Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Delran Welcomes Edgewater Park Committee Members

Delran Township Welcome Sign for the Present Edgewater Park Committee

Delran residences and taxpayers, can't wait to follow the leadership of the Edgewater Park Committee.
The Edgewater Park Committee has been trained in the Willingboro Township School of  Government, and majored in, How To Run Your Town Into The Ground, they are now looking to expand their experience and knowledge to Burlington County's well run towns. 

Willingboro U, also has Post Graduate Programs with subjects in; tax increases, poor schools, financial scandals, incompetency and graft

The Edgewater Park Committee holds a Bachelor of Science Degrees from Willingboro U, and will so impress the taxpayers of Delran, those residents will welcome the Edgewater Committee with open arms. After all, what community can resist the temptation of having their town run like Willingboro.

With the E.P. Township Committee's wonderful leadership and financial planning, our community will be proudly moving into Beverly City's class. 

I know it is a great achievement for Edgewater Park and Committee. Who would have thought they could achieve this goal in seven short years, but we are well on our way. 

Edgewater Park Taxpayers, be proud of what our Committee has accomplished during the seven years, running (or is that ruining) Edgewater Park. I can't wait to see how quickly we establish our Beverly City ranking as a community.

You can just tell from my expression, my feelings about our Committee's leadership and our future, as planned by them. Oh my!!

The Edgewater Park Reporter


Anonymous said...

I am a former EP resident, born and raised, and living happily in Delran for the last 9 years. Delran is an awesome community. Please don't send these Committee Members to Delran...their games won't be welcomed. We are doing fine without them.

Anonymous said...

I am so fed up with what is happening to our town. When will all residents in town see what is going on. Under the rule of tom, jim,darren,(even though he quits everything he is on, he is still involved)and judy this town has lost a lot. We no longer have an opportunity for open space, which has opened us up to more HOUSING. Anyone with a brain knows townships don't make money from new housing. And WHY are we still paying the open space tax?

KB said...

There can't be any space left in Delran, I lived in Delran for 13 yrs and every time I come to visit, I am shocked at what I see. It is not the town I left 13 yrs ago. Although there have been major improvements, I miss the old township. I don't think there is a way to stop this so good luck guys