Friday, February 12, 2010

Beverly City Corruption

The Edgewater Park Reporter received this information on the use of Beverly City as well as Federal Tax dollars by a Public Official. Do you think this is the proper use of your tax dollars Beverly City?

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Received Message and pictures below;

Loved your blogs, found your site while looking for info on Gary C.See I live near his parents and see lots of things happening over there.For instance a large tree being surgically removed from the front of their place by Nelson tree service, I spoke to the crew to have some work done and the foreman informed me that this was a political deal and they do not do homes unless wire safety issues are present but 2 doors down a tree had a wire growing practically thru it.

Today I witnessed Garry driving a
snow plow with municipal tags, doing his parents driveway approx 100 ft backing up and filling Melbourne ave with the snow and doing a really swell job of completely cleaning the road and front of the house all the way to the curb including the street.Meanwhile the street is full of cars that cannot get out due to the previous city hired plow job but the Centanaro property is clean as a whistle.

This has been happening for years but me and neighbors have been taking notice lately but what really pisses me off is my tax dollars are being used for personal issues and also why in the hell is he given a new black truck with municipal tags as his daily ride ?

Sorry to go on but I really feel like this individual is screwing everyone, during my surfing I see he is connected to many organizations and it looks like he is on the board in Florence Twp also ?

This is an example of the corruption and over site that our Mayor, City Council President and Council have provided to the Beverly Tax Payers.
NONE!! Don't expect anything to happen to Mr. Centanaro because he delivers the votes that keep the corruption going in Beverly. Say Florence Twp officials, are you aware of this, because it is your tax dollars that are supporting his actions also.

The Edgewater Park Reporter

Monday, February 1, 2010

Beverly City Council President Five Finger Louie and City Council Member John Newsome at 45th Street Pub 1/30/10

This past Saturday (1/30/2010), Beverly City Council President Five Finger Louie and City Councilman John Newsome were seen and overheard talking loudly about this Blog and how they will deal with it as well as the EP Reporters.

As you can see, as the light of truth starts to shine on the elected cockroaches, they will try and hide. They cannot avoid the exposure of their deeds when you the public start to pay attention to their actions.

If enough truth and light continue to shine on this bunch, they will have no choice but to go away, to jail or to a place that will overlook the corruption of their ways because of indifference.

City Council President Five Finger Louie, you can run but you can't hide from the public and the truth!

To the residents of Beverly and Edgewater Park, we can run these abusers of public office out of our towns, if we stick together and help expose their abuses. This blog will gladly provide you a way to do this without exposing yourself to the retributions that have worked for the elected cockroaches in the past, when someone tried to speak up like several of the past City employees who were driven out. Beverly Mole, we thank you for your help and photos. We are looking forward to your future reports and photos.

The Edgewater Park Reporter

City Council President Five Finger Louie and Councilman John Newsome at the 45th Street Pub talking about the Edgewater Park Happenings Blog

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: The BeverlyMole;
Sent: Sat, January 30, 2010 10:14:20 AM

Dear EPR,

You are really doing a great job looking out for EP and Beverly!! Here are some recent (Yesterday) photos of Louis Crespo (that greasy pony tailed wetback) at the 45th street pub in Edgewater Park and John Newsome? (Did I spell that right, Another city councilman talking over a few beers) YES ITS THEM! (Use Zoom) They were tucked away in the corner of the bar and were talking very heavily about you and your website, at times very angrily. His piece of shit LDC truck was in the parking lot, I dont know what John drives. Seems you are ruffling some major feathers down there. I know you may find this hard to believe but I want him out of the city! We should not have any place for corrupt people in office and running things that are to only benefit them in the long run. There HAS GOT to be a way.
i will start participating in your website utilizing this header and email above. Feel free to utilize any of this information and edit as you see fit. There's nothing he or they can do to me so believe me i am not worried one bit. Hell, they can email me if they dont like it!

PS - As you can see by the image titles and date stamps they were done from my camera phone. They must have been there since 3-3:30 pm til about 5:43 when they were walking out the door still in a frenzy!

Keep up the great work EPR, your really starting to turn some heads! Lets get rid of his ass!