 in EP),runs summer camps (not zoned) sells all kinds of stuff (including organic eggs) from her Cooper St home (not zoned) and just for the record Carol did not own her home when EP passed the zoning laws back in the 1920s, if she did and the house was a Bed & Breakfast Inn-Farm-Country Store-Summer Camp and god knows what else, then she would be grandfathered. The property was a residential home in the 20s.
The township is afraid of Carol!! They tried to enforce the zoning rules on Carol several years ago and she fought them tooth and nail and the township gave up. Now anytime someone complains about Carol to the township, Mayor Hall and Committeeman Daly see to it that Carol knows who complained so that Carol can go after them. Why do you think Carol, who is such a strong Republican and an ultra consrervitive, puts up campaign signs for Judy and Jim? She also posted a sympathy message "Pray for our Mayor" on the mobil sign (Just try and put one on your lawn).

The personal attacks happened against residents who happened to offend the Mayor, and her Friend B.P. I think the EP Reporter is just pointing out the inconsistencies of the township's code enforcement, and the way it is misused for personal reasons.

I just want to clear up some of your fogginess and since you according to you comment you are in your 30s you are probably accustomed to the EP double standard. Both parties elected officials are responsible.

I am done.

still just me said...

Thank-you, Bluesblogger.
That was an answer for which I was looking!

another resident speaks said...

Does anyone know the "zoning" of the property near the lightrail station that has some sort of animal in its yard? A llama I believe! Is that a "farm animal"? Is that a farm? I think I'll purchase some chickens and a milking cow to cut my grocery costs.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if you need a permit to put one of those lighted signs in front of your house? I would like to rent one to advertise my yard sale, do you think the township will allow that? Does the farm on Cooper street have a permit for their sign? I would love the answers to these questions!

Hey I'll even put on the sign under my advertisement "Thank our town council, their great!" if they let me have a sign!

Anonymous said...

Why do nice people get screwed by our town. The lady on Stevenson, who the town took to court, minded her own business and the yard was not bad to look at. Why are the other properties talked about on this Blog, not suffering the same fate?