Thursday, March 13, 2008

"Grave Concerns" and Edgewater Park's Committeeman Jim Daly of the State Police, is on the Hunt for the Reporter

News Flash!!!!! National Cemetery Head Stones found at the Cooper St. Farm. See Action News Video!!!
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The Committee and their minions, are pressing hard to stifle the EP Reporter and the information Posted. Have you noticed how they do not have much to say in public? Just a word to the wise, be careful what you say in the Municipal Building!! You never know who, or what (bugs) are listening.

My kudos and thanks to the Public Works Dept. for the great job with the clean-up of the debris, caused by the Storm last Saturday.

If you go, make sure you ask Jim's better half (School Bd Member), if the moving to Delran rumors are true.

Don't you the taxpayer, feel good about the close "nit" relationships of the three government agencies (Township Committee, School Bd & Sewer Authority) and family members of those agencies? This collusive, incestuous relationship between township agencies helps explain the intolerance of the members, to any viewpoints other then their own, in the decision making of those agencies. These family relationships, also help to keep the decision making process closed, efficient (no other viewpoints need apply), and under the control of the Royal Families of the Kingdom of Edgewater Park.

The results of the incestuous decisions speak for themselves (Tax increases). See below for other results along with the tax results shown in the tax chart on the March 10, 2008, Post.

We know what is best for Edgewater Park, besides other towns have higher taxes, so stop you're complaining. Just remember- "We have to spend your tax money to make money". Quote from Tom Pullion


Anonymous said...

Hey, shouldn't that guy be in the back seat and oh yeah, shouldn't that be a Delran vehicle?

Proud Vet said...

Shame on you!
Somehow I don’t think that a Federal Judge is going to accept being “Grandfathered” as an affirmative defense. I think our Assemblyman said it best!

"It is galling to see the burial sites of brave Americans who fought and died for our country defaced for a profit," said Conners (D-Burlington/Camden). "Individuals who steal from the grave of an American veteran obviously lack moral conscience and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law."
"This is more than a property crime," said Conners. "The thefts are disheartening and demoralizing to the entire military veterans' community and the families of deceased veterans. Such pilfering is inherently disrespectful to anyone who has ever donned a military uniform."

Anonymous said...

I couldn't believe that Carol Moore said on Ch 6 that she used a veteran's grave stone as a stepping stone into her barn and that there was nothing disrespectful about it. I was always taught as a youngster not to walk on graves or grave markers because it was disrespectful to the deceased and here she is as an adult basically wiping her feet on the name of a veteran each time she steps into her barn. Shame on you pony lady.

bluesbloger said...

I read in the Bee that the Administrator is looking for EP photographs to place in the Township Building. My suggestion is that you send the photographs from your blog to Linda. I think they would be a great compliment to the wonderful government we have had the past several years.

doodlebug said...

Who are the 2 people in the photo. Are they part of the Rail Station Beautification Project, or disguised local officials?


I have to relatives buried in Beverly National Cemetary, one of which died defending our country and I think the punishment should be the maximum to fit the crime. No holds barred...SEMPER FI

Anonymous said...

While never being a fan of the "pony lady", still my guess is that the stones were given away by employees of the cemetery. They were probably told to take them to the dump and rather than do that, they decided to give them to people that wanted them.
Now pesonally I would never use gravestones as a wall or stepping stone. So shame on the "pony lady"! Shame, shame!
And she says she is such a great American patriot. Another work of fiction coming out of her mouth!

relative of a vet said...

Pony Lady how did you greet the returning soldiers from war? Because hearing you say on tv that you used the gravestones as a step while walking into your barn was an absolute disgrace! Like it was a floor mat to wipe your feet on. You could've used them as a memorial to our soldiers if in fact they were given away...not a mat for your feet. That's cold!