Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Beverly Residents, The King is on the Job!

King Five Finger Louie on the job. Now we know why the Safe is on his front porch. Perhaps the he was confused (under the influences) and put the bomb in his gas tank by mistake, instead of the safe on his front porch.

A good question to ask is why the King has ordered the Good Old Gerber Boy to issue tickets to residents for parking the wrong way, when it was ok for him to park his truck and trailer on the City owned property across from his house or his Best Buddy blocking the public sidewalk.

Speaking of the Kings House, we think he is setting an example for the residents of Beverly on how to win a property tax appeal! If his house was next to yours and you submitted pictures, you would win hands down for living in a blighted neighborhood. The changes you see in Beverly housing conditions, shows that King Five Finger Louie is a trend setting example for us Beverly Residents and we are following his fine example. King Louie, is the couch that is outside in your yard, there because it may contain DNA evidence from the Chick-fill-A babe or is it the 7/11 babe? We would be careful with the 7/11 babe, she may be a little young!!, but then again you must think that you still have your SNITCH Protection and no one can touch you, right!!! 

The King claims that the Girls have dropped their Lawsuits (we didn't publish his comment because of the language he used). Is this true? Or did they receive a big cash payout to drop the charges and cover his actions up?

The King also likes making comments about the School Board. Well, at least the School Board lowered taxes while increasing services to the Students of Beverly. The only lowering claim that the King can make is that he is lowering the housing reputation of Beverly City.

Lets see if this information makes the BCT.

The Edgewater Park Reporters