Saturday, March 22, 2008

Edgewater Park Township Weasels

New Township Committee Seal

Weasel \'we˜-z∂l'\n : a word used in order to mislead a person or to avoid a straight answer

 When I ask Committee why they keep hiring new people when our population is dropping, they try and duck the question with weasel words, saying, " We don't have the highest tax rate, we can't control State funding, 'Define 'Large Tax Increase' ".

Below is a photo rendering of the Township Municipal Building's New Township Committee Office Cubicle. This will be located in the Edgewater Park Sewer Office, when they are evicted in August.

When you ask a question at a Township Meeting, watch the 'Weasel Words'.

Below, is what we can pay our 2008 tax increase with.

Happy Easter 

The Edgewater Park Reporter

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resident speaks said...

Why were the last few people hired from out of town? Doesn't Edgewater Park like to hire within its own community? Most other towns in the surrounding area strictly hire within their own communities...what's wrong with our residents? Aren't we good enough?