Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Guest Post "Carol Moore 2-20-08 email RE: Memorial Field you have on your blog page""

"Dear E.P. Reporter. I think you are doing a fine job. Perhaps a better job than the editor of the Beverly Bee, which often seems "stifled" by the involvement of City/township politics. It is in deed a great service to the community, in making people "wake up" and "get out to meetings", which would be good for everyone.

Since I notice a photograph of the Memorial Field Monument on your blog, I thought perhaps that you didn't know what you were actually looking at, and so I have attached a file which will tell you of the 'History of Memorial Field and it's 'J.O.U.A.M. Passing The Torch Of Freedom' monument, that will soon be decorated with red, white and blue, like is is every year.
Carol Moore, Whitebriar & owner of the Cooper Street Farm
PS.  Thanks also for the idea about the Cooper Street Farm. We've always nick named it's 'Moore's Home for wayward Farm Animals'. Since the Properties at 1028-1029 are 'grandfathered' as 'farm land', animals are acceptible, but we still have to fill out a form each year listing all animals, for the Board of Health, who monitors these events. Since towns can't afford to send 'injured animals' to a vet clinic, we have serviced them with horses that wonder into Beverly & Delanco, and Wild turkey's that get hit in Edgewater Park, for Free. That keeps the animals healthy and taxes down.
I thank you also, if you would tell the folks who are bringing food to the animals 'Thank YOU' in this time of crisis. It appears that the 'corn' which is our basis of food, is being used for Ethanol(gasoline) thus 'supply and demand', making the price of feed to 700% on the pelleted foods for these animals. Add that to the fact that the summer of 2007 drought limited the growth of 'hay' supplies, and the diminished supply is now 'evaporated', until the first week of May, when the spring cutting will be done.
Thank the folks from the 'Pizza Deli' on Cooper Street, who have allowed me to keep a 'clean trash can' there for the animals who enjoy the burnt pizza, and trimmings as a treat to supplement their 'pelleted menu'. Also let me thank the individual 'families' who keep a double grocery bag in the bottom of their refrigerator, and dump all the left overs from dinner (pasta, veges, meat, ect.) and then at the end of the week they drop them over the fence as a 'treat' for the animals. The local grocery stores are sharing their 'left over-trimmings' from the produce department with our 'home for Wayward Farm Animals', and we thank them for helping us fill the gap in 'supply' thru February, March and April. Keep those food stuffs coming. The only food they don't eat is onions and citrus. Everything else, cooked, and uncooked, is welcome. Just toss it over the fence, but don't feed them your fingers. N.J. Law protects all 'farms' that have 'animals' from lawsuits, and a State sign is posted to that effect."

I received this Post from Carol Moore on February 20, 2008. I hope you read it and send in your comments.

The Edgewater Park Reporter



Anonymous said...

I miss the bonfires down at Memorial Field. They were a highlight of the Summer when I was young.

Anonymous said...

While I appreciate the history of this posting; I really wish it wasn't used to give the writer such a pat on the back. I sincerly hope she didn't hurt herself in the process.It is a great thing to do good deeds in our community,but to come forward years later to draw attention to what you have done only cheapens the effect.

Anonymous said...

The Pony Lady/Zoo Keeper NEVER misses a chance to promote herself & her business. Memorial Field was always known as Stuart's Field when we were growing up in the area. The rumor was that the Stuart family left it to the children of BEVERLY and Edgewater Park to play on. EP put up the fence and chased Beverly kids off it in the 1970's. I guess at a political jib-jab they re-named it Memorial Field to honor our deceased military. And somewhere in the article she gets herself & the B&B mentioned. Never a surprise!
Her land she claims grandfathered in was not a farm when she bought it from the Van Sciver family in the late 1960's. Another figment of her distorted history. How nice that she thanks so many people. She forgot to mention the many nice people she has filed lawsuits against. She is the pride of EP.