Monday, March 10, 2008

Edgewater Park Municipal Tax Increase 1999-2007 66.3%

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Why Do You Keep Electing Them????
Do You Like The Tax Increases????

Send a message now; We're mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore. Get control of the township budget or be retired in November.
The 2008 budget is under consideration now behind closed doors. Help to convince the Township Committee, to bring the budget discussion into the open, for all residents to see and hear. Who knows the Committee may get some good ideas from the public. 

This Township Committee and the Administrator, historically have not discussed any budgets in public. They do not want the public to know how the budgets are arrived at. If you doubt me, just ask anyone who has tried to ask the committee budget questions during past budget hearings. Committee seems to except the numbers given to them by the Administrator for their approval without question. You never hear any members of the committee, asking questions about the increases of each departments requested budgets. All you hear from them are excuses as to why they (Committee) can't do anything, but committee will blame everyone else, the Feds, the State, the Pension, employee contracts, the Storm, and of course the last Committee (2003) who cut your local taxes. 

In tomorrow's blog post, I will show you one reason why your taxes are increasing so much. Stay tuned.

The Edgewater Park Reporter


Anonymous said...

I see the problem, the township needs to re-assess the home values like all of the other towns have so that they can get their fair share of taxes. The township average cost of a home is all wrong. You can't buy a condo in Arbor Green for that little. Ranchers on Stevenson Ave. are selling for over 200K. Get a re-assessment done and that should fix the money problems in town.

Anonymous said...

Dear E.P.Reporter,

Do you think they keep getting elected because of renters typically voting Democrat? Perhaps someone should explain to renters of homes, condos and apartments that although they think that they don't pay taxes; they really are and the annual increase in their rent is not from a greedy landlord but rather from the people they elected to represent them and their best interests. Increased taxes equals increased rents! Help yourself this November and put some of your money back in your own pockets because our administrator and committee obviously couldn't care less about you all they want is more of your money. If you can't afford to give them more money as taxes then they probably think you shouldn't live here anyway. VOTE.

Anonymous said...

They are public offices you can run for are they not? Why don't you run for office epreporter? It's pretty weak to just sit there and cry like a baby instead of getting off your butt and doing something about it. That is why certain people have and others have not, they are just willing to actually do something about it, rather than sit there and whine!

edgewater Park Reporter said...

In response to anonymous (8:48AM comment). I am doing something about it with this blog.

From your comment, I gather you are quite happy with the tax increases and the management of our town. Well, this speaks volumes about why things stay the same.

Your comment seems a bit hostile, could it be you are an elected official or the family member of one?

Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous:

I have to second the E.P. Reporters post to you. The E.P. Reporter is trying to do something about the disgust of this town by creating this blog and getting the truth out. Hopefully more and more residents will begin to follow this blog and see our current committee members and administrator for what they really are. They really do not have the towns best interest, just their own. The proof is in the pudding, more residents just need to find that out.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like anonymous 8:48 am is a little pissed off because the truth that's coming out in this blog is hitting too close to home. They are afraid that if too many non-political registered Democrats become aware of the mismanagement and pay to play tactics being employed by current committee members that they may actually vote for an independent or republican that will just do right by and for the residents. Even some democrats fell the pinch of our ever increasing taxes and our local government's growth and waste. People like that do still exist but until voters become aware of what really happening to E.P. nothing will change but hopefully this blog will help change things. Even if our current committee does get re-elected maybe they will think twice before making decisions and pay to play tactics etc. and start getting the best possible people for professionals (not just contributors)and also qualified residents to sit on advisory boards and sub-committees instead of friends and family. Is it too much to ask for? Wake up those currently in control and realize that if you want to keep your seats you better start representing the residents and stop feeding your own egos. Signed, A Disgruntled Democrat on fixed income. P.S. you're hurting us too.

Anonymous said...

I'm not pissed at all, I'm not even a resident. I just think whiners never get anywhere, it takes action, not whining....which is what having an anonymous blog with unsubstantiated and unproven claims on it is. It's a chicken s**t way to put blame on people with no responsiblity on yourself. I am just a general disliker of anonymity....excuse my hipocracy!

The Edgewater Park Reporter said...

Dear anonymous,

I love your comment about anonymous blogs. How did you sign your comments? Wasn't it "anonymous". As to your claim that the statements made in this blog are unsubstantiated and unproven, show me what is incorrect with the Chart shown in this post, or any of the posted charts. As to my post, show me where I am incorrect and I will correct the post and note what was wrong with my original post.

As to whinnying- I didn't know that being factual is whinnying.

I think your not being a taxpaying resident of Edgewater Park, gives you no credibility with your remarks.

Are you surrrrr you not the subject of my humor.

Give me the facts anonymous, I challenge you to correct me.

a resident speaks said...

Perhaps this is the only way that some folks in EP can be heard...if you don't live here, I guess that means that you've never attended one of our committee meetings or perhaps you do attend faithfully. You have exactly 3 minutes in which to stammer out your opinion or question before the mallet falls. Now we all know that everyone tends to be a little nervous, especially when they make you come to the front of the room and face them...speak into a microphone that isn't even connected to anything..the intimidation alone requires more than 3 minutes of speaking time. Even the folks that come forward at each and every meeting stammer. It's all about the intimidation and our town does that well....THIS IS WHY WE HAVE TO BE ANONYMOUS! I've been to other town meetings where it is more relaxed and you don't feel like you're on trial each time you want to express an opinion or question someone. These people are not our judges! But they sure act like our executioners! Bravo to the EP Reporter for allowing us to speak longer than 3 minutes even if we have to hide our identities. Atleast we know they are reading and hearing thru this blog which is more than they do from atop their thrones! What we don't know is what YOU, the voter, will do with all this information you are reading. Vote with your heads...not your friendships. Because personally, I know where that got my taxes!